Frankenstein Resurrection Cain and Able

10/29/2012 07:39:43

I think buried within the framework of the holy roman empires library was a scroll or codex regarding the ancient resurrection spell from which Cain (Frankenstein) was able to use to resurrect his dead brother Able.

This mythology was later transformed into the Osiris and Set story.

Which itself is a retelling/reinterpretation of events in pre-Pharaonic Egypt.

Every time this scroll or knowledge of it surfaces; the culture which gains access might not try it but creates another that cultural schema regarding how that story effects their civilization.

1.      Each time the story resurfaces

a.       Cain and able.

b.      Osiris and set

c.       Hippocrates and ?

d.      Jesus and Lazarus

e.       Frankenstein

f.        The mummy; each time the story changes just a little

                                                              i.      1890

                                                            ii.      1900

                                                          iii.      1910

                                                          iv.      1920

                                                            v.      1930

                                                          vi.      1940

                                                        vii.      1950

                                                      viii.      1960

                                                           ix.      1970

                                                             x.      1980

                                                           xi.      1990

                                                         xii.      2000