Britain V England


England and Britain are two entirely separate Kingdoms in Britain. England is from Sherwood Forrest south and east, Britain is from Sherwood Forrest North to Scotland.


The Tutors are the ones who started the whole UK thing, before than the British ruled over Britain.


The primary family the Ogles have been Kings over the entire Island chain for most of the last 3000 years, Minus from 1500-present and the Pictish revolt 680-1066. Minus that around 900 years the Ogles were the primary Kings.


The story is of course much  more complex, but the vast majority from the fall of Troy (although about a century before Amenhotep iv aka Akhenaten repeated the same behavior patterns his ancestors of Israel did and began to send his family and staff to reform kingdoms of their own in remote areas, according to the format of the ATEN.

Troy, Athens, Sparta, Tyer, Samhain, Paris, Leipzig, Cornwall, York, NewCastle(Jerusalem), Edinburgh, etc.

This has been done twice in the past circa 1340 bce.

Once at 3700 bce when the people form Mecca invaded and set to destroy the people of Israel in Egypt.

Again when the Hyksos from Mecca invaded Egypt circa 2100 bce.

Then again under the 18th Egyptian Dynasty.


Amenhotep iv aka Akhenaten sent his second daughter to marry King Priam of Troy, after the incident with Hercules.

The second male child from His second daughter Meketaten and Priam was Paris. Paris married the daughter of his eldest daughter Meritaten.

That marriage set off the Trojan War.

Which set off the War over the city fo Samhain, which eventually 600 years later collapsed and was renamed Rome. 1000 years later Roman Troops were given lands in Germany in the areas of the province of Anglo and Saxony for services rendered. Those services different sequences of time later were put to the test when invaders from the east came in too strong of forces to hold them back.

Those solders and their descendants were forced to reform with other solders in a more secure location. That being Londonium, creating the Anglo-Saxon culture.

THE Anglo Saxon culture eventually renamed to England.


THE right of succession for the Throne of Britain is simply a continuation fo the Trojan War. Which itself is a continuation of the Forces from Mecca set to take over and destroy Israel and its capital city fo Jerusalem. Every time the forces of Israel are displaced, they build a new Israel in the area they are forced to evacuate too.


The architecture used has been the same from Heirakonopolis to present. Although the Exodus made a huge dent into the truth versus propaganda of what Israel and Jerusalem actually are.

Moses was a Hyksos, he was never a Jew. He hated all things Jewish. He hated all things Israel. But he wrote the books, the laws, and enforced them by killing any scholar who knew the difference. If anyone educated knew the truth, he had them killed.


Moses had the entire Torah and associated books rewritten under his and his descendants direct supervision from previous languages into Hebrew. Hebrew was built as a direct “seal off the Gateway to Hell” language. Every single Hebrew letter is an entire word in the Futhark. What does this have to do with the structure of Britain v England. The British are Trojans and the English are Romans. The Trojans are pre Exodus Jews and Children of Israel, and Romans are a direct descendants culture from the Hyksos.

A war which began at 3800 bce has not ended yet. The Throne of England is part of that Ancient War.


Another wrinkle to the story is of course Aeneas, a very close cousin of King Priam. Aeneas was sent out with the Treasures of Troy and a portion of the population not set up and build a new city so that Priam could began to start sending his people in dripps and dribbles out of Troy to that new city west of Samhain.

That city would be called Alba Longa. Which is the Italic version of North Umber Land; or in Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd.

Aeneas traveled out of Troy, down to Tyer, around Egypt, over the Carthage, where he met and married Queen Dido (very very likely the widow of King Tut).

They married and the couple left to found Alba Longa together.

Although the Romans altered the story in two ways to make themselves feel great.

Alteration one removed Queen Dido’s connection to her husband King Tut.

Two they claimed she committed suicide the next morning instead of left Carthage forever to build the British Culture.

HTeir son/grandson was Prince of Troy Brutu the first king fo the British.

When descendants fo Agamemnon’s army (Odyssey/Samhain) traveled from Troy to Samhain to battle the forces of the followers of the ATEN eg the Cyclops. Odysseus faced off against Aeneas personally. At least his army versus their army. They likely never looked at each other eye to eye.

Every day more Trojans arrived to back up the Alba Longa Army.

THE son/Grandson learning about these actions knew the Dorian/Avaris army would simply send more troops and he needed to perform a new evacuation. Taking the Trojan evacuees out of Samhain/Alba Longa north to Britain. Merging their Trojan culture with the already a couple generations back work Meritaten and her mother had built in Northumberland.

Once the Dorain/Avaris army had successfully defeated both the Alba Longa, Samhain, and then Carthage armies they set their sights directly on conquering the Trojan Evacuees. The Trojans who had escaped to Britain.

The Romans arrived under the command and a Jewish General Julius Caesar.

The Hyksos had not stopped using their Jewish Slave Shield Wall behavior from 2100 bce to 70 bce. They in this case the Roman Senate (Hyksos) used the Jewish Julii family to destroy other Jewish families. Same tactic different millennia. .

But the Jews had a different plan.

That plan was to turn their own system against them, and turn the Roman/Hyksos culture into something else. Caesars Granddaughter with Cleopatra from this twins with her, would birth a very special person.

Caesar and Cleopatra had three children. A son Caesarian renamed to Tiberius, raised by Octavian to ensure that Caesar would not kill Octavian, since Octavian ordered that if anything happened to him to instantly kill the child.

The second and third were twins. The Octavian created mythology of them being taken capture and used for political expediency has zero basis in fact. Cleopatra was never captured in battle, not at Actium, not ever.

The twins lived happy lives in Northumberland, till it was time to relocate back to levant lands.


After the events of Actium. Most of the entire Roman Army were transferred from their duties to Northumberland to destroy what was their. They battled the Ogle army on Northumberland soil from 50 bce to the last day of the Roman Empire. Losing the entire time.

Why would every man who could be spared of the Roman Army be stationed for the last almost half a millennia at Hadrian’s Wall for no reason. Cleopatra had evacuated to the Royal Seat of Power for the British Ogle family.

Ogle castle is only 8 miles North of the Wall.










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