Martin Luther


His life goal was to destroy the Catholic Church and the lessons of Simon Peter in order to allow the lessons and philosophy of Esau to rule the world. For a huge part, he succeeded.


Luther was backed to an extreme amount by the Prussian Empire and its substantial amount of money they generated based on slave labor and their close ties with both Russia(mongels) and the Ottoman Empire.


Luther’s teachings filtered strongly into the structure of “the great Awakening Movement” in American which was in part founded by sailors who spent years in the Barbary Coast areas purchasing vast amounts of slaves from the Ottoman Empire.

Just because at the time they did not want to be called “al-Qaida” does not mean a thing. Not a single thing which happens in the sub groups do the leaders of Shia and Sunni not direct from their respective headquarters. Most of the time those two leaders themselves communicate their efforts and attacks on western civilization through their “façade” sub-groups.

Of course they kill each other, on occasion. But they have a common purpose of killing all Jews and associated cultures which might contain



Martin Luther developed Protestantism e.g. Christianity as a repackaging of Islam into a form Europeans Cultures could accept. Half of Christianity is Islamic. Born Again is about 99.9% Islamic. You are taking the soul of “The teacher/prophet” Mohammed into your soul so he might live again. Because his daughter Fatimah failed in her mission to resurrect his physical body.


The difference between Shia and Sunni is an argument between Mohammed and Abu Bakr. They both lied to a point of pure hard core evil. The books of Islam are from a captured shipment of books from Constantinople back to Northumberland by the British. The Captured books came with a captive, a woman Tall, Red Hair, Blue Eyes, Pale Skin, Tall, and formidable. Hence Fatimah and granddaughter the red hair, blue eye, pale skin. The books were translated from x language into Arabic, author Esau. He wrote them after he captured Mecca, and did very bad things. Two separate schools of thought regarding the translations, one from Mohammed the other from Abu. Abu  wanted to acknowledge Esau and Mohammed wanted all the credit. Some of the works which recreated Islam were from the Evil Priest Paul and some were from Esau, a few from St Augustus of Hippo.








TR Welling