European Think Tanks

The Pathology of the European Think Tank’s were that they had to form in order to gain access to the Holy Roman Empire’s Library. In America the rules were a bit different, thanks to Carnegie where everyone was granted an audience in a library. Previous to Carnegie, every person and family had to have a “designated purpose” for entering a library. Knowledge was absolutely not free in any way. You either had to be a student, an academic, or have powerful friends, etc to enter a library. In America the only really good libraries were located in major universities. Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Heidelberg, and of course BYU. The solid facts behind why is an interesting story.

Those specific halls of higher learning, the library was stolen by the conquerors. The British mind you not the English but the British have maintain one of the best library systems from the Fall of Troy up to and through the late 1800s when the last of them were stolen by a sequence of conquerors. Each of the major American oldest Universities those cities were founded by the British, not the English mind you the British. Two entirely separate cultures in most ways. Starting in the middle 1500s the Tutors started to attack the “Kingdom to the North” which is a way of saying “North Umber Land” which is the south eastern boarder of Scotland. The British were attacked mercilessly from the mid 1500s to the late 1600s when they finally gave up and evacuated out of the island of Britain. The English then claimed the Land for themselves, formed the United Kingdom Government, and started to call themselves instead of English British. Operating under the façade of being British, the English did all manner of inappropriate to the species actions to gain as much power and money as humanly possible. From the late 1600s to the start of World War I the British were close to the Power in the world. Which is why they were the aim to cut off at the knees by the Thule Society and its predecessor thing tanks.

Remove the “Fake Royal Systems” and the power vacuum can be taken advantage of. exactly like Napoleon a century previous took advantage of the Libertine Government’s power vacuum after they killed the French Royal Court. Or at least fake killed the court, the body doubles and stand-ins were killed but most of the real royals did in fact evacuate. The power vacuum of 1918 allowed the Thule Society to form from the Knights Think Tank which had only operated for a bit over a year, before it was outlawed. That being outlawed did not stop it just changed its name.

The Knight order think tank underwent its own illegal and name change from its previous think tank. Which had occurred dozens of times over the course of the last more than a century.

In Europe to gain access to the library, you had to be in a group and you had to legally form a “Think Tank”, but what the stated purpose of your think tank was and what your group actually did could be entirely different things.

For a few of the 19 teens “Think Tanks” in order to gain access to funding to pay for the necessary items in order to gain access to the Roman Empires Library they needed to persuade people with money. The easiest way to achieve that goal is to ask for donations from people who have hate in their hearts. One group would be the anti-Semitic groups. Anti-Jews was a common thing in Europe in the 1800s. so having a group with a violently anti-Semitic stance the donations would roll in. Does not mean the main people involved were anti-Semitic, it just proves they were smart enough to go where the money was.

It would be fascinating to trace the money from the think tanks from the Smith LDS groups in Germany. Hard evidence that Smith sent missionaries to Germany to form a think tank or 10 in order to obtain access to various books from the then open for a decade “Holy Roman Empire Library”. That or those think tanks would have required funding and support. But after 1844, the funding had to come from a different source. When he “was removed from his church” they still functioned. So where did they get their money from.

It is possible they received some funding from the Temple in Old Colorado city, but when that was obliterated a decade later circa 1854. During that same time Young informed them that they either had to renounce the teachings of Smith and embrace Young as De Fuhrer the undisputed and unquestioning leader of the Mormon church or be ex-communicated. Most chose ex-communication, so the funding immediately ended. Where did the money come from for those think tanks to continue. Which were needed for the LDS (Smith) “Thing Tank” to continue to operate? A solid question would be come, did the Thule Society start out as the Smith LDS group but had to drop the LDS portions and then drop the Smith portions to survive over the next century. By the time it was time to pick those things back up, Adolf had complete domination over it all and decided that LDS religion was an evil cult. Would be very interesting to discover a connection there. Since the LDS were astutely part of the “Anti-Groups” which were renamed to “Undesirables” as early as a few months after Adolf seized power over the Thule Political wing.  Did Smiths church in Europe turn clandestine and operate by seeking funding from another source “the anti-Semitic groups perhaps”, or did the Smith family figure out a way to get funding to them. did the British family fund them for the next decades, till their funding ran out by conquest and destruction. Many questions, few answered.

To Gain access to the library required an organization e.g. a “Think Tank” and required funding. Presumably to pay for the ability to gain access.


Fake Royal Systems

The difference between the descendants of the Princes of Troy and the modern term is “New Vo Riche”. The people who found a way to gain access to an army and or struck it rich with some type of business venture. Purchased an army and then “Conquered” what they wanted. A large enough army and you can take on the True Royal Family; conquer them and “Become Royal” yourself. Take the titles, the castles, the finest manners. But the conquest royals are missing the one key ingredient, they do not have the royal blood which allows for a proper application of leadership. Leadership is not just being a good leader, it is understanding the structure of the culture you are in charge of and directing that culture accordingly.

