The history of the State of Colorado is a fascinating one.

Colorado came from the fact that Kansas did not want to headaches associated with the Rocky Mountain region.


Which also literally gives evidence as to the location which Joseph Smith was heading when he left Carthage Illinois a week before his body double and brother were killed/martyred for the cause.


From 1854

Location of Kansas Territory

Kanss wanted the Gold and was sure they could deal with the Headaches associated with the rather overwhelming problmes with the Mormons, the Jews, and of course the left over British and French Royal families still in the area. Although by 1854 most of them had ether evacuated or had literally been genocided out of existence.

Texas 1853.

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That Claimed by Mexico thing is pure fiction. Since Mexico itself was ruled by Libertine French.

The Libertine French Controlled both Mexico and portions of the Louisiana Purchase “Unorganized Territory”.

But from 1844-1854, the Colorado Territory did not exist yet, a Huge entirely undocumented war was raging almost exactly like Armageddon.

The City of Manitou played the Part of Megiddo and the armies of the world gathered outside in Texas and the Unorganized areas to fight over control of what remained of the original Capital of Texas.


After the Majority of those battles were over is when the Territory of Colorado could be settled. But the War had not entirely finished yet. But a bran new War has just started.


Actually a considerable portion of the Pony Express was not about delivering Mail, it was about teenage boys being spy’s moving back and forth across Northern Colorado in order to hide the War Occurring.

The Pony express was simply an extension of the military runner system which had been in place since the 1840s. Which was in part the routs were from the LDS Missionaries traveling around those same areas.

The younger the easier it would be to have a teenager approach a hazardous area, not be harmed then ride off to inform his superiors of what he saw.

Although some women were used, the majority of the women involved were not riders but lady’s of the evening paid to get their customers drunk, ask them questions, and of course relay said back to the military.

Overall a very effective system to destroy the British and French from the East and West. Which only took about 60 years to work. But erase most of the evidence they did.


Although one of the best pony express riders “Wild Bill” was killed in a gun fight just few years after he was removed from his spy duties.

Wild Bill had two problems, “Syphilis” and of course alcoholism.

Remove the Syphilis and you have all the nessessary ingredients for an Electro Shock Therapy Lobotomy. Wild Bill might not have had Syphilis, he might have had instead a close encounter with a Tabernacle of Adam System which did not end well on his side. He was rented in basic a babbling idiot. But his ability to shoot straight and fast was not dimensioned. Actually his nervous system might have been cranked up to a non survivable for long level thanks to the EST of the System.

He had encountered at least two if not three.

One in Manitou Colorado.

Which would have made him one of the best candidates for a group of Union spy’s to infiltrate into the Confederacy and find out where the Experiments on Pickets Treasure were being held and to investiat3e.

The one from Manitou was taken apart in moved to Bellingham. Where in 1855 Captain Pickett was the new Commanding officer of 68 regular soldiers and about 1500 unscripted soldiers. One Sargent per platoon, one lieutenant for 5 platoons, 1 low captain for 25 platoons, and of course senior captain Picket in charge of it all. Pickets degree from West Point almost qualified him to be a Major. He needed battlefield experience and in field command experience before could be promoted to major.

Fort Bellingham was his ticket to being a Major.

He found the remains of a Tabernacle of Adam System aka Picket Tower. Studied it, dismantled it, and shipped it back to the deep south, were Jefferson Davis had assembled the best minds to figure out how to use it.

Picket had to use the overland route to evacuate out of Whatcom County in the middle of the night to avoid being arrested and executed for Treason by his Commanding officer from Seattle.

Picket having failed to convince his men to convert to the confederacy and have Fort Bellingham be Confederate Territory. Although for a short time Fort Bellingham did serve the Confederates several times over the course of the Civil War. Whatcom County had become a heaven for the Confederates who did not like Jefferson Davis’s rules of order. They wanted a different type of confederacy; they wanted a stronger emphases on slavery and the hidden Technology of the WMD.

So Picket made his way through northern Colorado to the South were he would be commissioned as a General.

It is likely Wild Bill followed him through the usual military routes all the way from where the previous spy’s had followed picket from Bellingham to the Missouri River to this destination which was at first the System Research and development area. He gave first hand reports and instructions to the scholars. Then headed out to lead his men in battle.

An extremely similar situation occurred when the Colorado Springs Tesla equipment was seized and sold at auction to the highest bidder to pay factious debts. Said equipment was in Colorado Springs Colorado, close to were the other Tabernacle of Adam System was located which Wild Bill had direct and firsthand access to.


The issues with Wild Bills “EST” Lobotomy lead to when the allies did make their way to Germany to destroy the THired Reich they did so knowing flat out with direct first hand experience what that weapon could do.

That weapon the third reich had at least three if not more.

Htyhey had the one the south had stolen from somewhere. possibly Orlando fl.

They had the Bellingham one, or at least a fake made to look correct.

They had aspects of Manitou

They had Tesla’s tower

And they had direct access to the Nemi Ships.

Assembled they had most of the parts to make it work.


But the American government along with the special operations “Monuments Men” were specifically tasked through the Mis-X OSS group to not send in the best soldiers they had. they needed “throw away” soldiers. Enter the dirty dozen.

The dirty dozen condemned soldiers/prisoners sent into to destroy or made inert the possible ELECTRO MAGNETICS Weapon/Rail Gun the Third Reich possessed. Evidence for his can be found in the Civil War and in a System which Custer enteracted with in Minnesota. Where both Custer and Wild Bill explored a working system before dismantling it and sending it back to Washington DC.

Both Custer and Hickock were lobotomized, ntiher would have lasted much longer. Their brains were damaged beyond repair. Unlike the events of the Salem Witch Tirals were the afflicted girls were young enough their neuropathways could rewire and they were able to function again in several years.


All that s part of the Hisotyr of Colorado, hidden and erased.


Of course Bancroft Park and the French Palace the first capital of Colraodo needs to be disgussed next.

















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