Darla Hooch



Darla Hooch died of a previously undiagnosed form of raging AIDS.

Fact Darla lived a very healthy and active life.

She went into the hospital for a hot appie.

She needed blood and was given at least two pints of blood for the surgery.


She would be dead of an extremely “A-Typical” form of Hepatitis within months. Hep usually even with the most violent forms, which a patient who had had said for years if not decades does not hit that hard.

But there is a Disease which does hit that hard and can kill within month of exposure. Especially if the patient donating the blood has at least three to five different forms of the disease ravishing their body.

The Patients from pre-1980 with hep or were dead with extreme speed in LA need to be examined. Their test results need to be poured over. I bet there are answers in their blood tests which can and will lead to new answers of the order of operations of the HIV chemistry.


While preparing for the “Our Gang Reunion” in 1980, Darla came down with acute appendicitis. Needing an emergency appie immediately. Due to the situation, she was given infected with at least two if not five strains of AIDS infected blood. This would be more than a year before the CDC would become aware of the situation.

The operation took place in


Canoga Park Hospital, Canoga Park, California.

Within a few months Darla was dead of complications (heart attack) from acute Hepititus.

Which is close to impossible to have a healthy and fit 8 shows a week performer not overweight and a caretaker for a wheelchair bound husband to be overcome with Hep that fast.


Another biochemical answer is the only real medcal answer to overcome the body’s natural defenses inside of just months.


She died suddenly of heart failure on June 13, 1979 at age 47.

It would not be for another 18 months at the least before the rather insulting name Gay-related immune deficiency (GRID) would be coined. G was removed years later to just be AIDS; Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.


Heathy to dead healthy and fit 47 year old. AIDS is close to the only realistic solution to her death.


Plus several of the Fictional docudrama’s about the early days of HIV, there is mention of a Hollywood legend who is connected or was connected but all facts regarding said person have been erased from public knowledge. That person was likely Darla.




TR Welling