Futhark and Language of Adam

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1.   The cultural war between Esau and Jacob; Esau being the oldest but not chosen, Jacob the younger the one who engerated the title King of Kings.

2.   From the point of Caine and Able; their has been an open war between the sons of the descendants of Adam. That war cost everyone a tremendous amount; including the knowledge of the Language and science of Adam.

3.   The language of Adam did survive despite generation's of cultures doing everything in their  considerable power to destroy it. Standard patricide; for those generations which did not feel power enough they will choose to destroy from the past which they feel is more power than they have. All the Jewish and monotheistic ceremonies before the exodus included.

4.   Clues to the Futhark in genesis chapter one and two

5.   Futhark characters


7.   Hebrew


9.   Astrology and Hebrew