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·      Introduction

o  The Egyptian Pharaonic flail was never intended to be a weapon.

o  It was intended to be a symbol of power; of the science of the People of Kaern. The People of Kaern are the builders of the  megaliths.

o  The Flail is several things all in one; it is a teaching tool, a symbol of the power Narmer has over both the people and the science they created. That science of course is

o  language, mathematics, science, engineering, etc.

o  Those three lines are the effects of the Mind, Body, and Spirit

o  When Narmer conquered the five cultures of Egypt. He took from them their most powerful symbols of power. Then placed them on himself to reflect his power and majesty over each and every one of them.

o  He also placed them strategically on his body to show their ranking in his culture.

o  The  higher on the body; the more important,

o  The higher or lower on specific body parts the more of less important your ranking in his society.


·      Relativity

o  E (laguz) = M C 2. each of the three portions coming off the upside down L ; matter, particle light, wave light. This is not a weapon. This is quantum physics. I think

·      The body of the flail

o  Base; the pommel, the start of an Ętt of this specific tool.

o  Handle; the area between the pommel and the marker

o  The marker; the defined marker which seperates the head in this case Laguz, and the mind, body, spirit, and their individual influences.

o  Handle above the marker;

§  From the marker up that is Laguz.

§  The ancients who designed wanted to make sure the character was represented.


o  The top of the flail

§  Laguz

·      The definition of Laguz in Futhark has an extremely easy translation.

·      The translation is

·      Laguz; the flow of life, energy, water, the essence of how energy moves from one thing to another.

o  Push push, pull pull, neutral is in essence Laguz.

o  Which brings up a startlying probem.

o  There is a modern equation which was thought up by a team; one Jewish man, and one Gypsy woman. They came up with an equation most all science is based on for the last 100 years.

o  The flail points strongly to symbolically; that equation was not only known by the ancient Egyptians, but that equation was used for more than 1000 years by them.


§  From the marker to the three separations. What other see as the impact portion of the flail.

o  Three separations;

§  They start with blue and amber balls. Each representing a specific type of action.

§  Mind; the build up of the mind. How the mind can be built up to create that which is needed.

§  Body; the body and or the behavior patterns.

§  Spirit; the will

§  Each of the three sometimes work in harmony, sometimes work indepenantly. When they work independently; each has its own set of rules an dregulatinos regarding how each one works.

§  Working together


§  Working indepently


o  Ends of the three

§  The mind body spirit

o  16 amber rings

§  Each amber ring is a 24 sequence.

§  The 16th symbol is Sowillo; the symbol means the sun

§  The blue indicates the color and meaning of Laguz.

§  The actions done between the Ętts of the 24.

§  There are two separate Ętts. The first is a collection of three eight symbols in sphere. Three spheres together create a larger Ętt and or a complete circle.

§  The complete circle in years is defined as a generation.

§  The 16 amber rings are 24 compete circles

§  The effects of those 24 complete circles are the Laguz which occurs after a circle is complete.

§  The 15 blue Laguz; are a representation of the flow of (water) and or the schema change from the old People of Kaern dominant paradigm to the new monotheistic dominant paradigm.

§  The Laguz is the way for the ancients to label and understand how people, cities, etc. move from one dominant to another. The Laguz changed.

·      On in the case of Noah, a presidency, a revolution, etc. the Laguz changes from x to y.



·      Placement in life

o  The arms are not crossed

·      Placement in death

o  The arms are crossed

·      Earth

o  Ea and er sound very similar

o  Ear and er is only a small amount separated each

o  Th and D not only sound similar but perform symbolically according to the definition of Futhark similar tasks.

o  Th = Thurasaz as in location

o  D = Daggaz as in the location of the planet on its orbit around the sun

o  So earth could be linguistically a derivative of erd.

o  Erdology = Earth studies. The study of the earth regarding how the earth as a whole electro-magnetics operates.

o  Erd is German for earth. So in a very real but linguistic way the name Earth is a derivative of the science I found by using the Futhark and seeing the calendar repeat. Seeing the calendar repeat symbolically into one year one symbol. 24 years one sequence of symbols.

§  Although to be entirely honest erd is my invented label to put onto the Futhark science. Label something creates a solid Ętt around that thing.

§  Previous I called it teraology; but that was only for a few years, because I knew someone had already labeled something else as tera, so I used tera as a placeholder till I could take some time to think it through.

o  24 years 24 symbols

§  1 year one priorities or in an Ętt font-size:20

§  2 year two strength or in an Ętt font-size:20


·      An Ętt

o  An Ętt the Futhark 24 symbols divided into three seconds of egith characters each.

o  Each character is both a word and a number at the same time as all western culture prelatin languaegs are.


o  font-size:20

o  font-size:20

o  13

o  14

o  15

o  16

o  17

o  18

o  21

o  22

o  23

o  24

o  25

o  26

o  27

o  28

o  31

o  32

o  33

o  34

o  35

o  36

o  37

o  38


o  three lines coming off the end.

§  mind

§  body

§  spirit

§  as Einstein state E=mc2. Which roughly translates to; provided you drop the rules of the single number line and work with a number line which actually follows the rules of mathematics. Measure too and from fixed points.

§  E; e means Energy.

§  = as in each side of the =s has to balance each other.

§  M; matter

§  C; one form of light in this case particles of light

§  2; are the waves of light.

§  Meaning this flail could very well be a symbolic representation of the entire concept of relatively.


·       lenz law


·      a hubcap cover one of the things it does is channels sound


·      Conclusion