The sheer volume of information regarding her life is pure mythology. Well more accurately Roman Propaganda. Octavian hated her to the depth of his being. She never had sex with Mark, her three oldest were with Caesar. Her youngest was with likely the son/grandson of Spartacus, another set of Roman lies.


Spartacus was not killed when they claimed he was, he evacuated and lived comfortably in his own villa. Surrounded by his army. The Romans were experts in lying to make themselves look great.


Cleopatra lived into her 80s, why do I know this. Because after she evacuated out of Actium, she sailed to Rome, picked up a few things.


Then sailed out of the Med entirely, sailing to Northumberland. The Roman Response, was to sent the entire available Roman Army to Northumberland to kill her. For the next 400 years they failed; absolutely. Why TDY  that many troops to Northumberland and sit for centuries unless the other side of the Wall was a hard target threat to the Roman Army.


300 Years later they were still a threat, hence the birth of Constantine. Her oldest became Emperor, a grandchild became the next Emperor .Her Great Grandchild was about to become the next Emperor but the Senate had other plans.


Exactly why did Caligula place the Heliopolis Pillar in that exact position???


Why did he move the entire city of Heliopolis 200 feet next to that Pillar a decade later?


Where that Pillar stands at 30 ce stood the Vatican Hill, quarried to create a Wall around that exact area, dismantled and used to create the Vatican Wall. The valley next to that exact area has a unique history importance to the Romans as well as the Cumaean Sybill as well.


The Julii Family owned that area for most of the history of Rome.



The Julii family are also Jews. So are the Ptolemaian family.




TR Welling