Many of the current royal families in Europe have no blood line connection with the Princes of Troy. But if they knew the truth they would deny any connection whatsoever to the princes of Troy. Since the Trojans were Jews. Violently anti-Semitic cultures bragging they are the descendants of the Princes of Troy, when in fact they are all most zero Jewish blood. So they are both being nasty about the Jews and claiming to be Jews at the same time. How hypocritical, which is really a fascinating experience.


History of Academics

The history of Academics is just as complex as the concept of Nationalism.

The Cyber Age Academics came out of an need to further the ideas of filling educational gaps the academics guild system refuse to acknowledge. Have refused since the Vatican allowed academics back into the public arena. Cyber Academics is part using computers and the internet to connect students to faculty, but it still has a foot in the world of Nationalism. Where the rules of suppression are more important than the truth of the facts found by the researcher.

Modern Academics came out of Renaissance academics.

Renaissance Academics came directly from the Vatican Guild system.

Guild system Academics is courtesy of the Vatican given a cease and desist order to the inquisition to stop burring the books and killing all who knew how to read.

The Vatican was created out of the Greek City State model of governance. But with only one city/state the Vatican. The Vatican’s city state model came out of the structure of Imperial Rome and its extreme reliance upon the Nationalistic City /State Model.

Roman Republic is based on the pre-753 b.c.e conquest of the city of Samhain renamed to Rome. The Pre-Government was interested in giving the smart people the proper support needed in order to achieve goals for the community. Not to control those ideas, but let those ideas exist and let the community decide what is useable and what is not. About 10% of academics is based on the Roman/Samhain Republics operational structure.

The Greek City State model is based on the Hyksos governing structure which included that the Lord/Pharaoh was the embodiment of God and whatever the god/lord/master of the house said was the law.

Between the pre Hyksos cultures circa 2100 b.c.e and the post Hyksos cultures circa 600 b.c.e the drop in knowledge and education was so profound as to be called the Dorian Dark Age. The Hyksos down through the centuries and millennia have constantly name changed to avoid the guilt by association of their actions, their fathers generation actions, and millennia of their ancestors crimes against humanity actions.

Modern Academics was birthed in part from the well spring of the Nationalistic Movement which collapsed the Holy Roman Empire. The Nephew of Marie Antoinette the last Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Francis II (12 February 1768 – 2 March 1835) was deposed because he was so incompetent that he could not function as an administrator. Although less crazy his management style was not that much different to Mad King Ludwig’s (25 August 1845 – 13 June 1886) fairy tale, although it is interesting they lived minus a decade between dead and birth in the same century. Both men had access to the library, palaces, and secrets of the German Royal houses. So both  men might have lobotomized themselves using the same tabernacle of Adam system which belonged to the family. Ludwig did more damage because he wanted to at least hypothetically wanted to recreate a large glorious Empire/Kingdom, but no matter how hard he worked or how much worked he put into said plans. Absolutely nothing worked, he only continued to lobotomize themselves more.

Previous to the Greek City State model the Hyksos/Dorian's to an extremely limited degree allowed academics to exist. But only if the aim was to further the military aims of the War Lords in charge. If all efforts were not about military might than the academics were less than useless. “Make me better swords, slings, walls, shields” was the directive. The study of chemistry was not a subject  the Hyksos/Dorians were interested in at all. Which is good since without upper end chemistry you cannot make better forged metals. So the Hyksos/Dorian's were preventing their own military from the best weapons since they did not want to waste a single second on anything other than make a better blade right now. Metallurgy was a concept well beyond them as a culture. To them 10 new swords was better than that same person studying chemistry for 6 months and gambling on that person being able to produce steal. The 10 new swords were a guarantee the steal was pure illusion and a waste of time.

The Dorian Dark Age the level of technology which existed Previous to the Hyksos/Dorian/Avaris culture built the Palace at Knossos, the Pyramids, and Stonehenge. Actions modern science has yet to be able to repeat, or even understand how they were built. Modern Hypothesis every single one has fallen less than flat with hilariously zero evidence to back them up.

The Evidence of Nationalism inside education has proved to be as dangerous and damaging as the same in politics. When nationalism is added to theology you get narcissistic individuals who convince themselves they are god and that their followers are their personal private toys to play with. When the illusion is broken they usually kill their supporters; Adolf, Jim Jones, and of course metaphorically Donnie trump.



Holy Roman Empire collapse

6 August 1806.

This part of the situation has a level of complexity which is only comparable to the study of astrophysics. The Roman Empire collapsed in part not because of War’s but from political pressures. The political pressures all around the Roman Empire in the late 1700s were crushing in their demands. Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor the last Holy Roman Emperor was about as feckless and useless a leader as one can find. He had a serious and substantial problem with thinking he was cut from the same personality type as the first Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne. But these were all but entirely pure illusions. Frances could never even consider how to fill Charlemagnes’ Legacy.

