The land and people of the North, which is remarkably and unnervingly close to the definition of North Umber Land or in Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd.


Hyper; (up/vertical/Polaris North. However Polaris North used to be the constellation Draco not the current stellar configuration,

Borea; the place of the sacred people of the north. Boreas is specifically the North Wind. So it means Sacred People of the North Wind. The Wind is a specific reference to the Making of the Wind e.g. Genesis 1;2. And god flew over the winds, the North meaning the place god came from, Heaven.



Hen; the sacred people, with the Yr as the classification of sacred being very high. Very close to the divine.


One of the residence of Hyperborea also lives north of Thrace, which would be Germany.

The Germans and the British had long standing allies connections. They shared armies, culture, language, and of course trade routes.


Of course Germany and Austria have been invaded numerable times by very bad cultures, one of those invasion cultures descendants did unbelievable acts of cruelty and crimes against humanity in the middle of the 20th century.


Magnetic Levitation

What if Noah’s Ark did not float, but it rather levitated with a Djed at its bow and stern?

In Star Trek Gene Roddenberry wrote about this ancient Earth Mythology in his story “Cloud City” in the original Series. The builders of the city used Magnetic Levitation to have the city be 1000s of feet in the air.

By using an artificial cloud making device, then charging the particles of cloud with a specific positive polarity. Then charging the bottom of the structure with the same positive polarity. The two would naturally repel each other.

Above obviously have the air be natively charged, so the city has a push push from the bottom and a pull pull from the top.

There is zero which points to the 5000 b.c.e cultures of Egypt, and Europe did not possess said technology. In fact all they did with many ton sized stones points to this is close to the only way it was possible to achieve that goal.













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