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    Fehu the first Ætt. 



Tarot Major Arcana


The lessons are of the deeper contemplation needed in order to accomplish tasks.   They are also grouped into specific categories according to the development stage the individual happens to be on at the time.


The first 8 cards go along the lesson path of beginnings and starting points.  The second 8 are for the individual to focus themselves on inner tasks.   Those things which need an overall inner connection with the divine within each.   The Third set of 8 cards balances out the lesson of the first 16 cards.   How to apply ones self to the world according to one inner talents and abilities.








Tower Your priorities are in the correct  position and you have aligned yourself in the correct direction for you to be able to succeed on your path.

f            Fehu                Priorities          Tower

Your priorities are in the correct  position and you have aligned yourself in the correct direction for you to be able to succeed on your path.

Reverse   Your priorities are getting in the way of your true success.  Your desires exceed your resources.   Reorder your priorities within the concept of what you have, and build from there.








Oxen  Adumla    The creative force of the feminine strength to create you life for you.   Allow your creative energy to flow.

v           Uruz                Strength           Strength

Tap into your creative force, allow all your abilities to come together in a harmonious way to bring about the inner resources which will allow your creative energy to flow.

Reverse   Stop trying to force that which will never budge.  Try another  route to achieve your goals. 








Hierophant, or Seeker  trust you feelings, you must learn to depend on you inner gut feelings in order to proceed.

T   Thurasaz          Insight             The Hanged Man

Trust your feelings and depend on your insight  in determining how to proceed







Hanged Man In everyone life there is a time of carefully considering and working with the overall lesson to ones life.    This is a time of inner contemplation and organizing or reorganizing one on ones own path,

a          Ansuz              Application  Hierophant

Carefully consider and work with the overall lesson of your life.    This is a time of inner contemplation and organizing or reorganizing your  path in life.

Reverse   Stop fighting who you truly are and work on your  inner talents.








Fool In the individuals walk in this life there are important lessons which need to be carefully observed, this is a carefully insure you are on the correct path.

r           Raido               Journey            The Fool

Carefully insure you are on the correct path and are using the important lessons of your life..

Reverse   Stop, back up!  You missed something back there on your path.  You must go back and retrieve it before proceeding.








Magician What you do with what you have been taught.   Applying your knowledge correctlyc          Kannaz            Wisdom           The magician

Apply your knowledge correctly, taking care to act wisely.









Lovers Combine and work more with your other personal half, not you external partner or mate but the inner part of your self.

x        Gebo               Union                          The lovers

Combine and work more with your other personal half, not your external partner or mate,  but the inner part of your self.








High Priestess Application of who you are and where you are going to do.   The actually application of what you know   to do in your life.

p          Wunjo              The Craft / Sorcery   High Priestess 

Apply the knowledge you have of your true path.  It is time to use all your knowledge and skills in attaining the goals of your soul.

Reverse   You are using your inborn talents to harm and cause yourself pain.




   Haggalaz second Ætt 











World Past

Begin  able to see the past as it truly was and learning from, those things.   Applying yourself to learn from what went wrong.

h     Haggalaz   Disruption   The World 


See the past as it truly was and learn from those experiences, so you do not have to repeat them. 








Devil Set you rights on today.   Not yesterday and not tomorrow.   The present is where you need to be concentrating you efforts on working with and attaining.   Plan today, do tomorrow.

n   Nauthiez     Patience           Fate


Set your sights on today, not yesterday and not tomorrow.   The present is where you need to be concentrating your efforts.   Plan today.








Hermit Carefully construct the ideas for tomorrow.   Carefully though out and informed designs today can produce incredible results tomorrow.

i           Isa       Serenity            The Hermit


Carefully construct the ideas for tomorrow.   Carefully thought out and informed decisions today can help create a productive future.

Reverse:          Rage:   The inability to plan presents a problem of mythic proportions when dealing with making a place for yourself in the world.  Develop this skill.








Death The cycles to life and the ever flowing of he universal energy or divine breath.   You need to realize the cycles to life.  The old must stop before the new can arrive.

j           Jera                  Cycles              Death                     

There is a certain rhythm you need to get into, in order to be successful in your pursuits in life.  Your lifestyle has its own rhythms.   Discover them and get yourself in since.

Reverse:                      Inner  Cycles:   Apply your awareness of your own personal clock and your own rhythms, which tells you a great deal about

working with time to further your true path in life.








Temperance You need to sit back and work with your creative feminine side in order to proceed on your path.  The creation of the self or the re-creation of the self happens just about every 4 Gregorian months work with it.







