Yr Hen Ogle dd <OGLE>; (Manx Gaelic) The family/Owners of the Kingdom of the Old North. A bit of mystery still surrounds this definition, since north (Vertical) depending on use could mean Polaris, compass North, Vertical/Up, etc.

The Biblical Adam; the word translates to Person Amber Earth. Person is a reference to Vertical, Amber/Umber/Orange, Earth/Land/Castle. Person/Vertical/North, Umber/Amber/Orange, Earth/Land. The name Adam has the code built into its basic structure North Umber Land is just English for the Indo-European word Adam.  

The DNA of the British Ogle family centers on the Library, the library which they have been responsible for since practically day one. The British Ogle family have either been in possession of the library, or worked hard to rebuild world class libraries. Every Ogle descendant is by DNA (nature) drawn to build libraries. You find a great library, you will by default find the Ogle family not far away.

The Kingdoms and Crown families of Britain/England. British previous to the United Kingdom’s events in the mid-1600s, English after.

Norman (Norseman/A Person-of the Vertical/Sacred)(1066-), Plantagenet (1154-), Lancaster (1399-), York (1461-), Tudor (1485-), Stuart (1603-), Hanover (1714-1901), Windsor (1901/present)

The Muslim/Islamic Pictish cultures ruled Britain from 680-1066.

Previous to 680 (200-680) the Ogle family ruled most of the areas of the main Island. The Romans only ruled from London to Cardiff up Mercia Lands (which is just south of Sherwood Forest). From York to Hadrian’s Wall the entire area was in dispute a battleground between the British Ogle family and the Roman Empire (50 bce – 200 ce).

From circa 4000 bce to 50 bce, the British Ogle family ruled all of the Islands of Britain, including naming the area. Prince of Troy Brutu and its first official King Ruler after the Trojan War named the area after himself Britain.

A slight alteration of this name was used by his descendant from his mother Helen Ogle’s side Constantine created the eastern Roman Empire Byzantium (Britain to Honor Constantine’s Trojan heritage)

If you look at the definition of the 18th Dynasty Symbol the ATEN; the ATEN is a Amber/Umber/Orange disk (vertical/north) high in the air, with fingers/foot/arms/hands/appendages/digits touching the earth blessing those specific locations.

The ATEN is by behavior the code of the Ogle family.

In Sumerian the name Jacob is actually “The Holder of the Foot”. A person holds onto the Hand/Foot/appendage/digit/arm/leg of the divine. Jacob has the code of the Ogle family built in. The Trojan word itself in whatever language was used centuries before proto-Greek was invented Trojan means;

Descendants of the Holder of the Foot. Which means Descendants of Jacob. Which means the Trojans were Jews. Which also means the British were Jews. Which is a huge problem for the Romans whose anti-Semitism is only matched by the Third Reich.





de OGLE circa 1000
Saxony, Germany

Battle of Hastings

William of Orange (Amber, Umber, Orange {North Umber/Orange, Land)

William wrote “I am giving back!!!BACK!, the Ogle family lands to them.” Back, as in previous to 680 the lands belong to the Ogle family.

From Ogden Scotland to just south of York, that was the Kingdom of Ogle, and the Royal seat of British Power at Bamburgh Castle.


Hoggel of Northumberland

Hoggel of of Northumberland Icn_world Icn_collaborator_both_14

Birth:     1034 Citation_note

Death:    1088 (54) Citation_note


Humphrey De OGLE (Sir Knight)

Humphrey (Sir Knight) de Ogle 1055-1125 Icn_world Icn_collaborator_both_14

Place of Burial:    Northumberland National Park

Birth:     1055

Northumberland, England Citation_note

Death:    1125 (70)

Ogle, Castle Ward, Northumberland, England


de Ogle

Birth: 1085
Ogle, United Kingdom
Death: 1167 (82)
Ogle, United Kingdom


Gilbert De Ogle

Birth:     1130

Ogle Castle, Ogle, Northumberland, England Citation_note

Death:    1182 (52)

