NAZI selection process


Interesting enough the NAZI selection process did not actual start full scale with the Jews.

It started with the FreeMasons, the Mormon’s, and the Occult communities in Europe.

 The forerunner to the Thule Society felt the best place to start to look for the Hypothetical Tachyon People was in groups who had already been associated with the Garden of Eden Tabernacle of Adam Systems and had survived.


The selection process started in the middle 1880; with the reports from Colorado and Lynden regarding the efforts the Confederacy was making in reestablishing in those communities and the field research performed from 1865-1885. Plus the information from spy inside the Union Government from Samuel Clemens. His cover was blown so he turned his field reports about Confederates reforming in others areas into novels which he then started to sell s fiction. But the base of those novels were his reports about the Confederacy during and after the Civil War. UP till 1915 the Confederacy was still trying to reform and create a new Confederacy. July. 18, 1909 Margaret Howell Davis Hayes the daughter of Jefferson Davis had finally died and the spirit of the Confederacy died with her. She was considered in private to be the Queen of the Confederacy. Despite the fact that in the south women had less rights than slaves. Her nickname in Colorado Springs was Queen, but through political maneuvering General William Jackson Palmer’s Wife was also given the nickname Queen. Both women were gifted with said to hide the very likely probability that the deposed Queen of France Marie Antoinette had lived in Manitou for at least several years perhaps a decade before moving to Castle Ogle in Whatcom County.


Why because the French Royal family had direct and long standing connections with massive funding into electro magnetics research. The guillotine was electrified; or the Place de la Concorde the location of the French Revolution executions. Near the Hôtel Crillon where the statue of Brest is at present. The huge crowds gathered would have been strayed with gallons of blood. Without proper sanitation, soap, etc. those strayed with gallons and gallons of blood would have started to spread disease around that exact location of Paris within weeks of the start of the bloodletting. But since not a single report of rampant blood born disease was reported in that area of Paris for the next several years, the evidence is beyond clear. No massive blood loss occurred. But he executions did occur by the 1000s. So with 1000s if not 10,000s of bodies executed on the same place for years and no massive outbreak of disease. The evidence is beyond clear, the bodies did not have much blood to leak at all. But decapitation the only thing which would prevent the body’s supply of blood to pump out as fast as the heart could pump for at least two minutes would  cauterizing the wound. THE only way to do that in the fraction of a second the head is being removed from the neck is through electricity. Flames would not leave the corpse or the head intact. A several hundred degree knife/blade would catch the clothing and hair on fire. Since no reports of said fire and flames; than it could not be fire. The blade itself had to be electrified.

The blade being electrified; the several dozen or hundred amps the blade had built up would cut through the body and leave only a few drops maybe behind.

So the French Royal family had direct and first hand access to electro magnetics research. They also in the Tuileries Garden  had a Tabernacle of Adam System. The Place de la Concorde built in 1755 was built specifically for the purpose of being an electrical generator. The Concorde might have at one time had a Rail Gun or some other type of Electrical Weapon of Mass Destruction on that spot; where the guillotine would be built out of what remained of it.

Although that implement tool would have been dismantled and moved out of Colorado at the time the Paris riots started to become more than just a little bit of a problem.


The Germans knew all of this; the Germans knew about the guillotine, the two entire centuries of electro magnetics research done all over Europe, Frankenstein, the Systems in America, etc.

But with all they knew about the Systems, they did not have firsthand understanding of how to find the proper people to actual work with machines without medical or legal negative effects.


So a selection process began. Starting with University Psychological examinations. Expanding to general publish examinations. And finally to kidnapping people and testing them.


This secret program extended from just in the universities to all of fortress Europe from 1880-1945.


Part of this program was transferred to American and become a small fraction of “MK Ultra” but the odd LSD portions of the American program were all but pure idiocy. The real program was about finding people to be able work with the system and not have  catastrophic problem.