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The Dates of every single thing below add together to affect each and every Mason.

Every Date and the time since that date convert to from numbers to letters.

Those letters form the backbone of most civilizations. Those counts which become words, merge into the normal counts found on AErdology Current Day and its several dozen already formed letter sequences.


People Involved

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UNESCO History

The History of FreeMasonry is a difficult on a good day subject to dive into. Its origins are in some ways intentionally hid, in other ways conquerors destroyed it, and in other ways what is socially acceptable altered the foundation of Masonry and its origins beyond recognition. I know more than a few FreeMasons who have been for years to decades a piece, who would not like what I have found in most ways. The origins of Masonry running through the Roman Ceremony of Memento Mori and the Coliseum. The Witch Burning Times. As well as the Etymology of the name and the Mem Kaure Pyramid. To some, each of these subjects is entirely unacceptable.

Not to mention the facts that 200 years ago circa the late 1700s early 1800s the as hinted at Ceremonies were a part of FreeMasonry which was stripped out, although the LDS continued to perform portions of it as late as the middle to end of the 1800s. The KKK White Supremacists, etc. continued to perform portions of it up till the late 1970s early 1980s. But those pockets over time shrank to all but non existence anymore. The Hidden 1b ceremony portions and behaviors of FreeMasonry, a semi well known Serial Killer 1a got his start with strong influence from attending at least 1 if not 3 “Strange Fruit” ceremonies courtesy of his stepfathers family in the deep south. Not to mention his connections to equally bad actions but rarely reported in Whatcom County, attacks and inappropriate behavior on mostly female native tribe members. More than half a century later and reports of “disappeared” natives is still difficult on a good day to find reports and evidence for. The Native Americans have been force to get use to members of their culture being culled as tributes and erased from existence by very bad groups. Part of the same behavior pattern, but in the worst way possible. The good way is the rites of Queen Sheba, which her description is not a country or location, her description is floor work in a lodge. The good way to do it, is with the permission and consent, the bad way is “strange fruit”.


I am a FreeMason.

I have been a Mason for more than 10 years.

My home Lynden Lodge (means Grove of Lemon Trees, which is a slang term for an English City of Pillars) Ferndale Int Lodge number 56.

This page is about all the relevant counts associated with FreeMasonry, and how FreeMasonry affects the counts of their communities.

King Solomon's Temple every FreeMason in the World knows why the Counts of King Solomon's Temple are so radically important. King Solomon's Temple Breaking Ground in the formerly known before King David Conquered it “City of Jupiter” (Which in some ways makes the Temple of David’s Grandson the Temple of Jupiter. Which is all the more radically interesting since that Temple was directed by Jesus (documented in the Gospel of Mark of Mark chapter 13) to be dismantled and moved to Rome. Well to be more specific, the City of Pillars in Rome Proper on the East side of the Forum. Where he directed his people to rebuild that Temple of the City of Pillars.

Which as it turns out was going to be destroyed and rebuilt into the Domus Aurea and then destroyed and rebuilt into the Coliseum. (But those actions were in part predicted immediately after the first few paragraphs of Mark Chapter 13. But he had a solution.)  Then a portion of the entire outer south wall was dismantled and moved to the north side of where St Peters Basilica and Square would be constructed in about 50 or so years and assembled into St Peters Basilica. Portions of the materials of King Solomon's Temple were from the Temple of Memphis in Egypt.

Ground Breaking

Date Completed

First Destruction

Second Destruction

Third Destruction


Temple was moved to Rome under direction from Jesus, documented in at least March Chapter 13. Jesus directed his followers to dismantle the Temple and move it to Rome Proper to build and enhance the Temple on the City of Pillars. But he also stated in some very matter of fact way. “The Enemy will come, and the enemy will destroy. So you must every few generations send out followers to build new copies of the City of Pillars”

Revelations most everyone since this prediction was provided have miss understood what was being discussed. Yes the return of Jesus has a huge amount to do with the City of Pillars concept. That is a subject which requires a huge amount more time and research.

Hercules the actions below regarding Romulus is he was repeating the actions of that of Hercules. His actions were to in part recreate the Labors of Hercules to build his City and Empire large enough to never be threatened by anyone. Hercules about 600 years in the past, his actions launched the Trojan War. His actions with the Cretan Bull and King Priam, is what Launched the Trojan War. King Priam’s Son Hector and his other Son Paris (Paris’ mother was in her pre Queen name Meketaten, she was either the first or second daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. Her husband only earned the right (to marry the First Daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt after he came to a Draw against Hercules in a Wrestling match) to have the first daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt and a very likely their Sons could make a claim for the Throne of Egypt after defeating whoever defeated her little brother King Tut in battle. He was a sickly kid who was hobbled with a club foot, he could not stand on a chariot and fight. So his death in battle was a at birth forgone conclusion. If Menelaus could capture Helen the Granddaughter of Akhenaten and the second Lady Meritaten, than he could claim his place on the Egyptian Throne. And the Trojan War began.) and a situation with Princess of the city of ATEN (the H after the T was added centuries later, as was the ‘s after the N to make the word singular possessive. As in this word is a name of a prominent being.) renamed more than 700 years later to Athens. The Trojans Evacuated knowing they were going to loose their city of Ilia. So they planned ahead and set the city of Alba Longa as their future City. Sending Aeneas out to build or rebuild that City. On his way he met and married the widow of Tut in the City of Carthage, they married and left together to found or rebuild the city of Alba Longa. Her name Queen Dido in Carthage, her Pharaoh name since her husband and father were dead, she became the in exile Pharaoh of Egypt continuing the 18th Dynasty in Exile. Her previous name was Meketaten. Which makes the city of Samhain (since the number 7, and the Latin Letters of S E V N did not exist yet, and would not till about 500 bce, the sound would be the sound of the Gaelic word Samhain. Samhain is the name for the Latin/English Halloween or in Spanish cultures
dia de los Muertos aka the Day of the Dead. Samhain in Manx Gaelic is pronounced Saven. To remember the Dead on that day. To Remember (Memento Mori; Remember you are dead. Direct translation) the dead and to remember where you came from. Each of the Labors was a task meant to Kill Hercules. He not only did not die, he thrived. Which upset his master to no end.