Frances had allowed his aunt to be executed and hardly cared less about her, or that is what the history books say. To him she did not mean anything. He had only met her once as a small child and he had not remembered her at all. Which left a bad taste in all of his older relatives minds. He could have done something, but flat refused. The French libertine government wanted concessions to release Marie and he refused to even think about said. Although he knew Marie was in America, specifically in what would be called Old Colorado City in half a century, the person in jail was not his aunt but a commoner stand in body double. Marie along with her children, her husband, and what remained of the French Royal Court who evacuated quickly enough. Some stayed behind to help but were mostly rounded up and executed. When the Libertine Government Collapsed, the French were going to come back and reestablish a new Monarchy, but for the most part this did not happen. Napoleon took advantage of the opening in France while the French and British Royals were too busy fighting for their survival in Manitou. The first capital of Texas; but the story of the founding of Texas is its own long drawn out story. Frances’s relatives were angry with him for his partially breaking the illusion that in the cell was Marie. Which forced the Libertine to go looking for the real one since the body double was clearly not important. The War which followed culminated in the original Capital of Texas (Manitou Springs Colorado) and Bellingham Washington Territory.

To spread the ideals of Nationalism specifically the Roman esk type Nationalism through France after the Monarch was deposed was not the last time the National Socialists rose to power in France. The next time would be the “Vichy” Government. Which operated not all that different than the Cult of Reason; with a bit of Cult of the Supreme Being which was almost entirely created by Robespierre. The bit about Robespierre  is that his religion by his enemies placed him as God, a replacement for Jesus. Which is one of the largest reasons he was executed, he attempted by rumor from those that hated him to replace Jesus. Replacing Jesus to them was an action worthy of execution all on its own. Betraying the Libertine Cause by working with and on the Tabernacle of Adam Systems in Paris was the other reason they wanted to execute him. Robespierre’s work and religion were based on a first hand direct interaction with the Tabernacle of Adam System which at least one if not both of the Systems in Paris were still operating when the Royal family were forced to evacuate.

During the festival of the Supreme Being 1793, Robespierre started that festival on top of the Main Tower of the eight buildings which make up the core of the Tabernacle of Adam system, a copy of which was built in Lake Nemi south of Rome Italy, and descended the outside of it. Since the Constructed Collection of Buildings was more than 100 feet tall it was considered a large Hill. The Eight Buildings are surrounded but not touching a larger building. That larger building similar to Hagias Sophia protects the Kaaba’s inside.

Robespierre had direct and for several years access to those Kaaba’s, but unfortunately for him ignorance of the systems did electric shock him into being not exactly mentally all there. In part to protect his reputation and in part to remove this man from Divine Power, Robespierre was arrested a year after the Festival of the Supreme Being and executed.

A significant portion of the reason the Holy Roman Empire collapsed was the pressure from Protestants and Libertines in Germany to relinquish more and more both academics and religious power. Instead of working with the tyrants which followed with unrelenting political pressures, Frances II caved and gave up. Abdicated and literally destroyed the Holy Roman Empire. The Libertine and Protestants in France and Germany would never stop till they possessed both the libraries and of course the systems themselves. They could not care less how much damage they caused or really how many of their followers they killed in achieving the goal of possessing that mighty weapon of mass destruction of god.

Repeating the same pathology which destroyed Terah, Moses, Paul, etc.

the Bastille being a system, immediately before and during all manner of "odd" stuff was happening, which scared the Parisians to the point they destroyed the Bastille.



The Bastille was several things; one it was a Tabernacle of Adam system design to keep invaders from breaching Paris. Two it was a prison designed to house those that knew about the System.

The Bastille was not the only system in Paris. At least one other was located in the Field of Mars, another a short distance from the garden in front of the Louvre.

The Nationalists of France not connected to Robespierre demanded to have access to the System, since it made Robespierre so powerful. But the System was not only extremely to the max powerful it was also the core of the issues why the libertine revolted against the king. The victor writes the rules then they write the history. The history of the Bastille Image result for bastille architecture as a prison is less than accurate. It was a prison but it was also a Tabernacle of Adam System.

A system   more powerful than an atomic blast, since it could destroy an entire army from miles away, and leave the area untouched.

The Bastille was torn down for fear its Image result for bastille architecture “Alexandria Lighthouse Image result” tool was pure evil. The evil portion of the lighthouse was that the ignorant were afraid of the “blue flashes” which came from it when Paris was under attack. The Parisians knew as a matter of hard fact that the Islamic culture wanted to raise their flag over Paris and would not stop till they achieved that goal. A huge portion of the Libertine movement was backed by Islamic armies and the philosophy of Protestantism. The Tabernacle Systems in Paris were built to ensure that the Islamic army’s in the Iberian Peninsula could not threaten Paris again.