Northumberland, UK


Sir Richard de Ogle

Birth:     Ogle, Castle Ward, Northumberland, England

Death:    circa 1252

Ogle Castle, Northumberland, UK, UK


Thomas Ogle, Sir Knight

Birth:     1219

Ogle Castle, Northumberland, England Citation_note

Death:    1270 (51)

Bothal Castle, Northumberland, UK, UK


John de Ogle

Birth:     circa 1264

Bothal Demesne, Morpeth, Northumberland, England Citation_note

Death:    July 3, 1323 (59)

Bothal, Northumberland, England


Sir Robert de Ogle, I

Birth:     circa 1295

Bothal Castle, Bothal, Northumberland, England Citation_note

Death:    circa 1330 (35)

Bothal, Northumberland, England


Robert de Ogle, II

Birth:     circa 1315

Ogle Castle, Ogle, Northumberland, England Citation_note

Death:    June 16, 1362 (47)

Northam, Northumberland, England


Sir Robert de Ogle, III, Baron of Bothal

Birth:     May 10, 1331

Ogle Castle, Northumberland, , England Citation_note

Death:    November, 1375 (44)

Berwick Castle, Berwick, Wiltshire, England


Sir Robert de Ogle, IV, Baron of Ogle

Place of Burial:    Hexham Abbey, Northumberland, England

Birth:     December 8, 1351

Ogle Castle, Ogle, Northumberland, England Citation_note

Death:    October 31, 1409 (57)

, Hexham, Northumberland, England


Robert Ogle, V, High S iff of Bothal

Birth:     May 21, 1379

Ogle Castle, Northumberland, England Citation_note

Death:    August 12, 1436 (57)

Bothal, Redesdale, Northumberland, England


William Ogle, of Choppington

Birth:     circa 1412

Choppington, Northumberland, England

Death:    August 10, 1474 (62)

Prudhoe, Northumberland, England


Henry OGLE

Birth:     1450

Ogle, United Kingdom

Death:    circa 1541 (91)

Northumberland, UK


Luke Ogle

Birth:     circa 1520

Eglingham, Northumberland, England

Death:    circa 1542 (22)

Ogle, United Kingdom


Luke OGLE of Eglingham

Birth:     circa 1540

Eglingham, Northumberland, England

Death:    November 23, 1597 (57)



Luke OGLE of Eglingham

Birth:     circa 1580

Eglingham, Northumberland, England

Death:    July 29, 1604 (24)



Captain Henry

Birth:     circa 1600

Eglingham, Northumberland, England

Death:    1669 (69)

Ogle, United Kingdom


John (of Eglingham) Ogle, Capt.


November 25, 1621
Morpeth, Northumberland, England


circa 1686 (65)
Eglingham, England

1.Eleanor PRINGLE was born ABT 1631 in Stitchell,, Scotland, and died BEF 1666 in Eglingham, Northumberland, England. She married John OGLE 1648 in ,, Scotland, son of Henry OGLE and Jane FORSTER. He was born NOV 1621 in Morpeth, Northumberland, England, and died BEF 11 JUN 1686 in Eglingham, Northumberland, England.


·  ID: I08530

·  Name: Eleanor PRINGLE

·  Sex: F

·  Birth: ABT 1631 in Stitchell,, Scotland

·  Death: BEF 1666 in Eglingham, Northumberland, England

·  Event: AFN M4XC-GQ

·  Reference Number: 8530

John (of Delaware) Ogle

Birth:     September 30, 1649

Berick Upon Tweed, Northumberland, England

Death:    1684 (35)

New Castle, Delaware, United States


Thomas Ogle  

Birth:     January 23, 1749

Frederick, Maryland, United States


Joseph Ogle

Birth:     1707

New Castle, New Castle County, DE

Death:    1756 (49)

Frederick, MD, USA


Thomas Ogle

Tiffin, OH, USA



Joseph Ogle

Tiffin, OH, USA


ogle county ill named after

Thomas Ogle

Tiffin, OH, USA



Joseph Ogle

Tiffin, OH, USA



Thomas Ogle

Tiffin, OH, USA



Elmer Ogle

Place of Burial:    Tiffin, OH, USA

Birth:     1861


Tiffin, OH, USA

Death:    February 13, 1942 (81)

Tiffin, OH, USA


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