Bellingham Washington State and Rome


Just north of Bellingham is a city actually called Marietta. Mary’s villa

That area is key to the pi I found which double helix with the Lions inn and the university Phoebe Judson founded Western Washington University.


The area is a recreation of Rome, which itself was renamed after a conquests from "the City of Seven Hills/Pillars". Those Hills/Pillars are both a reference to the Pyramids as well as the Pillars of Adam the old preconquest of 3500 bce Heliopolis. Which itself translates to Jerusalem.


The area of Whatcom County was designed originally before the conquests of the 1700-1800s to be a safe haven for both the Spiritually Minded, oppressed cultures running from Islamic Militant nations (Barbary Coast, Spain, some of the Protestantism countries, etc), in essence since the Northumberland family lost their lands in Northumbria they attempted to rebuild elsewhere.

One place they chose to relocate was Little Egypt, which control of that area was lost in circa 1750.

Also Manitou Colorado that area held for a bit longer. Lost in the last 1800s.

But Whatcom county was a full scale military  engagement for decades; 1750-1880