Masonry and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Every mason in the world will recognize the wounds of the Headless Horseman. Provided you alter the horse to riding a goat, and the head issue.


The story itself was written by a FreeMason.

THE story itself talks about a man who has a pumpkin for a head instead of a head itself. The head was Cut off at some point in the past. One legend states the Rider on the Goat/Horse was a Hessian. But that is just speculation.


The German and British in the 1700s were very closely allied. As were the Royalist French.


Taking a Mans head in battle, the Rider travels the night from the west setting sun to the east rising sun. Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death in order to rise at Dawn.

Especially if you think about the whole concept of the Pumpkin aka a symbolic reference to Autumn a time of dying anyway. Starting in the West and the aka Autumn and the setting sun; the injury.


Then take that basic idea and apply it to the war raging between the British and the English. Which the English pitted the British against the Colonies. Had been doing so for decades.