Miramont circuit board


Miramont Castle Manitou Springs Colorado is one of the oldest buildings if not the oldest building in Colorado to be wired for Electricity.

But it is also the largest building west of the Mississippi to be wired for Electricity. It has 5 stories plus servants quarters on the top floor/attic.


The superstructure of Miramont Castle is comprised of mostly sandstone, which quartz is a main ingredient.


The entire building was designed partially by Fr Francolon and strongly influenced by Nicola Tesla. Who wired the Castle and connected Church for electricity. The Castle when all lights were on was a 8 story couple hundred feet wide light wall. Virtually the entire area within several hundred yards of the Castle had light.

Colorado Springs at the time did not have sufficient power to light 5 street lamps.


The Castle itself if you look at it from a computer perspective, is designed as a circuit board. The building generated and directed specific electro-magnetic pulses. For what purpose has yet to be determined.


The historians and current operates of the Castle make lots of incorrect assumptions based on unfounded Hypothesis regarding what the building was designed and built for.






TR Welling