Genesis Explanation


The Story of Genesis is so much more complex than can easily be explained.


First thing to know about the story of Genesis, the first still in existence printing of the story is not in Hebrew. It is in Architecture. The Pyramids are the oldest printing of the book  of Genesis. The Pyramids stoped being constructed when the Hyksos invaded. Coincidence, no way. The Sumerian, and Akkadian versions of Genesis were entirely obliterated by the Hyksos/Avaris Moses and his recreated culture the Hebrew’s over the next millennia. The hidden layers and layers of information contained in the book of Genesis are still decodable, despite the fact that Esau’s descendant cultures have worked very hard for 5000 years to destroy those layers. Which is the problem with ignorance, if you do not teach your culture what they need to destroy. They mass destroy but leave the little pieces. Those little pieces can be overlaid with dozens of other copies and cross compared with each other. 1000 copies of the same puzzle, partially destroy all 1000 of them, most of the puzzle will still be intact in what was ignorantly not destroyed. That is partially what is happening which this research. To rebuild the original Genesis as a whole, from the many copies of Genesis.

Everywhere the Jews were pushed they recreated their Jerusalem and Israel. The basic city layout is exactly the same from the first Jerusalem/Israel to the last. Inside that architecture is the printing of Genesis.

Jesus was a Carpenter, he worked with Wood (Amber) and was highly trained in the science of building Genesis into the architecture of what was built.


The second thing to know is that Moses and his Hebrew descendants were not fans of Judaism. They hated the Jews more than Adolf hated them. Hence the New Name switching from Jew to Hebrew. Erasing all the associated languages of the original stories, erasing all the original stories, and rewriting them according to the philosophy of Esau/Hyksos/Avaris.

The story of the Pyramids and the extremely likely first still in existence printing of Genesis starts with the conquest of the Tower of Babel aka the Eridu Ziggurat. Which was not actually one large building stretching to the heavens but four buildings stretching and interconnected to heaven.

Terah formed his army from the city of Ur and went to attack the city of Eridu.

The city of Eridu was destroyed in the process circa 2600 b.c.e.

Upon seizing the city, Terah attempted to use the WMD of the Tabernacle of Adam System against both the citizens of Eridu and their allied army coming to recapture the city.

Terah and his oldest sons did not fare well; were mentally confounded similar to how Custer, Jefferson Davis, etc. were given Electro Magnetic Lobotomies otherwise known as Electric Shock Therapy.

Hence the “language issues”.

But Abraham being a good and solid person took possession of the treasures and the plates which made the Tabernacle System of the city of Eridu work aka the Tower of Babel and literally used the tools correctly. He used them in Egypt and gave them to Jacob to build the Pyramids. The Pyramids are not tombs, they are Synagogues, each one designed to tell a different story of Genesis. The Exodus would not occur for another 1500 years. so the stories from Genesis forward did not happen yet. But the stories of Genesis not only had occurred, were much more extensive than just 50 very short chapters on one book. Genesis covers from 5000 b.c.e up to and through the life of Jacob circa 2500 b.c.e. More than a few millennia. That time more than just a few stories occurred, also more than just the extremely edited down stories which are present more detail was there. Thank you Moses and his descendants for editing it all down to get to the life of Moses faster. Since Moses and his life over the course of five books is obviously more important than the time from Adam to Jacob. Shows how much Moses hated the Jews, the first millennia of the Jews existence is skipped over to cut directly to Moses as he forms Hebrew. THE Hebrews then work hard 1000 years later to shape the structure of Academics to paint a purely fantasy picture of what the Pyramids were and the story of their construction. All pure fantasy, but it makes Moses look great. Which is the ultimate point, making Moses look great.

Which is all but identical to the Crucifixion of Jesus. The events took place in Rome Proper, the Trail was outside the Senate Chambers in the Forum and the Execution happened on the Rock of Mars aka the Vatican Hill. As much of the evidence was erased as possible. Exact same behavior pattern as both the Abraham Pyramids and Smith’s first “Salt Lake City” in Manitou. The truth for some reasons scares Esau’s line to the point of mass hysteria. They work hard to erase the truth for some reason.

This story of Abraham and the Plates he used to build the Pyramids, is not all that different than the story of Joseph Smith with the Plates he used to translate the book of Mormon from. But the design of both the Tabernacle of Adam Systems in Egypt and building the story of Genesis and BOM into the architecture in a suburb of the Capital of Texas. Abraham had 500 years, Smith had about 10. He started the construction and sent sufficient workers to achieve the goal to Texas. But 10 years into the situation, B.Y. , Sam Huston, etc. chose to betray Smith and the Jews in Texas for a variety of reasons. After 1844, the enemies of Smith chose to work hard to erase all traces of the Tabernacle of Adam System in the old Capital of Texas, erase the Capital of Texas was ever anyplace other than Austin, and erase all traces of the LDS in Texas. Giving that Arm to Kansas. Who did not want it any more than Texas did. Giving it to Colorado. Obliterating every conceivable detail about it within 20 years. By the time General Palmer arrived in Manitou any residual traces he quickly ordered their erasure. B.Y.  for his part also erased all traces for the official records. Unknowingly Smith was repeating the same actions that Abraham did. But Abraham lived Smith was removed from power 10 years later. His legacy was all but entirely erased.

Although the Hyksos renamed to Dorian’s in the Aegean from 1900-500 b.c.e worked hard to erase all traces of the real location of Israel, the real meanings of the Pyramids, and rewrote all traces of everything to do with Judaism. Erasing all the ancient languages, killing every scholar who had a clue about the ancient language and the pre-Exodus rituals. Practically all traces of pre-Exodus Judaism was destroyed. Exactly like all traces of the Old Colorado City LDS community and temple structure were erased from Existence. 4000 years between the two events and the same exact behavior patterns occurred.

But the issues surrounding the life and times of Abraham were not all wonderful and fantastic, extremely similar to the life and times of Joseph Smith. The parallels are strikingly close.

After he was made ruler of his people, Abraham sent word to the Pharaoh of Egypt; asking permission to enter and live in the area. At the time he was south of Levant lands. Between Levant and Sinai He traveled south, south, met with the pharaoh, then south again. Which means El Beth El is impossible to be NORTH of x location. The bible clearly state’s south, south, pharaoh, south, then north, then north again. after the second south and speaking with the Pharaoh he orders the construction of El Beth El. Which places it in Israel inside Egypt. Exactly like the Vatican is inside Rome.

The Pharaoh agreed but did not know some of the key details. Like the Eridu Princess who was supposed to marry his son the heir to the throne was captured and made a slave/wife to Abraham. Sarah was by all rights to be the next Pharaoh’s wife of Egypt. But she was forced to be the wife of Abraham, and the Great Grandmother of Jacob the father of the Jews.


The tunnel. Aka King Solomon’s Mines. S since there is more than one Hebrew letter. And many Hebrew words. God does not need money, but knowledge is IMPORTACT gen 2;9!!!! the language of time and space this is the key to decoding.









TR Welling