Hercules Mycenaen King Eurystheus and FreeMasonry but Hercules Master could not get over the facts that Hercules not only survived but thrived. To achieve the status of being a FreeMason, one must undergo a series of tasks/labors. Those labors are difficult at best. Including the labor of the Goat. personal Note; Man does that goat taste bad. I have no idea how it was prepared, but wow it leaves a heavy aftertaste.

It can easily be defined that the breakdown of the tasks needed in order to become a FreeMason each labor of Hercules and each Labor of becoming a Mason are directly comparable. Minus a great deal of taking the nastiness and violence out of it.

If this is applied, than on one those labors, the Candidate has direct involvement with the Future King Priam himself. Which allows Priam to marry Meketaten, who births a son Paris. Who Marries Princess of Athens Helen which launches the Trojan War. What Dates did these events occur on, is the point to this section. 

zzYour dates of Your Labors. On what dates did you being your journey to becoming a Mason.

zzOn what dates did you start to interact with Masons.

zzOn what date did you fill out your application

zzOn what date did you submit your application

zzHow long did it take for your application to come up, for the Lodge

zzOn what date was your application reviewed.

zzOn what date did your investigation committee come to interview you

zzOn what date did the process move forward.

zzOn what date did the lodge vote for you

zzOn what date did you pass

zzOn what date was set your EA

zzOn what date did you give back

zzOn what date did you progress to the FC

zzOn what date did you give back

zzOn what date did you progress to your MM

zzOn what date did you give back.

zzEach Lodge meeting attended, exact times and dates of said meetings are recorded by the zzSecretary. Those details will need to be added to this program to have a complete list of details and data in direct association with the language I am building. Correction, rebuilding.

Fortunately the secretary has all of those dates carefully recorded.

Rome Memento Mori Although the vast majority of FreeMasons have no idea the Romans Ceremony of Memento Mori is in part the foundation of where our zzmodern FreeMason rituals and the like comes from. The facts are undeniable when the evidence is revealed. The counts of when this ceremony began and when it officially ended apply. The Fall of the Roman Empire marked in part the end of these exact specific and named behavior patterns, but they simply were name changed and the actions continued. Under the name the Witch Burning times. Which had a huge amount to do with both FreeMasonry and of course zzFatimah and her evacuation from zzMecca to follow her mothers path back to zzNorth Umber Land (zzthe Code), then into two major groups. Fatimah and most of her army returned to Rome to battle it out circa 650 ce, and her kids born after she left zzMecca with her father in tow, her kids traveled across zzEurope to seek refuge in zzConstantinople. Statistically a sequence of equations can be crated to link the descendants of zzFatimah with the foundation culture of the zzTeutonic Knights, and their eventual name change to zzPrussians. Who would eventually take on a figure head roll in a clandestine military spy operation to invade the zzDAP to create a large enough voting block to seize control over it, change its name from DAP to zzNAZI and then to act as a zzPuppet for the zzPrussian Emperor to perform the zzMemento Mori Ceremony (zzHolocaust zz1a, zzLebensborn project zz1b, and vast zzparades and public displays zzPart 2) in order to gain power and possibly bring key people back from the dead.

The Pyramids of Egypt

The Mem Kaure Pyramid

Giza Plateau

Witch Burning Times Females and Males accused (1a) of having congress (1b) with the Devil of one of his minions, where the community (Part 2) would become aware and take action. Those actions were 1a arrest and torture to force a confession, 1b the priests and town folk would then enjoy the spectacle of the pain and humiliation applied to those selected (Evil Eye), with the person experiencing 1a on a radical scale. Then of course a public execution sometimes hanging but often Burned at the stake a direct reference to Emperor Nero aka the Evil Priest Paul (as defined by the Dead Sea Scrolls; the ego and arrogance of Paul and the open for use title of Pharaoh. Almost all pharaohs had a Holy Throne Name. Almost all of the Popes had a Pharaoh Throne name or 5 upon being selected Pharoah/Pope. So the stats point to, exactly how would Paul/Nero have not demanded this title to be added to this thing. The answer is they would have happily mass murder countless people in order to obtain their official title of Pharaoh and a new name) and his destroying by fire the City of Pillars which stood where the Coliseum does now.

The Coliseum The facts are these 1a various types of escalating violence, all FreeMasons know that part of the rituals is a reference to violence. Gladiator Matches are constant escalation of Violence. All Freemasons call each other Brother which is also a reference to Romulus using this ceremony to formulate Rome itself by Killing 1a his brother 1b, to establish his power and divine right to rule the city and its people. Using different names, the same ceremony was performed countless times in the Roman Empire from day one 753 bce April 16 to circa 350 when a Catholic Minister gave a rousing speech to end the mass murder.

Domus Aurea this has both the Code of FreeMasonry built in as well as it sits on the ground where the City of Pillars which was destroyed by Nero (while he fiddled) sat. This city can be statistically linked to the location of “Heaven”. This is where “Jesus” went to days after the Resurrection.





Mark Twain

The Series of City of Pillars from Heaven, to IWNW, and Heirakonopolis, through both of them in Rome, to Venice, to Whatcom County

Whatcom County







History of FreeMasonry

Museum of FreeMasonry

A Lodge Floor Work to AErdology what is stated in the words created in the motions of the Floor work. A picture containing diagram

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