Children of Israel


The religion of Jacob and his line before his son Judson was born and reformed the religion as the New Israel.


He defeated an fallen sent to kill him by his brother.

Hard Physical tangible evidence of this religion and “The Cloak of Many Colors” is the language of Hebrew. Its parent language is the Elder Futhark.


The Children of Israel build their holy book into the architecture of their buildings so that no one but their descendants would be able to find and decrypt it. all others would see just buildings, conquest cultures would claim them and try to erase the past. But it is impossible to erase the past if you know how to listen to the dead. 


The more violent the person or the cultures death, the more they imbue the area with their “death cry”. Downtown Bellingham is almost choked to the max with millions of people who died in Bellingham before and during the time of Captain Pickett’s command of Fort Bellingham. Although he was in charge of both Fort Bellingham and Ogle Tower, which he renamed to Picket Tower.


The largest problem with this religion is both the science of the weave of time, and the intimacies involved with some of the rituals.

Unlike Vatican Propaganda, the intimacies have less than nothing to do with the invoking anything bad, evil, nasty, etc. trusting an organization which completely suppresses its intimacy by demanding clergy into celibacy.

Suppress something long and hard enough and it will come out as uncontrollable behavior patterns. Usually something violent. Evidence for this can be found in the story of Rachael sitting on tools of Jacob. Which women are not supposed to touch let along have that close to their below the waist area.


The people of the Children of Israel are from Adam to Jacob. When Jacob’s son changed the name to Judaism. The philosophy of Juda, which was his name.

Jacob spent most of his life building a permanent copy of the book of Genesis in Israel.


Whenever the Children of Israel have to relocate based on evaluating from a conquest, culture 99% of the time they are feeling descendants of Esau.

They rebuild that infrastructure in the new place.

Architecturally it is possible to recreate the last cities the British built reverse back to Israel. Then back to the previous cities all because they used the same architectural principles to recreate their Jew Jerusalem.






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