Islamic Business Gifts


One of the reasons Islamic Men have so many wife’s is to create a Hierarchal structure.



This is about female children not male children. the males from eh third and fourth etc. are good cannon fodder for suicide missions.

Their primary wife is great for making deals with other prominent families.

The second wife’s children are good for making deals with second tier Islamic families.

The third and descending wife’s children are good for giving as gifts during large business deals.

The girls would be given specifically for the western culture business men would be offered as a gift to the business man making a deal regarding the number of slaves and Jews being purchased.


Gifts were given to sufficiently ranked men.

The gift would be a daughter from the third or lower ranking wife. Usually a second or lower born daughter.

The gift would be considered by the deal not much more than a slave.

But part of the deal would be to produce children.

To prove the validity of the White man and to produce “Anchor Baby’s” for the grandfather. Who would then arrange a marriage between a different White Man’s Gift child. The two would then be provided with at Grandfathers expense their own Plantation. Usually from 1500-1865 in America. After said plantations were illegal and those associated were strongly encouraged to leave America.

Sherman's March to the Sea and Custer’s attacking Natives on the West side of the Great Lakes were in part Clandestine missions to seek out pockets of Islamic groups and erase their presence.


The plan was to have sufficient numbers of off spring to form an Militantly Islamic army in American and take over at the first sign the Colonies were in trouble. Or even better the first sign the States were in Trouble.

Americans first war was on this very subject. “The Halls of Tripoli” the marines were sent to the Barbary Coast to attack the Headquarters while other troops were sent west and south to clandestinely erase the Islamic Army on American soil.

Jefferson even closed all the ports during the part of the War to prevent Islamic reinforcements from arriving and capturing a foot hold. A foot hold like the Trojan War, if they managed a Foot Hold the militant Islamic cultures had a more than large enough army to conquer all of America. They had a large foothold in the Headwaters of the Mississippi, but mercenaries were dispatched to block them from attacking.

This gift concept was shown in the James Bond movie, he was staying with a friend in African and his friend offered one of his daughters for the night.

Which brings up an interesting idea about these gifts being part of the Temple of the House. Previous to the current incarnation of western culture, strong influences from the Persian culture were present in the west. among them the concept of a Temple Whore. Which is entirely different from just a street walker.

A Temple female and on extremely rare occation males. But the males are a different topic and are covered under vastly different rules.

The Female Temple Guardian of the House would be those women who are drawn to said activity. But instead of any tom, dick, or harry. They perform not to just perform the act, but to connect through the performance with the divine. They turn their body into a sacred temple for their partner to connect through them to the divine. They connect to the divine in a slightly different format.

The Structure of DNA and of course the portion of the Bible which is literally “God Made Man in His Image”

The Image could be the ATEN. Since DNA can be perceived in the form of the ATEN.

Instead of just a dozen lines extending down from the Disk/Sun it would be 23 (Chromosomes).


Offering a third (Thurasaz) daughter and whatever number the father chooses makes up part of the structure of the numbers of the DNA. This could be part of what Joseph Smith insisted on the inclusion of Polygamy in his religion. But the Puritans in American hate sex period, hate anyt89ng other than the sex they perceive as acceptable as evil. Puritans in American are still alive and well, they just simply changed their name. BTW most puritans outside of Salem did not wear the mythological garb associated with Thanksgiving.


Of course Iran hates this idea, their gifts are internal only. The father and the imam chose who the girls will be divine with. Absolutely, positively, under almost no circumstance will said gifts be offered to Westerners. The females who are so inclined into being gifts, who refuse to be controlled by their Imam and the fathers orders; are usually executed before they can bring shame to their family. Shame by sharing the divine gifts with someone the imam did to select.

If you were in the middle east and given a gift, it was depending on several situations a capital crime to refuse the gift. Refusals included consummation. if a gift was given, it was expected to consummate.

Based on linking the two concepts together. Refusal was an insult to god, the lord, her father, the religion, and the family.

Archaeologically this concept could derive from the historical Whore of Babylon.

References to Poseidons Trident are clearly in evidence.







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