Gateway to Hell

What is on the other side of a tunnel going down. A Tunnel going up.

Done is Hell, up is ? Heaven.

So if you are looking up, it is heaven and a Staircase to Heaven, down it is a StairCase to Hell.

Genesis 28:10-17. This is the physical tangible structure of Jacobs Ladder.


it is a tunnel of time.

As the earth rotates around the Sun (the sun being the center of the graphic), the Earth is the AquaMarine walls of the Tunnel. As the earth travels on its path around the sun, the earth passes through various time periods. Those time periods are marked by the  physical actions occurring on the earth as it rotates around the sun. Marked by 19 15 day sequences, and 5 16 day sequences, called Months.

What is being presented is the actual structure of time itself.

Moses used the Structure of the Elder Futhark, , as a scaffolding to build the characters of Hebrew from. The first character in the Hebrew alphabet is the character of ALEF, . The Futhark Months of Ansuz, Laguz, Ewaz, and Fehu are the key points and sounds which were used to create this character.

But since time does not stand still, time literally moves, the earth rotates around the sun. So as the Earth Rotates creates the walls of the Tunnel illustrated by the of a vortex.

The months are each point along the walls of the vortex of specific significance.

The Elder Futhark was used in an attempt to both hide the age of the Elder Futhark and as a matter of very hard fact to “put a plug into a gateway to hell”.

You see Esau and his descendants are entirely convinced that they are the holy ones and that Jacob’s line are the definition of Evil. So any and all things connected to Jacob are by default evil. Jacob was elected to be King of Kings of the Tabernacle of Adam Structure. That Tabernacle of Adam Structure is both a connection to the Weave of Time but it is also a way to measure the exact passage of time.

Jacob was placed in charge of the weave and building, which was on a soul level unacceptable for Esau. So with the behavior of “I either have to control it, or destroy it” Esau fought Jacob his entire life. Including a likely “Selling his soul to the devil” Genesis 32:22-31. The Angle was a fallen sent by Esau to kill him, it did not work.

This sent Esau into a Psychological split from reality, he then taught his descendants to seek out any and all Jacob line descendants and kill them. Seize control over the Tabernacle and force it to work.

All this information was systematically destroyed by descendants of Esau over the course of 4500 years. But sufficient clues were left behind to provide puzzle pieces to rebuilt.

What was destroyed was a way in which it is possible to assist the person and a group to achieve their best goals. If you know as a matter of time structure fact that if you are at a specific location, as a specific time, the numbers translate to letters which translate into words.

Those words are the language of time.









TR Welling