Civil War


(interact with divine things, and you will have to deal with your junk or be consumed by it.

you fail and you have a one-way ticket south, let go of your junk and you have a one way ticket north. On the other hand if you are not done with your junk yet, you get spit out of the gateway to work on your stuff in the mortal realm more. )

(be very interesting to have the "spit out" not necessarily in the same exact place you entered. The other tabernacle systems; spit you out in different systems around western culture. )


Most of the Civil War was fought in Colorado Springs,

The confederacy name changed to NAZI under the command and Margret Davis-Hayes

The American commander William Jackson Palmer.

The War from 1865 forward was entirely clandestine, when Lee and Grant put down their arms.

From the surrender at Appomattox till 1910 the war raged in “The Springs”

The war moved from Colorado over to Germany after 1910.

The Start of the War was officially when Fort Sumter was fired upon, but small battles had been bloody for at least a decade before. If not several decades.



Margret Davis-Hayes the Queen of the Confederacy had worked tirelessly to follow her fathers last order.

Davis “I order my beloved Confederacy to reorganize, reunite, and reform in order to mount a new army. That army will take the fight to the Yankee’s anew”. Margret Davis Hayes was sent to first Glenwood with her husband to distract attention from in the last bit of the war her father had order the south’s system to be dismantled and moved to Old Colorado City.

All the Confederates had to do was to remove the LDS from the area in order to achieve this goal, which was very easy to do since the Confederates were battle hardened and the LDS were no match for the blood thirsty and at that point enraged as losing in the south Confederates.


General William Palmer’s first experience with the System was in the late 1850s. when he was a teenager, a collection of Rail Road people including Andrew Carnegie traveled to Manitou to investigate both the applications of a Rail Road to assist in the gold to come from the gold fields to a smelter (21st street smelter) and to investigate the Tabernacle System which was under a rather strict and entirely clandestine war between several forces. The location of the system was where the Spa Building sits now. The spa building is the third to fifth building to sit on that space since 1800. A previous building was build in the middle to late 1700s by the British and French Royal families. upon inspection of that battle and the area, Palmer and of course Carnegie (the inspiration for the Carnegie Library came from in part the French Royal Palace which sat in the back portion of Bancroft Park today. But only the foundation of that Palace remains. Carnegie saw the library in that palace first hand and had an idea) had a problem with all the problems in the area and knew this would be a monumental problem immediately after the Civil War. Which almost everyone knew was coming. By the time the Civil War was over, the system in the spa building had been destroyed again. But the South had their own system, that system was placed in the palace which would not be destroyed for another few decades. That same building is the hotel which was used by one of the founders of Old Colorado City, his name Mr. Bott is on the street which leads to the 21st street round house.

Bott slept in the former New Louvre converted to a hotel and during the civil war the warehouse for the south’s stolen System. The New Louvre was located behind the Ampatheater Bancroft Park Old Colorado City  This Ampatheater sits on part of that Palace’s foundation It sat between hwere and the back of the park which is a bit over 100 feet. Michael Garmen Gallery is immediately to the Left.  Not far from the LDS temple smith ordered built around 1828. This community since it was full of Africans, Jews, Natives, etc (undesirables) is where Smith sent those loyal to his message but Young and all the Great Awakening Follows hated and wanted to see killed. Or worked to death to profit them as slaves. Dot kid yourself, just because the documents do not show it, Texas was a thriving Slave Trade area. But slaves were nto acceptable in the 1000 mile long extension the Texans disavow in the middle of the 1840s.


When Palmer and his new bride arrived back in Manitou Springs after the Civil War, part of the System was still in operation. The Confederates shipped their System out of the south and to Old Colorado City. Where they reassembled it. Queen Palmer was hit by a wave and never fully recovered.


What had not been made perfectly clear is that Davis ordered his daughter Margret to lead the battle from a new Capital City. That Capital city would be Old Colorado City.


Margret spent from 1866-1890 working unsuccessfully to follow her father’s orders. But in the south her efforts were illegal and she was threatened with arrest for treason on more than one occasion.

In the West her actions were met by General Palmers OSS army. A rather large army stationed in what would be later called “Fort Carson”. Although Fort Carson was literally an OSS (CIA) Black Site from 1830-1910 when the CIA officially handed over responsibility for the Base to the US Military.


Amun and Amunet Mat; it would be fascinating if a gift or a “special friend” was around Margret and or Mrs Palmer during this time. To have said “Interactions” to help in the fight between the Union and the Confederacy. Of course the FreiKorp was not only present, but strongly part fo the entire interaction from 1754 when the FreiKorp official name changed to that name through the entire American Revolution, through the entire Civil War, to the start fo WWII (which began in 1910, hwen the FreiKorp worked hard to get the Royals to fight against each other, so the Prussian Government could then topple the weakened winners after it was over).


