Jarvis Brain




This requires a bit of layered and complex understanding.

Most computers are based on the invention by Alan Turing of the Imitation Game computer. A computer which was built for the soul purpose of cracking the enigma machine code.

The enigma machine code was invented based on several factors.

First a basic clock

Second the Antikythera  machine

Third the structure of the sequences and cycles of time. a clock but layered and close to infinitely more elaborate. the number of combination’s is 159x018

That is just with 3 dials. Over the course of the war, more dials were added periodically from 3 to possibly as many as 6Image result for enigma machine 6. Absolutely 4 with strong photographic evidence in museums.


This is where things become difficult.

Almost all modern computers are based on Alan’s machine https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ef/Bomba_turninga2.jpgbecame the basic mechanical to vacuum tube, to microcircuit, to x? type of computer from 1938 to present. Almost all computers are based on this exact structure.

What is not known however is the structure except by an extremely limited few are the facts surrounding the core of the math’s/difference algorithm which allows everything from a clock to the Antikythera computer to work.

Each of those mechanism operate based on the weave of time structure.

It is relatively easy to be a machinist and simply copy previous clock mechanisms in order to build a new clock.

The difficulty is understanding how to make an accurate mechanical clock based on the original difference algorithm which allows the load spring to pull x gps (grams per second) over y amount of time. to transfer that force into the gears to make the second hand move, the minute hand move, and the hour hand move. For very complex mechanism calendar gears to illustrate days, and the passage of years. Which is even more complex since each Gregorian month does not have the same number of days.


The difference algorithm and Jarvis which is the basic math structure from which the equally fictional “Ultron” emerged from. Not a child, more of a copy and paste just the basic difference algorithm, not the character of the more complex forms of the math’s of Jarvis.


To program said structure requires an insanely complex set of instructions.

But those instructions are based on a difficult to describe set of parameters.


First parameter is the fact that the mechanism of the brain the neuropathways are (mechanically) identical to how a star/planets(each solar system) communicate with the other solar systems around it.

Each solar system in turn based on said mechanism is literally a direct comparison to a neuron.

A neuropathway and an area of a galaxy is roughly the same thing.

Why is this ultimately to an extreme amount important?

Because each sun/star sets its own 186,000 miles per second speed of time waves. Time inside each solar system is determined by first the sun and second by the collection of neuropathways said solar system is in.


Modern western culture can thank the Babylonians for their contribution to the human species through their difference algorithm of time. Our 24 hour day is courtesy of the Babylonians, our 60 minute hours the same.

The Babylonians are direct descendants of a Jewish slave shield wall the Hyksos captured in Egypt and made them work as slaves to conquer Levant lands.


In the 6 hours between midnight and 6 am when the first messages for the day were sent out. Despite the fact that wars, specifically naval warfare does not stop at night. Ships/U-boats do not drop anchor and let the crew sleep. It the U-boat is stopped it is because the vessel is damaged. Weather reports would be an essential thing to keep in close to constant contact, as well as how to arrange a coordinated attack on a fleet without using radio contact in the 6 hours. It is not like the attack would not happen at night, attacks happened any minute of a 24 hour day. what did the third Reich need 6 hours every day for. what calculations took around 6 entire hours?


The base of the enigma machine are the structure of time mechanics.

Time mechanics mean that the entire WWW is also cardinally connected to the structure of time.


the internet might be able to act as a Heisenberg/Rosen bridge

warp jump using the internet as both a power source and navigation


program said network to bridge between space A and solar system B








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