Tours France 240 kms south west of Paris. Tours is where the Holy Roman Empire began with Charles Martell defeating an Islamic army following Fatimah and her followers. It took them decades to follow, in fact none of the people directly involved were still alive from 630 when Fatimah took her father’s body out of Mecca and placed him in the catacombs of Rome. Fatimah did not continue north from Rome. She went south back to Carthage then west to the point where she could cross from Africa to the Iberian peninsula. Converting followers to both her father’s philosophy and her sub-concepts along the way. Abu Bakr ordered his army  to not only follow but kill every single person she and they had encountered. Either convert them to all to Sunni and acknowledge him and de fuehrer with the same level of “unquestioning loyalty” he demanded or be executed on the spot. Abu Bakr was so angry that Mohammed did not appoint him leader that he spent every day of the rest of his life killing shia. Although he saved his more violent reprisals for the daughter of Mohammed. Saying that Abu Bakr hated females would be a mild understatement. He if he could have found a way to perfect cloning to further the species he would have ordered every female in the world executed for being the vessel of original sin. His misogyny knew no bounds.

Especially when he learned that both Fatimah and Mohammed had slipped away in the middle of the night. Mohammed on his death bed, and Fatimah attempting to find a way to resurrect her father.

Soon after Abu ordered his army to follow and kill all shia and most especially all who had direct contact with Fatimah. For Abu her philosophy of shia was so far beyond evil he could not stand it on a soul level. The very idea that Mohammed had appointed his daughter to be the next head of the Islamic religion was so far beyond an insult to his soul that he would rather fight god himself to the death than to accept Fatimah as the leader of the shia. Abu sending his army against Fatimah was also the start of the Triangle trade Route aka the Slave Trade. Abu has to find some way to pay those soldiers, capturing the Jews and selling them into slavery seemed to be the best option. He could make hand over fist money; the Jews would be eventually worked to death. Which allowed plenty of income to pay soldiers to hunt down Fatimah. It also provided a secondary source of political power. The Vatican hated the Jews, on occasion would round them up and sell them to the Muslim culture to dispose of as they saw fit. All of his and his sunni follower’s actions from that day to present have been about destroying the footprint, lands, 0000, nationalism, etc of Fatimah. When Fatimah had converted several hundred in the Iberian peninsula she moved on to Ga’al. In Ga’al she made a bee line to Paris. Spreading her philosophy in Paris, then moving west to Britain.

The only thing which would be acceptable to Abu Bakr the current leader of the sunni faith was the total  and complete erasure of Paris to ensure that the followers of Fatimah alive 8 decades later would be obliterated from existence. Previous to a variety  of battles

During this time Joan of Arc (6 January c. 1412[6] – 30 May 1431) by legend sent by god to put the French King back on the throne of France. The court was in Notre-Dame de Reims because the system scared the not all that legitimate English and French royal court. Only a few members of which were descendants of the Princes of Troy. The rest were Pretenders to the Throne. Men with large armies and the will to kill anyone who got in the way. The French Royal Court from 1431-1792 on the throne, but obviously temporarily. The 361 years they were back on the throne was beyond measure difficult and turbulent.

The War between the library systems and the Tabernacle systems the cultures which controlled each one had ended all pretence of fair play. Each kept trying to assert dominance over the others, and to also control their own populations. The entire situation was beyond unacceptable in most ways. Starting in the 1500s just 70  years after the French King was placed back on the throne, then he betrayed her by handing her to the ex-Romans for execution. The villagers of Europe were getting more and more angry about the pressures placed upon them by greedy and oftentimes barbaric royals. Sometimes the taxes the Royals placed upon their subjects were well beyond 90%. Which the royals spent on oftentimes the most idiotic items.

Not Paris since the city of Paris was not an acceptable location of the court, those that were descendants of the Trojans were welcome in Paris but the rest were not. This caused all manner of problems since the War Lords all but demanded that they be perceived just as legitimate to the real descendants of the Princes of Troy. Like Paris the city’s name sake.

Reims through Paris to Tours.

As soon as the city of Pairs had stabilized the Frank Kings worked on resurrecting ancient tools like the Tabernacle of Adam Systems and began to built them in Paris. The nice thing is, the Paris library’s still contained information regarding said structures. From 800-1810 was not the first time Paris hosted at least one working system.

The Systems which were in place previous were installed shortly after the city was renamed to Paris. Although a seriously solid hypothesis is that the city was called Paris from 1340-sometime around 500 b.c.e when the Celts conquered the city, the Roman’s took the city back under the command of Caesar and gave the city back to the Parisian’s. Somewhere in the ancient records of Paris is might be possible to find records of Paris and Helen’s Kingdom in the area. Other brothers and cousins took up Kingdoms in Germany. It is very difficult to destroy something if a dozen copies are scattered over a couple thousand miles.

From the end of the Trojan War to sometime around the conquest of Paris, the city possessed at least one system. After the Romans gave the city back from 60 b.c.e to around 400 the city possessed a working system again. What happened is another sequence of conquests.

