French Revolution


The Guillotine was electrified or the number of bodies executed with that much blood would have by default caused an epidemic of plague proportions. but since no disease outbreaks were reported, almost no blood was actually spilled.


On occation some of the prisoners bodies would be period with a blade to have some bloodletting. Since in Paris a tradition of lady’s would put a handkerchief in the blood and keep it as a keepsake of the event and the execution of the person. A remembrance. But mostly no blood was spilled, since the blade was electrified.  


The blade would cauterize on the way through the flesh.


Proving the French Royal’s had an advanced concept of Electro Magnetics to invent a device which would literally cut and cauterize, causing the wound to seal instantly. Killing the person but not leaving a significant amount of blood to cause disease to spread amongst the citizens of Paris.


Why is this important; making a magnetic Levitation ship is much easier than building an automatic cauterize machine.





TR Welling