Caligula’s Mother


Both the Emperor Tiberius and Caligula’s parents are entirely fiction.

Tiberius most specific, but Caligula’s father is more than likely Tiberius.

A child he had which was entirely undocumented.


The Senate did not keep records of Jews.

They were forced by the powerful Roman and Egyptian Armies, not to mention the Thracian Army present in Rome to obey by the rules of accordion and allow the Julii family to ascend to being the next emperors.

But they did not have to cooperate with the Emperor at all.

In fact the Roman Senate hated the Julii family to the ultimate degree. Not only were they Jews, but they helped usher in the age of Christianity.

Caligula his plan was to build up the empire and ready the city of Rome for the coming Pharaoh Israel.

He achieved his goal, but the Senate figured it out and did everything in their considerable power forth next three entire centuries to rewrite the history to prevent anyone from finding out that the next Emperor of Rome after Caligula was none other than Jesus Christ.

His Mother Mary her history was all but entirely erased, but she was a direct blood descendant of Cleopatra and Caesar.

Cleopatra took first hand part in the Nativity.

Most of the soldiers in the area of Bethlehem were her personal soldiers/body guards.

The Roman's tasked with finding the Baby Jesus and killing him were entirely outmatched by Cleopatra’s forces.

Although she by then was an old woman, she was still extremely powerful and the sitting Pharaoh of both Rome and Egypt.

Her army was larger than the Roman's by several times.

Her ancestors both the Ptolemaic line and the 18th dynasty had both worked to build Northumberland up to a powerhouse Kingdom.

A kingdom so powerful and strong that the after 400 years of constant war on Hadrian’s Wall the Roman Empire collapsed.

Caligula’s Mother Agrippa the Younger, the Older is the daughter of Emperor Augustus. But he lied so much that virtually everything Octavian told about his family history is pure fantasy.

He took after his ancestral uncle, rejecting all aspects of Jacobs line philosophy and embracing the same philosophy as Esau that of Terah.

The hatred Terah possessed over the Tabernacle of Adam System was beyond what can be measured. But he was not in a strong enough position to go against his family and begin with destroy the systems he had genetic right to connect with but not the moral and divine right.

His hope was to be able to force his descendants to literally turn over control of the system so the Senate. So that the Senate could collectively chose to use the weapons to destroy the enemies of Rome.

But what he did not count on was his relatives knew what he wanted to do when he was still a toddler. They knew he was a serious problem.

Most of the rich and powerful in Rome knew the “Messiah” was on his way. They also knew the Messiah was not going to be able to be stopped, but diverted was their plan.

If the Roman Empire could redirect the population to their Esau philosophy from Jacobs by using a proxy e.g. the Evil Priest Paul. Then they could remain in not only control of the situation but the Senate could remain in full and complete control over the empire with a Paul figure head as both Emperor and of course Pharaoh.


When the Julii family offered to purchase the cash strapped Empire of the lands of the Vatican. the Swamp, hill, fields around, etc. The senate had to agree.

But they also knew the history of the Vatican Hill.


It was the main ritual human sacrifice location for the Zoroastrians, their god was Mars. The God of War and death.

The symbol for the god of war/death is a Skull.


So the senate had an idea where the new church outside the gates of Rome was going to be located.

But knowing full well that the senate was thinking about the Vatican hill, they knew full well that was a diversion to district the Senate.


The Vatican Hill was the former site of a Jewish Synagogue much like Heliopolis/Jerusalem.

The Julii family had long planned to bring Heliopolis from Egypt to Rome. The truly sacred secrets of the Pyramid did not need to be the site of the Empire of Rome battle the Pharaoh’s of Rome. the Pyramids might get damaged and that would an entirely unacceptable situation.

So the battles were switched from Egypt to Rome.

THE Tabernacle could be rebuilt, the Story of Genesis in Egypt could not be rebuilt.


Rome was a copy back up for the first still in existence printing of Genesis. Since all the books from the Exodus forward did not exist yet. the Book of Genesis circa 2500 b.c.e was the first still in existence printing. but since it was architecture, with the language built into the structure of the pyramids themselves.