There was a previous rise in Nationalism as the Roman army and Empire began to shrink and change from being a Roman culture to being multi-cultural. About the same time the culture was switching so was the Roman Religion; from pagan (although the Pagan religion had little to do with the actual pantheon of the Greco-Roman gods, and everything to do with the Tabernacle of Adam system) to the religions which Paul implemented. Which was Christianity, which was entirely different than the religion of Simon Peter. Simon Peters philosophy was based on the applications of the teachings of Jesus, Paul’s was based on the teachings of Esau and Moses. Moses was not a Jew he was a Avaris/Hebrew. Moses did his absolutely best to destroy all aspects of Pre-Trojan War Judaism and replace it with Hebrew. 99% of the Jewish ceremonies were created after the Exodus not before. 99% of the Jewish ceremonies pre the Exodus were erased from common knowledge. As the Roman Empire declined and the Vatican rose in power, the former Roman Empire was awash in Nationalistic Pride. Willing to follow the Vatican’s lead straight to hell. As the Vatican’s power declined circa 1400 ce, a similar unabashed Nationalistic Pride welled up in those former strongholds. Most especially in Britain and in Germany. It took a while for the Nationalistic movements to hit France. But Britain had been witness to a Islamic invasion and occupation force from 680-1066 ce. Although the entire situation has been written out of the history books, all the English Kings of that time are “Pictish” and not “Islamic” but the religion of Islamic was strong and hearty during those centuries.

The even worse situation is that the entire with the decline of the Roman Empire was the armies present in the Kingdom of Northumberland were entirely too busy dealing with the threats to their boarders to mess with Londonium. On the other hand the Romans living in and stationed in Germany were facing all manner of issues and threats. They were informed violently that their presence in Germany was entirely unwelcome, the natives e.g. the future German people informed the Romans “you will either leave willingly, or leave dead.” Most of the Romans who did not want to face a harsh and brutal death by violence traveled to the last Roman fortification where they would be welcome. That was London. Most of the roman’s were not welcome in Rome. The Vatican wanted to seize power and with a huge population in the city they could not seize power. They wanted the population of Rome to be just few 100k for the first few centuries.

The only place for the Romans who wanted to remain Romans and not be part of the Papal States was to go to London. Thus the German version of good nationalism reformed in north eastern Europe. And Ex Roman Nationalism switched from being centered in Rome to London. For the next 1500 years the Ex-Romans renamed English ruled the world. In direct competition with both Northumberland and Germany. Most of those centuries the Germans and British (not Romans mind you, the descendants of the Princes of Troy and Cleopatra in the Kingdom of Ogle aka Northumberland) worked together against both the Vatican and the English.

Two versus two with the other countries of Europe playing host to the battles. The Battles were over who would take command and control of the Tabernacle of Adam Systems, and the associated library. The Germans and Ogles kept the library’s the English and Vatican kept the systems. But with the libraries the Ogles and Germans knew how to build new ones. They also knew how to work with systems without being lobotomized. The war between the two raged from the conquering of Rome 753 b.c.e to present, although after 1930 American became an unwanted fifth wheel in the situation and England was forced to diminish its role as a major world power.


After the threat from Abu Bakr the citizens demanded to be protected again by the divine tool. So the royal family again built another one, well more like repaired the previous back to working order. At least one of the previous was in the Bastille.

The Islamic armies did not threaten Paris for the next several hundred years 800-1000 ce.

Fear and complacency are the death nails for the systems almost every time.

The Islamic/protestants one of their primary goals with the rise of nationalism was to convinced the people of Paris that the system’s in Paris were again evil and not a divine tool.  Shortly after the Reign of Terror ended the systems were again dismantled and at least three invasions by Islamic forces were attempted but the French army was too strong and repelled them.

But the enemy attempted to anyway. If the enemy cannot attack directly, the enemy used diplomacy, negotiation, and subterfuge in order to destroy the weapon they are going prevented from attacking with. Shows the connection between the Reign of Terror which destroyed the French Monarchy and the rise of the NAZI movement, although it took 150 years, the final goal was achieved. A plan hatched in the 1750s took only two century to see through. Which is interesting since one of the organizations which can orchestrate said type of situation is the Cumaen Sybil’s in Rome.

Of course the Cumaen’s have orchestrated several multi-century long plans on a dozen occasions. Previous to 500 ce they were working for the Trojan’s (Cassandra was likely a Sybil, a Trojan Sybil)after they have been working strong and hard for the culture of Islam. Specifically Fatimah. Be interesting if Fatimah’s time in Rome was equal parts to do with the application of her father being resurrected by the Nemi Ships, and Fatimah’s interaction with the Cumean Sybil’s in Rome.

The Cumaena symbols in Rome have a direct and hard target connection with both the NAZI Bell (time travel) and of course the ancient Futhark Calendar. The “Original” Sybil was not actually the first, but this specific line of Sybil’s are drawn directly  from her. She was a priestess of Apollo in the Aegean. What exact location has been lost to history. Her betrayal of Apollo led directly to her being turned into sand, those sands are kept in a large amphora. But that amphora is use by the Sybil’s to track and measure the flow of time energy of the earth and time. Since according to legend that Sybil is still alive, but her body turned to dust/sand centuries ago. She tricked Apollo into granting her immortality, but she did not ask for eternal beauty. So when she broke the bargain, Apollo cursed her to age and then turn to dust/sand but remain immortal. As her body grain by grain falls through the hourglass, those motions form various patterns. Those patterns can be read like a language.

