I have an idea which originated from the basic ideas of the Lucifer tv show The two people who went to hell and came back.

One who could not shake off his time in hell became obsessive and very naughty. He returned to his dark path but with a harder vengeance. He was unable to break from his darker obsessions.

The other was not only able to break from her old self but her obsessed nature turned good and she poured herself into her new life as being a force for good. She was in basic rewarded with a ticket to heaven.

The obsession and stumbling blocks of those fictional sources might very well be part and parcel with the research I am working on. The extreme highs and violent lows, could be part of my research, since my research deals with the tunnel between heaven and hell. The Divine Comedy aka Dante’s Inferno Image result for dante's inferno painting high resis itself the map of hell which has become a staple of Catholic teachings and the understanding of what hell appears like for 7 centuries.

Which means that the Divine Comedy was in print and accessible to Leonardo Da Vinci since at least a few decades previous to his birth.


Leo would have had access to read the book. He would have been able to read and understand that the book was not a story to entertain the masses, it was written as a way to tell the story and describe an ancient form of language, mathematics, and science which the church had worked very hard from the point the Evil Priest Paul took the church over and demanded to rule from the Vatican. While Simon Peter ruled from the Lake Nemi Ships.


The Ceremony on the mound is a carefully constructed story. However, at the end Jesus does not “Ascend to Heaven” he simply moves his church from the Vatican as he is being evicted so that Paul can rule from Jerusalem. Paul was in most ways of examining history was evil. There is little about life he did not hate.

The Ascent to Heaven is similar to the way Arthur Ascends using the ship at Avalon. Interesting using the bible and some extended evidence to make a connection between several things. At least 3 of those things are considered fictions.


Jesus, Arthur, and Ascending to Heaven.




The earth has a magnetosphere, which pumps out electro magnetics. The Solar Wind is an electro magnetics emitter from the sun.


As the earth passes through the solar wind, the physical affect is not unlike that of an audio/visual machine (the earth) pumping out information onto a “recording device” in this case, the solar wind is say a long uninterrupted strip of wax DAE5163and the earth acts as an imprint needle.

As the needle moves over the wax6014B469, the needles “vibrations” are captured in the wax. Those vibrations when played back at the same speed as the needle passed over; the vibrations come back as in effect sound.

Said sounds can be amplified, those sounds being amplified become the first “recording devices”.

The Solar Wind and the Earths Magnetosphere are metaphorically the same as the wax either cylinder/record while the earth is the needle.

As the earth broadcasts electro magnetics waves of all shapes, sizes, intensities, etc. the solar wind which is disrupted by the earth passing through it, those electro magnetics waves are imprinted on the solar wind.

Which means if some type of a sensory device was sent out in the wave of the planet to follow its exact trajectory as it travels around the sun in its orbit. That pathway which corkscrews around the sun, that pathway the electro magnetics waves which are left in our wake might be able to be detected, read, and translated into a definable language.

Dante learned about this science and wrote his epic based on it.

I found it through researching the Elder Futhark and instead of making a fiction about it, I began to rebuild the ancient science.

Now for the next point regarding

Hell. Dante died in circa 1321 c.e. He was born and spent most of his life in Florence. The same stomping grounds as Leonardo Da Vinci 130 years later.

Leo was a student of Dante’s work.

Being a student Leo would have been able to learn and form some of his earlier philosophy based on the teachings of Dante.

Leo would have also been able to as a young man translate Lucifer into Sumerian, and then into Hebrew, and then around into Arabic.

Lucifer translates to “Jacob” in Hebrew. Although that name would not exist till Hebrew.

Satan was the main bad being of the bible, however Satan is also rather high on the list of bad entities.

Lucifer being in charge of part of Hell, makes Hell part of the function and structure of the science which went into the engineering and architecture of the Pyramids.

Hell, Lucifer, Florence, Leonardo Da Vinci, the Tabernacle of Adam System, the Weave of Time, Dante, the pit painted by Bernini, etc. Botticelli Map of Hell

Very interesting aspects of the war between Esau and Jacob. Jacob fighting only when forced to, Esau seeking genocide upon every meeting.

Jacob possessed a language, mathematics, and science which Esau would rather destroy the planet than not control it.

Hence recasting his brother as the evilest thing second only to Satan.

The Next point of issue is. The Pyramids.

The Pyramids are connected to the causeway network. The Causeway Network is a several miles long and wide in a very real effect Extremely Large Antenna/Telescope (although more radio than visual) Array.

What I mean is.

When a direct physical comparison is done between say the VLA west of Socorro, New Mexico and the Pyramids. The basic engineering is identical.

That being that the Pyramids and the causeways were almost exclusively built using rock with more than 90% quartz content.

Said quartz content of Granite and of course Limestone follows the exact to an extreme amount exact same rules and regulations as how sonar works.

Sonar itself operates based on the following hard incredibly well-defined facts. First, when quartz is compressed. The quartz will release electricity.

The amount of the compression depends on the amount and intensity of the electricity released.

