Hebrew Culture


The Hebrew culture is entirely top to bottom an invention of the Avaris/Hyksos who are directly descendants of Esau.

Which is entirely horrible since the Culture, language, and religion were created to destroy the Children of Israel and the Jews.


Moses not only shapes the Jews but he also forced the Jews to give up every single aspect of who they used to be and adopt his new way or die.


He used the Elder Futhark language to create Hebrew from. Then spent the rest of his life destroying all traces of his lies and deceits.

This main target of rage was the original copies of Genesis. Although there is one copy of Genesis from a millennia before the Exodus still in Existence. So he could rewrite it with his perspective. Then add four books covering his life in exquisite detail.

Adam 5000 b.c.e to Jacob 2600, is covered in 50 chapters. Jump forward by 1300 years to the fall of the Amarna 18th Egyptian Dynasty with Tut on the Throne at 18. The Avaris about to perform a coupe detant and take the throne from the 18th Dynasty.

Moses rounded up the Jews from Egypt and force marched them out to be his slave shield wall army to recapture Levant lands and then the entire Anatolia then the Aegean.

The Hyksos under his general ship would once again own and control the WMD electro magnetics tool in Athens. The WMD of Athens was like a few dozen other Tabernacle of Adam Systems. However this specific one is the one which the Hyksos from centuries past were focused on. The Hyksos from 1900 b.c.e to 1800 c.e. wanted to command and control that city, would stop at zero to conquer and capture it. Although only the first 2000 years did the Hyksos knew about the WMD. Since they have just wanted to city, without any Knowledge what so ever way. After the Hyksos took the name Islam, all references to the WMD were erased from common knowledge.

Those in charge did not want their followers to know anything about the Divine Tool.


Although the resemblance to Poseidonís Trident is unmistakable.






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