The concept of an hour glass has been a substantial part of tracking the passage and planning/stratagem of time for many millennia. Just what the Nazi’s wanted to gain access to. As well as what Islamic demands to gain access to. 

Although in 1935 this was not the case. If the systems were working, Paris would not have been conquered and occupied. But fear and complacency doom more than a few good ideas purely for the purpose of making the masses feel better about the fact that there will be no threat tomorrow.


So was most if not all references to said tools/weapons in Europe. It was high treason to discuss such matters at all in areas which possessed said tool.

The Nationalist movement did not want anyone to know about them and to fight them for the right to possess said weapons and use them against the Nationalism movement groups.

For the Nationalists not having complete dominance over something is entirely unacceptable.

All the stuff the French Royal family left behind, when they were forced to evacuate in the middle of the night left many wondering; do we have the correct Royals in Prison. More importantly since few if any of us actually have seen the Royals before that night, do we actually know what the Royals looked like. The answer was to use commoners who had direct access to Verssi and have them testify as to the identity of the people they assumed were Royals. A person who had direct pictorial evidence was Madame Tussaud, since she spent years living in Verssi, she had sketched, painted, and sculpted the French Royal family on several occasions. So when she was used as a character witness she obviously complied, since the penalty for not complying was her own execution.

But with a bit of work, they figured out that despite Madame Tussaud’s insistence and swearing under oath that the Royals in prison were who they claimed to be. She was not believed. Add the evidence of the Emperor Francis Marie’s nephew and all belief regarding that situation was thrown out. The French started to send its agents out to discover as much as possible about where the French Royal family went. It did not take them years to figure out they went to America. But where in America since not a single report indicated they went to the East Coast, not a single report indicated they went to New France aka Louisiana. For a while the Libertine French were Lost.

The founding of Texas started in almost the same exact year the Holy Roman Empire in Germany collapsed. It did take a few years from 1792 to 1800 to coordinate with those interested in the states of the east coast to find the old 300 settlers to come and live in Texas. But it is fascinating to learn that all those world changing events happened within about 18 months of each other.

But then the Libertine started looking farther west, to the Arkansas and Rio Grande Rivers.

At that point the British and French contracted out to their friends and allies for a group of settlers to come to “Texas” and settle close to the mouth of both rivers. They would be both paid to be lookouts and own the lands they settled upon. The British and French armies were large enough to keep the Mexican army from being too difficult. Texas formed by the British and French Royal families in order to keep the Libertine from bringing their large army and their Islamic friends armies to bear against what remained of the Princes of Troy.

From 1794-1800 the stalemate worked, but the French had been working behind the scenes in Mexico and with the Spanish in order to sidestep the defenses set up in Texas and go around through the Rio Grande over Santa Fe and into what is now Colorado.

This took years to work, but the Mexican Government without support from Spain, since Spain had enough problems of its own in other areas relinquished control of the Mexico government to the French Libertine. The libertine ordered the Mexican government to spare not a single expense in its pursuit of finding and killing the British and French Royal family in Manitou. 

The French and most of the rest of the countries of Europe not directly connected to or descendants from the Princes of Troy demanded the secrets of the weapons of electro-magnetics. Those that knew refused, those that did not know the secrets attacked those that knew for most of the 1700s, all the 1800s, and kept attacking up to and through the 1900s till they got what they wanted. They were able to capture those secrets.

But in doing so they all but collapsed most of western culture to do it. Killing and torturing to death 100s of millions of anyone  who got in the way of the English, Dutch, Libertine, etc from being able to possess the electro-magnetics divine weapons of mass destruction.

They managed to achieve a goal there ancestors had been at war with the descendants of the Children of Israel over since before the Pyramids were started, 4600 years of War to obtain those secrets. In the decades which have followed, once they had the secrets they have had little if any idea how to work with the systems. Major trial and errors, thousands of deaths, and more than a few catastrophic accidents. But they finally achieved their goal, they got access to at least in part a working system. But like a three year old with a loaded gun they have proved less than capable of doing anything productive with it other than self mutilation.



Joseph Smith

December 23, 1805, Sharon, VT

The issues surrounding the religion of Mormonism is a clash between good ideas and a connection to the divine and very bad ideas/which grew like a cancer within the church. The cancer was brought by Young, the good ideas were established by smith. Nationalism specifically Roman Nationalism is a culture which teaches “good is bad” and “bad is good”, so the followers perform horrific acts thinking they are good and punish good acts thinking they are bad. Every time a new leader comes up in an attempt to convince the masses which follow Nationalism their actions are bad is silenced in some way. Usually by the group think model of “that person is crazy”.





Rise of Nationalism out of Romantic nationalism


The ideals of the Renaissance in a way became part of the Romantic movement. But similar to other issues, Romance was replaced by bad people convincing the group that bad is good and good is bad.



