Manitou Springs Colorado


The City of Manitou has a very similar history to that of Athens Greece and Rome Italy. These cities have a millennia or more of history which was erased by conquers who did not want to have any information about the founding of the city before they arrived. In the case of Manitou, before the “Great Awakening” Quakers arrived, the city all but entirely did not exist. Although in all hard reality, the city was the Second capital of Louisiana,  the first Capital of Texas, Kansas, and then the first Capital of Colorado.

The second Capital of Louisiana, since the British and French Royal family needed to relocate the capital from New Orleans after the city was captured by forces of the Libertine French. An extremely embarrassing thing, which King Louis XV wanted no documentation of that failure.

Since the British Royals has already established a Capital, a new NewCastle/Jerusalem the French in New Orleans asked to move to Manitou till they got back on their feet.

A few Miles down the Road, the French Create the city of Old Colorado City. Which became a heaven for Jews and escaped slaves.

But the enemy was coming up to quickly and in mutant hoard numbers to allow for the British and French to fend them off. Evacuating was the only realistic solution.

Although the French did contract out with Moses Austin to create an Army along the Rio Grande and Coast of the Gulf to ward off or at least warn of an army headed to Manitou from that direction. Others groups were posted along the Arkansas River to warn if anyone was going to be coming from that direction. Along the Platte River Kansas and Nebraska, but they were found first and erased the fastest. The Wagon trains headed to Oregon along that trail erased them in the 1820s.

The first Capital of Texas was the already established and thriving city of Manitou with a huge population of 10ks and a history going back centuries.

But those people did not count to the Texan’s or the Americans. They were “Unacceptable”, so they did not count not matter how many of them were present. Unless the person was either an American, a Texan, or an equally acceptable culture that person was an “Non-Person”. Non-persons not only did not exist but were encouraged to build any and all things they could, which later would be taken from them. The original owner did not exist so there is zero the non-existent person could do about it. This is a pattern of behavior the Dutch, English, and Spanish had worked from since the first settlements in America. Unless you are “one of us” you have no rights, e.g. “the largest gun makes the rules”. Unless you can fight to keep what you have built, you do not exist and what you built belongs to me.

Which is the exact same pattern Romulus used when he entered the City of Samhain Hills and renamed it Rome to honor himself. Then erased the previous two millennia of history.









TR Welling