This means that the Pyramids themselves are in all hard reality; very literally built to detect both the Planets Electro-Magnetic waves and the Electro-Magnetic waves from the Universe.

Now add the facts of the earth’s Electro-Magnetic waves are being pushed, the earth is on an Electro-Magnetic scale a huge amplifier.

The Solar Wind, as the earth passes through the wake of the solar wind. The earth makes a hole through the wind.

 Image result for dolphins swimming in a wave

As the dolphins swim in the wave, they leave a trail of their body and movements in the wave.


Same exact thing is happening in the earths solar wind.

Image result for solar wind

The Evidence of the Earths Electro-Magnetic waves are left in the wake of the Solar Wind.

Image result for solar wind

So does every other “Electro-Magnetic generating celestial body”


So, the Causeways of the Pyramids are a 4500-year-old Radio Telescope.

Now what is absolutely and hard core seriously extremely important right now is the following information.

And Jacob left the city of Luz aka Memphis Egypt to travel North West of the City of Luz to the Light Place aka a Megalith.

Said Megalith Jacob had a vision and knew that he needed to rebuild the Megaliths of Egypt specifically Israel e.g. Stonehenge, and rebuild them into what would be called 2000 years later Pyramids.

He needed to remodel the Pyramids into “Jacobs Ladder”


So that angels could ascend and descend from heaven easier.


The engineering for the Pyramids being that large, that complex, that detailed, and still mostly intact despite 1000 cultures over the last 4000 years working very very hard to destroy them. Most of them are still intact, and are actually very real buildings.


The Pyramids are a 20 ish mile long 155’ angle ELA.


With millions if not billions of tons of Quartz used, cut in extremely exact shapes, it is close to impossible to assume that the Pyramids were not intended to be used as a radio telescope. Using the electricity given off by the 20 mile north to south and 15 mile east to west with each causeway being at least 1 mile if not 2 or three depending on which of the 16 are under discussion.


They are a radio telescope, that fact is not in question. They are a several thousand times larger and more accurate radio telescope to VLA, Arecibo, and of course the brand new one in China combined.

The facts are the engineering states what it is. If the Ancient Egyptians intended that or not is entirely a different question.


Now the XLA (Extremely Large Array) of Egypt which is what it is, engineering and architecture wise. Math is math, theology does not enter into the equation, math is math. The math states as an absolute beyond question doubt “this is what it did”. To this very second you can go to the Pyramids and they will give off faint amounts of electricity. That is not a questionable fact.


However, two things are beyond question.




The XLA could send and of course receive Electro-Magnetic wave messages.


Second the very long and intensely complex function and structure of, if Egypt is Israel, and Jacob did rule Egypt as Pharaoh. Which the actions of Jesus state in a rather defined way, did. During the last supper, Jesus name changed to Simon Peter as he took his Pharaoh name.


Build your house upon me; is a way of saying I am Ptah. Which is not a name but a job description. That job description is the job of a steward. That steward position as described in the Torah and translated into other holy books over time states, the Steward of the garden was Adam.

Which itself mean “Red Earth”, which is two of the needed words for the code of Northumberland. Add a standing up man and you have the 3rd word; North/Vertical, Umber/Amber/Red, Earth/Land/Defined area.

Jacob was walking in the tradition of Noah in Egypt.

Heliopolis was moved by Emperor Caligula to Rome well just outside of Rome to the North West.

IT was placed next to the Vatican Hill, and took on that name after a time.

Jacob being in Egypt, Jacob ordered the construction of his ladder.

That ladder was a way for angles to ascend and descend to Heaven.

The XLA is a radio telescope which sends and receives Electro-Magnetic waves to and from the cosmos.



Among other things, it sends and receives from the history of the planet recorded in the wake of the solar wind.



Dante’s Inferno.

The Start of Dante’s story begins with a character wondering in the woods.

That character encounters Virgil.

Virgil led our boy through the layers of Hell.

The layers in this specific case and physical evidence are the waves, and frequencies of the Electro-Magnetic waves of both the solar wind and the Earth’s Electro-Magnetic pulses.

It looks something like this


Although the Tunnel/Straw/tube/Mine/Shaft/etc. is in the shape of the corkscrewImage result for corkscrew

The center of the rotation is the Sun, the Sun itself produces the solar wind, the corkscrew is the daily rotations of the planet on its axis, and the structure of the spiral are the years as they go by. One complete revolution is one complete year. From one given fixed point (the 8 fixed points, your birthday, the start of any given thing which can be marked) 365.4 days till that same fixed point occurs again next year.


Dante was studied by Leonardo Da Vinci


Leonardo was instrumental by Hypothesis in the building and maintaining the structure of Versailles Phase One.


Versailles Phase One is in a similar shape and size as the VLA in New Mexico.

Image result for versailles


Aerial shot of the entire VLA site


The Very Large Array (VLA) in Socorro, New Mexico. Photograph by Dave Finley, courtesy National Radio Astronomy Observatory and Associated Universities, Inc. Available: http://www.aoc.nrao.edu/intro/vlapix/vlaviews.index.html


Botticei Map of Hell