Each and every single Hebrew character in the graphic below is an entire word in the Elder Futhark Circle. The very first character ALEF which in Hebrew is a single character, but in the Futhark Language they are the characters of Ansuz Laguz Ewaz Fehu. Which is an entire both Word and Calendar, over the course of a year each of those symbols are a month.

27 of the characters follow the phonetic sequence perfectly, only three are but one character off (two of the characters are reversed, but the third is in place).

The Weave of time





The Hebrew language is a combination of Aramaic and Futhark http://www.trwelling.org/Hebrew_files/image015.jpgclick to enlarge Letters


Giza could have easily been remodeled away from looking like Stonehenge to its current construction thanks to Pharaoh Narmer aka the Scorpion King aka Striker circa 3200 bce. Making Egypt Israel and the Khufu Pyramid Jacobs Ladder Evidence not a single molecule has been located even close to the inside of a pyramid. Only 120 examples and 0 evidence.

Hebrew is the language the Jews were forced to use the Esauís line. The Jews ruled Egypt several times previous to Ramses. Jacobs line ruled Egypt from 1550 b.c.e to Tut.


Hebrew Abrahadabra


Each Hebrew character being a modified angle within the center of the Futhark circle. Most of the angles being triangles, but a few are quadrangles. A few are polygon.


Fourth generation from Sumerian

Futhark and Hebrew connection; Futhark came before Hebrew


Which all Jews call themselves after the 12th son (Jera) of Jacob the King of Israel aka west side of the Nile between AbuSir and Giza.

Forth (14 of plural mathematics the 4th character means the sound of GOD) son of Jacob means Praise God. The problem is, the 4th son Judah was the instigator to sell the 12th and heir son to Pharaoh. Pharaoh would be Esau their uncle.


There is hard evidence the Hebrew language and the Northern Europeans UK Germanic Elder Futhark are absolutely connectedhttp://www.trwelling.org/Hebrew_files/image016.jpg. They are connected by the circle of the Futhark language and the sounds more than 30 of the characters make in sequence.


The Futhark is an Old Nordic (of the Old North aka Northumberland) Germanic language which has no documented start date. It came into western culture knowledge fully formed from at least four separate sources at four different times. Old English Futhark, German Futhark, Scandinavian Futhark, and the Younger Futhark. De Ogle from Northumberland by documentation came to the UK to fight at Hastings 1066 from Germany. St Helena was a direct descendant of the Ogle Family who found by legend the remains of the true cross and the birthplace of Jesus aka Nativity.


Of the ways from which the Futhark was found was courtesy of the runic Elder Futhark half month calendar. Giving rise to the evidence regarding what mathematical tool the Magi used to find the Nativity Jesusís birth. The Magi who found the Nativity most likely used this mathematics and or a from or this mathematics to find the Nativity. Of course a calendar is a measurement of time, the nativity of which Helen supposedly found and built a cathedral over the cave; that cave is bisected (a form of mathematics the Romans did nto possess the entire length of the Roman Empire) by the causeway of the Pepi I pyramid. Some 230 miles away. Jesus, the Magi, this calendar, the Elder Futhark,




Angles of Hebrew


Each character of Hebrew is a specific angle revolving around the concept of the degrees of constructionhttp://www.daviddarling.info/images/compasses.jpg. each point where the compasses are pointing has a specific meaning.


Which could directly correspond to what each of the characters in Hebrew mean.

Additionally; each character is in brief either a triangle or angled rectangle. with a corresponding time of year, meaning in Futhark, meaning in aett, and points to what the previous to Hebrew/Moses meaning of gods word was.http://www.trwelling.org/Hebrew_files/image018.jpg


I wonder what would happen if this map was instead of being just 1 dimension compass; what would occur if this map was in a sphere.

That sphere each of the constellations were mapped out using said sphere. http://www.trwelling.org/Hebrew_files/image019.jpg


We know from how each rune character was assembled that in fact each Futhark character is a reflection created symbol of the physics of that specific time period.




One of the additional notes; the Futhark Fehu does not exactly point north, Futhark is the 16 days surrounding midsummer. Consequently midsummer is where the Futhark Fehu/11 starts; adding a new dimension to the ďI am the alpha and omega; the beginning and the endĒ since the Futhark is designed from the passage of time; the start of a new year and the end of the old year is what Alpha and Omega mean.


Of course there are 8 primary meanings to the Futhark; depending on what compass point is the fixed point Fehu 11 is pointed at.

Motions and behavior patterns of midsummer are very different than behavior patterns and motions of midwinter.




https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS6J1z9hv7i62Q6K6udrwcvW2kcmCr88RlQ8qDwf8-Vv5V21-J8  http://www.eburgmasons.com/images/25_blockcut_pm.jpg

In a very real way; the triangle characters of Hebrew are a FreeMasonic symbol, with the compasses points pointing to different places on the compass.















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