The Roman Senate semi-understand being able to read the Architecture to read the language was contained in the Elder Futhark, they had worked to destroy said language. But to no avail. The British and the Scandinavian cultures were too strong. Plus the Ga’als and Sarmartians were too strong to get past. THE British and the Scandinavians were too far away to conquer and erase the Futhark.


Enter the descendants of Caesar and Cleopatra during the time of their power.

It is pure mythology that Cleopatra’s daughter with Caesar (also mythology her father was Anthony) Selene was married to the King of Numidia the former Carthage. Nothing truthful about it. Yet another Augustus lie.

Selena was the daughter of Cleopatra and Caesar, her husband would not have been recorded by the Senate since her body double was in Africa.

Her husband would have been a descendant Spartacus or some equally ranked Prince of King.

Maybe a Senator of Rome with strong ties to the Lucius family. The Lucius family were only semi-Rivals of the Julii family. THE whole civil war and conflicts between the families was more of a gladiatorial contest the Roman Senate put on for their own amusement. Since those two families both Jewish were more than capable of combining their armies and family support to conquer Rome and take over the senate.

Since the senate could not deal with that, they had the families fight it out. when the families refused to fight, the senate would assassinate a member or two of each side and blame the other family. Thus the execution of Julius Caesars father.

The Julii Family and the Lucius family; combined by marriage Selena and their top ranked male the head of the family and or the next head of the family.

Paul used this marriage and alliance to name Satan Lucifer, a later Latin equivalent to the name Lucius. Since both mean “bearer/holder (Jacob; the holder of the foot) of Light <light the amber light of the divine>”


Selena and X husband had a Daughter. That daughter would have been about 20 at 0 year Julian.

Based on her mother’s date of birth at just before her father’s assassination.

Father was killed 44 b.c.e, making her and her twin brothers birth 44 b.c.e.

Her twin was renamed to Joseph of Arimathea, from Alexander Helios. Helios is in a way translatable to Joseph. Arima has been defined as specifically designated area e.g. Castle.

Thea means in Greek wide sacred light. Arimathea can translate to North(vertical/sacred/divine) amber (sacred) land(defined area). Arimathea and Northumberland are directly and substantially linked to the application of Jerusalem since that is what NewCastle in English translated to in Hebrew.

The location that Meritaten, Prince of Troy Brute (son of Aeneas and possibly Queen Dido, father of the British), and Cleopatra went to build up defenses. Those defenses destroyed the Roman Empire, but those defenses also create the Emperor Constantine.

Joseph of Arimathea evacuated Rome about the same time as the Crucifixion and headed straight for Northumberland.

The Location of the Crucifixion is in very large part directly reflected in the story of Agrippa the Younger.

She is the one who repurchases the ancient lands her family had owned several times.

That land would also be the place her son brought the city of Heliopolis to rest in.

The garden she commissioned rebuilt would be the future location of the arrest of their cousin Jesus.


The lands the senate had confiscated from the Julii family, which had been an issue several times. That land had been passed back and force a few times since 753 between the senate and the Julii family. The location was used and sacred to the Jews of Rome, and the Roman's used it to human sacrifice their enemies on. The Vatican sits was the location of the Rock of Mars aka the Vatican Hill. The Vatican sits were a City of Samhain Temple/Tabernacle complex once sat. A Cumaean Sybil temple (which used to be part of the Tabernacle of Adam system, at least this one.) is close to the only evidence remaining about this 3000 year old <likely much older> Tabernacle of Adam system just outside the Gates of Rome. That Structure sits just to the side of the what used to be called “The Garden of Gethsemane Where Jesus was the night before he was arrested.

The second Jesus entered Jerusalem, everything about those events takes place in Rome Proper. Entering, the MoneyChangers, starting his ministry in Jerusalem, his meeting with various Senators who were in favor of the message, as well as the Crucifixion, etc. it all took place in Rome Proper.)





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