City of Samhain Hills



From the Vatican Hills

The Roads leading from where the Vatican Hill used to be and the Temple of Janus

The Roads leading away from the Vatican leading up to the Capitoline Hill.


Architecture of the Capitoline Hill

The Roman Forum Oval 4 buildings x 4 buildings which is actually 22

4 buildings x 4 buildings.

The Oval Forum with the Temple of Caesarian being at the end of the Forum Oval.

Architecturally speaking

The Vatican Hill and the Roads between it and the Capitoline Hill is in the configuration of a Male.

The Forum and the areas stretching in effect east of the forum are in the configuration of a female, the oval of the Roman Forum is a very obvious female orientation.

Now 2 buildings the index finger just to the west of Caesars Temple, 2 buildings to west of those 2 buildings the Middle Finger.

Curl the ring finger at the first knuckle

The Pinky finger is at the end of the 2 roads from the Vatican.

Male to the West (King Solomon) Female to the East Queen of Sheba with the Hand of God touching and the fingertips inside the forum (Sheba). This is on the hard side of literally the definition of Jacob.


Queen of Sheba; could be a word to describe the actions of divine intimacy 1b, interacting with the female reproductive region. The Actions of the Queen of Sheba is when the limb of the ATEN interacts with the in effect Forum of Rome; the Fingers in the Neapolitan ice cream

Leah being metaphoric the Giza Plateau

Rachael the city of Samhain.






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