Hebrew Hidden Map



As a language, Hebrew was constructed using the Futhark Circle to create the geometric images you see in each character. Which is a subject which more hidden detail than can be easily explained. The obvious details are that in the Torah the Futhark which is the Parent Language is also a Calendar. But the Calendar combined with the AEtt is also a multi-dimensional map. The bible has a built in other map in it.

The Words Up, Down, Left, Right, North, South, East, West, and their metaphoric equivalences draw a very different and insanely complex multi-dimensional map. That map with key details based on the words from each direction change point. Each key direction is the 17 line which leads out fo the sphere to the next AEtt.

The Hebrew Hidden Map Language is very complex. For every point from the center of the sphere to the closed (separate the inner from the outer; the light {inside} from the outer {dark} each distance is measured. Each measurement is both a letter and a number, but each character is also a time reference.

Every time in the bible it mentions a direction in metaphor or an actual direction (north south east west heaven etc) than those key points can be charted out using the AEtt.

The words between the directions are the actions and timeframes inside each aett.

Each aett is the destination or the next aett.

The horizontal line is the 17 time. At the end is a sharp down, curve around and sharp up. That would be

“In the beginning god created the Earth and the Heavens” Earth as in down and Heavens as in Up. “In the beginning god created the is itself an aett.

Earth is the 17 line creating the down portion of the next AEtt. Heaven is that same AEtt but the Vertical part of it.

Next the North, South, East, West which are the Horizontal Directions which form a complete sphere.

“And god few over the waters” to create water requires 1 oxygen from the north or air, 2 hydrogen from the south or ground, catalyst (fire) from the east, to settle into water to the west.




But consequently, that also means that since the T Calendar and Erdology are about tracking the motion patterns of everything which moves; since we know the ancients used cuneiform characters (of which Hebrew is a fourth generation descendent from Sumerian).

Sumerian Image result for sumerian

Akkadian Image result for Akkadian

Hittite Image result for hittite

Hebrew Image result for Hebrew

We have an educated guess that similar hidden Futhark words are in a tunnel behind each of the Cuneiform letters. No matter what form each Cuneiform letter took on, the Futhark is hypothetically behind every single cuneiform letter. Makes for layers and layers of very interesting maps from ancient cultures which most academics do not think possessed a math stronger than counting on fingers and toes. They had access to a calendar so sophisticated it makes the atomic clock look like garbage. To actively use a multi-dimension language, which has a sequence of maps, which have references to both layered other languages as well as time dimensions associated is a very interesting thing. The evidence is very clear regarding the maps existence, but the evidence is unclear regarding for what purpose were these insanely complex multi-dimension maps created.

Or were the languages involved used as some sort of supercomputer. Using basic human interactions as the calculation engine.

Which points to the Christopher Las Vegas mark x built under the direct supervision of Alan Turing after he was evacuated out of England for being Homosexual. In America the CIA and military could not care less who their sub-contractors had sex with; as long as they could achieve the goal. In this case make a super computer capable of crunching all the numbers from the first atomic blasts and then the nuclear blasts in the Nevada desert just outside of the city of Las Vegas.

The slot machines were used as a couple million mini-super computers in quantum format to crunch the numbers. Were which slot machine was used, by whom, when, and how long create a factor in the calculations?








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