Gospel of Thomas


This gospel was rejected because it was corrupted by a later copy person. Someone chose to take the original and edit out the lessons of Simon Peter and include the lessons of Esau.

Esau is all about the person, the individual, the kingdom of God inside each of us. But we are all connected and we must work with each other.

Jesus did not give the loafs and fishes to individuals, he gave them in a group setting. Where the group worked with him.

He did not have a bag of plenty and walk down the street giving a loaf of bread to individuals. He gave a group sufficient food. This is not about individuals this is about the group working together.


split a piece of wood, I am there. Wood or Amber; inside a specifically designed piece of wood = land.

lift/vertical a stone, I am there. Vertical or North, stone specifically designed area.


This phrase started as North Umber Land, but was edited into an Esau line individualism. The Church of Satin recreated by Anton Szandor LaVey, this is his motto. The Individual is the most important, allow the individualís wants to control behavior patterns.


The people in America who are Libertarians, the base philosophy of Libertarian is found based on the ideals of the Church of Satan.