Emperor Your must apply what you know about the world I the correct manner.  Your masculine side needs to come out and start to accomplish all the things you have been working on.

p          Pertho  Understanding  Hierophant:              

Apply what you know about the world in the correct manner.  Your masculine side needs expression.  It is time to accomplish all the things you have been working to build.  Be sure you have built a basic fund of knowledge before proceeding.








Moon You need to sit back and see the your surrounds as they truly are.   You must see where to apply yourself to the mix properly in order for you to blend yourself in with society.

z          Alhaz   Awareness       The Moon             

Sit back and see your surroundings as they truly are.   Determine how to apply yourself in order  to blend yourself into society.  Most importantly, learn to adjust yourself so as to apply your talents properly.

Reverse:                      Obliviousness:   Insisting on your own way or pressing forward regardless of the obstacles will thwart your true desires.








Sun sun brings us great gifts one of them is this body which has a thinking mind work with your intelligence to provide the best answers for you and your path.

s Sowillo          Consciousness Sun

Work with your intelligence to provide the best answers for you and your path



  Tiwaz   third Ætt 











When opportunity knocks at your door go for it.   The opportunity you are looking for is the journey you are being offered.

t Tiwaz             Direction                     Justice

When opportunity knocks at your door go for it.  Like an arrow, you are being shot in the direction you need to be going.   Enjoy the ride.

Reverse:                      Wandering: Though you are aimless,  in actuality, you need to make decisions

and initiate actions in a given situation.








Empress You have learned a great deal about all forms of life.   You need to sit back let life have the reins of your life for a while sit back and apply the lesson you have been leaning to your life.

b          Bircano  Growth                      The Empress:           

It is  time for a rearrangement of inner lessons, inner thoughts, feelings, experiences and a general reorganization of ones priorities.  During this time, your true self will grow by leaps and bounds.   You will gain understanding of the world as well as a deeper understanding of yourself during this time.  Just let the growth process take place.  Don’t stand in the way of your growth.








Chariot during your journey there will be times whin there is tremendous movement and travel but during those times there are always times to sit back and reflect n everything going on in your life. 

e             Ewaz   Moment             The Chariot:              

It is time when your surrounding will move you into the next set of major lessons in life.  Instead of fighting this movement,  it is a better idea to move with it.  Fighting it will get you no where.








Star This is the essence of leaning about he self, you need to sit back shut out the world and explore the inner self rather then the outer self.


m         Mannaz The Self          The Star

Close the external senses off and pay attention to the inner senses, the emotions, the thoughts, the feeling, and listen to the song of the soul.  All these are keys to understanding who you are, where you are going and what you need to do on each step of the journey.  








N/A We are bodies of mostly water we must flow in the direction water flows in order to create the correct balances in the world and in our surroundings.

l            Laguz   The Flow         The Universe

Examine your life and find fluid adaptation to your surroundings, community, and society.  Find your place in the universe.  Like the water which you are made of, learn to flow with your life.

Reverse:                      The flow: I want, I shall have, I will take it all.








Judgment Y our must concentrate you efforts on the smallest details of your life.   N         Ingwaz   Fertility          Judgment              

When reviewing the lessons of your life, it is important to consider each detail; of decisions  as well as actions you take in life.  The lessons you have learned affect both the external world, and your internal world.  Review the lessons you have learned and apply that knowledge to the vision you have created, of what you desire your life to be like.  That is how you can take a dream from conception into the reality of the physical world.








N/A  You need to create for yourself a home in which you can rest and relax from the world around you

o    Othallo   Stability                     Home

At the heart of everyone is a comfortable place you are trying to establish in your external life.   Be comfortable and stable with the inner self, this will transfer to the external self.  To achieve this, you must seek connection with the soul, which will lead to an understanding of your inner world.  To achieve inner stability, to internalize the lessons of your life, and create the ability to go forth in the world to accomplish the goals, desires and vision of the inner self is the point of all the lessons of life.  A deep connection to your inner being is necessary for you to make your dreams a reality.








Wheel Of Fortune, Wheel Of Fortune,  As the wheel of life turns there is ups and downs.   We are all learning the lessons we need to learn.   Some lessons are very detail specific that take time for us to learn.  Uncomplicated lessons take less time, where you are on the wheel is as important as where you are going to go.

d Daggaz Balance                                    The Wheel of Fortune

At this point, you are approaching the end of one cycle and the beginning of another in your life.  Before this cycle can end, you will need to recognize what you have accomplished, as well as the lessons and experiences you have had along the way.  Take the time to review all the lessons that have brought you to this unique point in your life, reflect on the events of your life, and consider what to leave behind and what to bring with you into your new life.