My Dinosaur Brain theory


By evidence that specific type of biological unit has the ability to diversity its brain to be located in more than just its head.

A brain is just a collection of nerves.

Who stated the solid hard rule that it is impossible for the dinosaur to have had a brain capable of much because it was so unbelievably small


Well I have a solution to this problem



The chicken which most paleontologists assume is just an evolved Dinosaur in fact based on the evidence of this and the chickens which can run around for minutes, hours, etc. after their head is cut off.

The dinosaur did not only have a brain in its head. The head for that biological unit would be too difficult to control the blood flow.


So I propose the following theory.

I theorize that the Dinosaur had a brain scattered into different lobes throughout its body. In the ribs, in the legs, at the lowest possible loction in the body is where the dinosaur kept its no centralized brain.


Because when we look at giraffes we know as a matter of hard fact that they have a very careful circulation system and to be 18 feet tall but still dip the head down to drink water. Well most long necked dinosaurs were not 18 feet tall but could reach their neck up to over 50 feet.


So the pressure alone if done wrong or any kind of physical issue occurred; even a trip over a log could cause a cerebral hemrage. So a vastly decentralized brain is the only logical solution. Which the modern descendants of still have remnance of that decentrlizeed brain.