French Revolution and electro-magnetics research

It can be argued that one of the major reasons the “Protestants” in France which had renamed themselves to “Libertine’s” revolted against the King of France was the facts regarding the Kings secret electro-magnetics research. It is possible the King spent well more likely the Musketeers conducted secret research and built not only a steam engine on a ship but had an electrical generator on that ship as well. The steam engine powered both the Screws to move the ship faster than any sail vessel on the waters (circa 1770) but also some type of a weapon which would make that ship invincible.

The physical evidence for this outlandish “Hypothesis” is the Merrimack and Monitor. Those two “Steal” ships had both a steam engine and a weapon capable of being beyond lethal. Since instead of breakable wood, the ships guns were housed inside a steel room with just large enough for a window to put the cannon through. But the technology for a steam engine had existed for 1800 years before. The Roman Empires library had opened in 1805 with the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire. That library did in fact contain plans for at least one if not a dozen different types of Steam Engines.

Generating Electricity based on the rotation of many different things, the friction of different components will generate static electricity. Glass and Wool is a great generator. A steam engine rotates, attach a piece of glass to the end, then have that piece of glass sit inside a collection of wool. The faster the glass rotates the more static electricity will be generated.

Same exact principle to make a steam powered ship. Replace the glass with a shaft and propeller, place a water proof seal between the shaft and the wood of the ship. At the end of the shaft place a propeller, and you have a steam engine for the water.

Just because the US Government did not “Want” to invest in the Merrimack and Monitor, the technology had been available since 1805 but the US did not want to develop that type of technology. A few decades later the army quarter master refused to purchase Brownings repeat both rifles and hand guns. He claimed that the supply line for making sure those guns and the number of shells fired in a single battle would be impossible to keep the units supplied. There is zero reason to assume that the department of the military chose to not invest in both the repeat cartridge rifle and the Steam Engine Ship was because they were more than a little sympathetic to the confederate cause if not flat out Confederates themselves. They did not want to arm the Union with weapons the south could not match; so the newly formed Democratic Party and its allies in the military did their absolute best to keep the inventions which the Union could take full advantage of out of the coming war. Even as early as 1830, the war was coming the only question was when not if. It would be another two decades before the first “unofficial “shots were fired and a decade after that when the “official” start of the war occurred. The Trial of Tears was also a strong part of the Civil War. The Democrats wanted that land the Natives were on for production both for new factories to built up weapons and new farm land for crops. Of course during this build up the smart ones also sold their plantations in the south to new people and moved lock stock and barrel to the headwaters of the Mississippi in order to continue to produce vast amounts for a few decades till it was time to either be killed or move back to Africa. The ancestors of Senator John McCain owned a slave plantation in Teoc, Mississippi purchased around 1848, the McCain’s worked the Plantation will it became too expensive to hire share croppers post the civil war. Previous to 1848 the Plantation was owned and operated for decades by the previous owners. Very likely directly connected to or descendants of the Barbary coast militants. The plantation is still owned by the family although they have not been back for decades.  Supply up and money up in the years and decades before the war in order to ensure that the South had its best chance. Plus the South was more than afraid the Jews living in the Native Populations were spy’s for the North. In addition the Native villages were a perfect place for slaves to run and hide in. A collection of native villages, food, a place to rest, and horses to take a slave from the deepest parts of the south to safety in either the west or Canada. So those Union Sympathetic areas had to be “disposed of”, enter the Trial of Tears.  Perhaps the department of navy wanted to have iron sides powered by steam as early as the 1820s, but then were absolutely afraid the technology would be taken from them and then used against them. The south trying to go up against the Union with several fleets of Iron Clads, the south would have no chance at all. Best not to develop than to risk being defeated by your own technology. Either by an enemy or during the Civil War, the south would be defeated faster with Browings Rifles and an entire collection of Steam Ships.

** The pattern of a renaissance idea working and functioning. Building a sufficient infrastructure, then infiltrated by really bad people (nationalistic) who then take over and destroy both the ideas and the organization itself in order to achieve short term and very personal enrichment goals.

In the case of the Hudson’s Bay Company in Vancouver Wa, the Chief Proctor who took over after John McLoughlin the previous and founding Chief Proctor, only cared about profits and to ensure his next promotion with the HBC. So he ordered instead of maintaining an equilibrium with the environment he ordered all the furs in the area to be stripped out. He could not care less about next years or even a decade from then profits. Profits today are all that matters. After the area is stripped of its furs, then we can close up shop and moved onto the next place to strip it bare.

