Cuneiform languages


The most important thing to remember about the Cuneiform group of languages is that they are a conquest language sequence.

As the conquerors conquered each area, they would take their not as good language and mix it with the people they just conquered languages, making a new language.

That new language itself was part Indo-European and part new what amounts to a junk language. Not unlike an advanced form of slang.

In the 1950s when Ebonics began to form into its own language from English and a couple other languages. It dd not have sufficient structure to communicate complex ideas unless you were part of the culture itself and could “read between the lines” and understand that one word could have 100 meanings, depending on how it was used in the sentence and how it was used culturally. Example the 1970s movie “Airplane”.

However, unless you avhe a solid understanding of the culture itself, and English Ebonics does not have a translation key. Consequently, it was impossible for Ebonics to be used as an independent language to create great words of fictions with.

It is impossible to write a Shakespeare story using Ebonics. The language has not evolved enough. Plus the basic structure is not sufficient if you do not know English to create an epic poem. Although it is interesting that southern slang and African American slang developed at roughly the same time, and both stopped progressing into their own individual languages separate from English about the same time.

Southern slang stayed slang and is mostly used to describe basic human interactions.

Exactly the same as Ebonics, it stopped evolving into a language and is still used to relate basic human interactions.

Similar to the development of Cockney, it is not really a language, it is more of a code to hide details of basic human interactions from authority figures.

The same thing applies to the other end regarding the first “translatable languages” after Indi-European.

Although these languages are only about 25% translatable. The rest is IE language which modern science has rules and regulations so strict it is close to impossible to present evidence to them without about 5 phds in that specific disciplines field. Very fight club, the point to modern academics is the fight not the presenting of ideas.

Basic scientific criticism has turned into how hard can I destroy this idea so I do not have to actually accept these facts as facts.


The Languages present from 3800 bce – present are a mixture of different types of languages.

Those languages used a combination of IE and the conquerors native languages. Which was in basic not much more than local slang.

The farther away from 3300 bce to 200 ce the less and less IE was used and the more other cuneiform languages and other non-cuneiform languages were used.















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