The Union versus the Confederacy War was not over according to either Davis or his daughter. Davis told his daughter all about the “Divine Weapon” which would eventually be their own weapon to rise again. Davis had a working Tabernacle of Adam System, but he did not know how to operate it correctly and it eventually led to his electric shock therapy lobotomy. Which took a decade to partially recover from. He was never as smart or as sharp witted as he was, but at least he could formulate complete sentences again. The Union Confiscated that System and had moved it somewhere. Fr Francolon and Tesla had rebuilt entirely separate from the other systems a bran new system in Manitou. That new system Margret was entirely convinced was what her father predicted would happen and she needed to possess that system to lead the south to eventual victory.

THE system her father had sent by 1870 was destroyed, convicted, and sent to some research lab elsewhere by the American Military. A new system was needed.


Her father had spent vast time and resources on finding and making the Tabernacle of Adam Systems of the previous cultures in America work. His efforts led to his E.S.T. lobotomy.


But Fr Francolon wanted to build a replica of one Wall of King Solomon’s Temple

That One wall would be of course followed by Three more walls using both the  between the river aka ruxton ave. and the hill Miramont Castle facesImage result for glass room miramont castle.

But those other three Walls were not to be.


Upon completion of the first part of the Castle, Margret and Palmer observed the structure and the electricity generated and knew as a matter of fact that this could be easily turned into a weapon of mass destruction.

Both wanted that weapon beyond measure.

The US government in Washington sent Palmer more troops, and several more OSS units.


Tesla was pushed hard as to what it was and how it worked,

Francolon was asked similar questions.

Both in effect refused to answer.


Both were eventually kicked out of the area, but then the battle over the Castle began. When both the builders were removed from the structure, the structure went into self defense mode.

But what they did not know was that the building at the time had built in defenses.



As they attempted to “seize the building” both sides fought both each other and the building itself.


Palmer was hit with a full electro-magnetics shot Image result for warehouse 13 tesla gun firing (think tesla coil) and it destroyed his back, causing permanent paralysis. If the shot had hit his head he would have been permanently lobotomized at his age. Although he changed his will shortly after this clandestine battle over Miramont and he made a string of extremely ignorant decisions.

He gave his belonged home to his daughters but his money to other things. His daughters were forced to sell the castle in order to be able to live. Shortly after Palmer Died his daughters were all but entirely destitute with only a pittance from his estate coming to them and huge property taxes and death taxes to pay. His patent money had been divided among other things. So his daughters had to sell his estate to a religious organization. That is absolutely a mind affected by EST. He died a millionaire, but his daughters lived in squallier, inside a palace fit for a queen.

The problem with fanatical religious people, they are entirely convinced they are “holier than thou” so when it becomes an issue of how divine they are, they hold onto their darkness since they are convinced their darkness is good and that good is darkness.

Protestantism is based on the teachings of Esau, Paul, Mohammed, and his daughter Fatimah.

The whole have Jesus enter your soul thing, is actually you are inviting the teacher Mohammed into your soul. The resurrection of Christ is resurrecting Mohammed from his resting place which is the Roman Catacombs where his daughter placed his dead body to return to work with the Lake Nemi Ships to resurrect him from the dead. (but that is another story)


At the end of the battle. Those that survived retreated, Palmer to his eventual death bed, Margret to her residence, and their soldiers to their respective areas. The gun retreated into its hollow, sealed itself up, and had not been seen again.

At least by anyone who was not affected by the gun when they attempted to disturb the gun from its resting place.


Years later, Margret (Jul. 18, 1909) Margaret Howell <i>Davis</i> Hayes attempted on a very quiet day to reenter the castle. to rework the system.




She made it all the way to the grand staircase before the building’s defenses turned on and the gun came out of its hollow. The gun fired and opened up a Gatway. Margret was never seen again.

Her adventures in time could be a very interesting story (think sam becket from “Quantum Leap” where She had to “work out her junk” while helping others throughout time).

The NAZI Time War.


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Some of Margret’s children attempted to follow her years later, but their paths are different.

Varina Howell Davis Hayes Webb (1879 - 1934)*

  Lucy White Hayes Young (1882 - 1966)*

  Jefferson Addison Hayes-Davis (1884 - 1975)*

  William Addison Davis Hayes (1889 - 1955)*


NAZI Germany

Those that knew the information the best in





Salem Witch Trials


The South’s Tabernacle system



The rise of the Confederacy

One of the descendants of Margret is hired as a special consultant of the American army to go to Europe and advise on the Tabernacle System the NAZI’s possess based on the stolen equipment that persons mother sold to the NAZI’s after the first movies battle.






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