Caligulas Ark



Emperor Caligula played a beyond significant roll in the development of the birth of Christianity.

It is entirely fair to say he assisted directly in a dozen ways Jesus and Simon Peter himself.


He was planning on handing the seat of the Emperor to Jesus, but the Senate blocked that. Plus Jesus did not want the Seat of the Emperor. He wanted to work from his Tabernacle System.


Jesus was not crucified in Levant Lands he was crucified I Rome Proper.


But that crucifixion was not going to stop Jesus.


But he was going to need an unblemished Tabernacle of Adam System to work from.

Caligula took the plans given to him and built the Nemi Ships. The Nemi Ships were as close as his research and the plans given to him by Jesus and his family of what the Actual Noahs Ark.


Two tall towers to the bow two tall towers to the stern x 2.









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