Murder; the process of ending anothers life. Prematurly ending a individuals lifespan has been often through of through the lence of individual on individual

But the concept can and does spread to the concept of society x and society y have such animocity toward each other than in fact murdering each other has a word. That word is war.

But there are many stages of murder from individual on individual to at one point or another the entire population doing battle in order to win supremacy over another population.

But other than a declaired culture x and culture y doing battle. When those cultures collapse or are absorbed/conquered; the anamocity sometimes does not go away.

Just because cultures might name change but that does not stop the facts regarding that old revelry which under previous names ended in war more than a few times.

Such is the case of the culture which dates previous to Esau and Jacob have been at war with each other since no later than 3800 b.c.e.

Each geneertino no matter what each are called have repeated exactly the same behavior rpatterns, over and over again. Generatnoi after generatnoi; usually resulting in either an idea is killed or the person group involved the idea they carry is killed by murdering them.

Descendants of both men have repeated the same behavior pattern from 1000 years before both were born to present. With no sign of stoping at all.

Usually the murder takes place like this; a person from Jacobs line has an idea, that person then takes the idea and presents it to the community as a whole. Those who are by nature and nurture from Esauís line of descention subconsciously take huge offense. That huge offense the comes out as not liking the specific ideas, actions, or person which the idea is presented.

The idea person will continue presenting the idea; but is met from every angle from which Esau line descendants are. Who by nature are diametrically opposed to said interactions. In fact they usually by default find the hint of the idea offensive to their entire family line.

The two then square off and progress with varying degrees of battle. From juts verbal and sociologically legal, to strong debates, to arguments, to physical violence. Progressing ever close to murder or either the person, the group, to remove the offending idea.

Esau by legend lived in mecca. His twin lived in Egypt. The two as adults did not do much together because Esau was diametrically opposed to the very idea his brother existed and did not bow and give him homage as the head of the family. Esau wanted the world to bow to his greatness and honor him as the heir to the throne of Adam. Unfortunately Jacob and god had other plans.

Jacob was the better in most ways; so Jacob became King of Kings sitting on the Amber throne of Adam