Gears of the Calendars


As the Earth rotates around the Sun in its orbit. It passes through fixed points.

Those fixed points of which there are eight, each one has its own calendar.

Each of those calendars has a cycle of influence. From during the time of that calendars influence, it has maximum influence, but 6 months later  that calendar has minimal influence.


The Calendar of 6 months previous to the aforementioned fixed calendar point now had maximum influence.


Here are the sequences.

Halloween/Samhain/7/Eternal/Infinity fixed point is as maximum influence right now.

In several weeks its influence will start to waine to be replaced by Mid-Winter/Yule/etc.

Which will itself will begin to waine after December 22 passes and Imbulc will begin to become influential.

Etc through the whole of the 8.

The timeframes of each are equally important.


Samhain October 31 

Second Degree Yule December 22 

Third Degree Yule December 22 

Fourth Degree Easter March 20 

Fifth Degree Beltain May 1 

Sixth Degree Litha June 22 

Seventh Degree Beltain May 1

Eighth Degree Litha June 22 









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