Jacob and Laban


Rachael was sitting on physical representations of the Limbs of the ATEN. An argument can be made the Idols looked like the Elder Futhark figures. It says nothing about shapes or similar to a person, only the gods of the Temple.


The ancient definition of god with a representation was a thing imbued with the essence of the divine. The Idols Rachael sat upon could very easily have been a collection of Rune Stones, similar (but might have been or might not have been marked) to those used a bit later by the Jacob and Laban during discussion where they needed god to be present. A pile of rocks, or a Kaern to show the presence of the Divine. Which is also very similar to how a Monolith is erected


During this sacred conversation, piles of rocks “Kaern” were used as a symbol/idol of God. Rocks in a pile were used to bear witness to the actions. So some biblical evidence regarding the Symbols of the Elder Futhark could very well be the Idols in question.


The Kaern Pile is a Magnet, one side is masculine, the other feminine, with the El or the balance between. That balance is what is referred to later as “IN the presence of God” which is the same configuration as the . El in the middle, el is the combination of both sides of a magnet.


Throwing the stones is what Futahrk people call “doing a reading”, that reading in the case of when Jews. Have stones in a similar fashion is to honor the dead placing stones on the grave http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_V0EJcthPaew/TLLhVt8b2zI/AAAAAAAAHS8/IbhoZQccbIo/s1600/DSC08936.JPG https://fruitfulwords.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/jerusalem-423.jpg. What is really interesting are the facts of, the later invention of Hebrew by the Avaris/Hyksos Moses. Every single Letter in Hebrew literally has a tunnel, cave, mine, straw, tube behind it. That tube is the structure of time. Since every single Hebrew Letter is an entire word in the Futhark as well as depending on sounds in the letter several specific time sequences over the course of a year. For instance ALEF; Ansuz, Laguz, Ewaz, Fehu.

Depending which of the eight calendars, are four district to the second time periods.


This is all built into modern Judaism but it has its origin well before Abraham.


God made man in his image, as the structure of the Futhark Weave of Time becomes more and more clear. IT appears that the secrets of DNA can be found in the Futhark. IT also appears that the structure of the ATEN is also DNA, every limb/arm/leg, etc. extending from the disk is a Chromosome.


The Chromosomes of the breath of life. To connect with the Idols of the ATEN in some ways requires intimacy. Although Paul hated it, violent abstinence is a form of intimacy. The Priests and Nuns who take vows of Abstinence are in effect Jacob and Rachael performing this same basic event; hiding the idols from Rachael’s father. She was the future first wife queen of the Pharaoh of Israel. Although she was the second daughter, she was favored.

Strength (second daughter) of Priorities (first wife). Priorities (first Daughter) of Strength (second wife). That is a balance in effect a double helix, with Jacob being the A and G of the C and A of his wives.

Which that double helix ladder is directly mentioned later but identified as Jacobs Ladder to Heaven  . Every ring is a rung in the ladder to heaven, and a won way trip down. The characters are the Elder Futhark.






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