The British, the Germans, portions of the Spanish, and the French had been working on various types of Electro-Magnetic research since at least documented the 1400s. Almost guaranteed previous since the Rich on their large estates did not need to have academic or Vatican permission to conduct their research.

They would publish their findings, but only in small carefully selected circles of likeminded people. Since said research was still extremely to a maximum degree illegal.


The basis of the Frankenstein mythology which Mary Shelley wrote about are the facts revolving around Jewish Mysticism and the Golem.

A creature created to perform specific tasks, which using electricity was turned from a collection of just materials to a collection of human body parts.


Instead of using Clay/soil, the thought was to use dead human tissue.


But the ideas go much farther back than said mysticism.

The ideas are part of the Tabernacle of Adam System; which began as a vague concept way back when Caine killed Able and Adam set to “resurrect” him from the dead.

That resurrection ceremony became part of the structure which the “Children of Israel” and then the “Jewish Culture” have been using as an important base till just after the conquest of the first temple circa 600 b.c.e when a major military operation by a descendant Hyksos army descended to seize control of the power of the Temple from the Jews.

Once in Captivity, they were stripped of their previous languages, forced to convert to Hebrew, and learn the Hebrew languages. Forced to translate their old writings into the Torah under the strictest of observations to make sure the Hyksos would approve of what the Jews had written.

After about a century, and the last gasp of the ancient pre-Hebrew ceremonies were erased from common Jewish knowledge and existence they were released. Since the now Hebrews no longer posed a threat to the Hyksos.


But Jews outside the reach of the Hyksos in Spain, France, Germany, and Britain maintained those connections and knowledge. But they also knew they would be invaded next and would need to hide their Pre-Exodus ceremonies and rituals so the core of the information would be preserved but not a direct hard target threat to the descendants of the Hyksos.

The Romans (a Hyksos descendant culture) was too busy at 500 b.c.e to worry about invading Britain; while they were trying to crush the Carthage Empire. After Carthage, they worked on Crushing the Aegean.


After the Aegean, they moved onto Britain. But that is where the Roman Empire was crushed.

What does the Roman Empire have anything to do with the story of Frankenstein.

Lord Byron gained access to the library system of the Holy Roman Empire in Germany. That access allowed Mary Shelley to gain access to research about both golem and of course the Electro-Magnetic research which had been conducted.

She combined them into “The Monster”.


In the same exact vain of information. Oscar Wilde a rather flamboyant homosexual came across similar research as Mary Shelley only a bit less than two decades previous.

His research and overhearing stories from “those that knew, who talked in similar friend circles which homosexuals frequented” he altered the Electro-Magnetic out and fictionalized some witch; likely a Jewish mystic/a female master of the qabalah.

The intimacies in the book were bent towards Wilde’s interests. But the key to the painting was not the just the painting; the key was the King of Solomons Queen of Sheba Rite which the two performed to transmute his Jera into the Painting, and the forever youth of the painting back to him.

Of course the damage to the painting would need to be transmuted from others “Life forces”; but that would take on a different part of the story.



















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