The ideals of nationalism both good and bad can be found in how both man interacted with their communities. McLoughlin by working to help found the borders of both Washington State and Oregon, in addition to being a benevolent steward to the Oregon Trial settlers. His replacement on the other hand was trying to keep the English Crown dominant in the area. Once it became clear the the English were going to lose and lose badly, striping the area of its resources became the best thing Douglas could do for the Crown.   are found in the core of the second chief proctor James Douglas. Although Douglas has worked under McLoughlin for almost two decades the two men had a very different perspective as to how to properly manage the resources of the Pacific North West. McLoughlin was interested in building up the area, Douglas’s only concern was stripping it of all resources in order to produce maximum profits for himself and his company. The area of the Columbia River almost two entire centuries later are still trying to recover from the stripping damage done by Douglas. Douglas was also not a fan of the settlers in the area; he would only help the Oregon Trail Settlers to the limit of the law. McLoughlin would go well over the letter of the law. Consequently McLaughlin was known as the Father of Oregon and Douglas has been remembered as a very hard man. Although Douglas went onto achieved political success in British Columbia for the Country of Canada and England; McLoughlin became a Loyal American, Douglas on the other hand stayed loyal to the English Crown and was rewarded with serious political favors. Douglas worked on the boundaries of this English roots to create a solid and substantial “Land” for the “Umber” Sacred Royals(Yr Hen) to exist within. The Nazi Bell depends on a significant portion of “extremely well identified location A, in order to travel to location B”.

That is a scaled up version of being killed by the perpetrator taking your gun and killing you with it. Best not have a gun than, or in this case best not have said type of ship.

Till Sherman’s’ March through the South, a huge amount of very bad and violent militant Islamic groups and their associated armies were not only present on American soil but had bunkered in and were just waiting for the Americans to come so the Islamic Armies in America, could destroy the Americans then take over and rule the Continent with radical conservative Sharia Law. Sherman saw a perfect opening and attacked them without mercy, most of the Muslim armies on the end of his “march” evacuated before he arrived. They saw what happened to the first armies which met Sherman and chose to evacuate rather than be obliterated from existence. They evacuated either back to Africa or to the headwaters of the Mississippi.


Frankenstein Technology

An argument can be made that one of the reasons the conflicts of the 1700s existed and partially the 1692 Salem Witch Trials occurred was because the ancient electro-magnetics technology was finally found in the Holy Roman Empires Library and that people who would use it wrong would stop at nothing and worse destroy anything in their way to take that technology. The Salem Witch Trials were not about the victims; the Salem witch trials were about forcing the community to reveal were the Tabernacle of Adam System was and most importantly how to use it. The rumors and legends regarding this mythical system were (specifically within the theological and upper upper class royal cultures) that it could resurrect the dead and or be a weapon more powerful than the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark was by legend a weapon that was so powerful any army which possessed said could destroy any army which stood against it.

The System was more powerful than the Ark. When the Royal System started to break down and the Roman Empire finally collapsed the War Lords of Europe wanted that System and would not stop for anything to possess it. From the late 1400s to the early 1800s few scholars were allowed to have access to those specific sections of the library, the experiments they performed were on “Dead Animal Tissue” e.g. severed limbs of various creatures. With sufficient electricity generated, and the electrodes connected to the perfect areas e.g. the nerve endings. Which medical science in the 1500s had just started to learn those things existed and that they worked by electro-magnetics specifically electricity. When articles and booklets were published in academic circles “Reanimation of Dead Tissue” was a common academic research subject in north Central and Eastern Europe. One of the major reasons the Ottoman’s wanted to invade and conquer Europe was that technology. They wanted to resurrect Mohammed, and Esau so they could have their Prophet lead the army and their King of Kings Rule the people. Obtaining that evidence from the Roman Library regarding electro-magnetics research and of course the portions specific to the “Reanimation of Dead Tissue” was their primary but entirely secret goal.

They got the idea based on Fatimah and her entirely clandestine journey out of Mecca with her dying fathers body to Egypt. Her time in Egypt trying to find a working Tabernacle of Adam system which failed, since they were all moved out to either Rome and or Britain by 600 ce.

She went to Carthage to find little more than a small ruined settlement. Nothing like the million person population city which the Romans disassembled and shipped to Rome, then reassembled.

Then traveled to Rome because the Lake Nemi ships were not only still present but the tall towers were still in place. She arrived to a working system, but then could not find anyone to make the system work.

So he had to leave and journey to the only place which still had a population which knew about the system and could teach her. The added benefits to Fatimah was that her mother’s family were British.

But upon arriving in Britain, her material family rejected her outright. They perceived her total and complete devotion to her father and to resurrecting him as an act of all most pure evil. Since her father is part of Revelations. “And the beast will rise out of the sea” the sea could be the Holy Sea (Jerusalem/Heliopolis) since Fatimah left her father’s by then dead from being self poisoned in the catacombs of Rome.

Her material family did not react well when she kept pushing and pushing and pushing to be informed. The push back became a War which is still in the history books in the present.

Part of that War was part of the plot of the Mary Shelley book Frankenstein, another part of the plot was of course the Tabernacle system of Adam which Shelley learned about from her access to the secret parts of the Roman Library, courtesy of her friend Lord Byron.




Romantic nationalism

The largest difference between the Roman Movement’s which swept through Europe after the collapse of the Roman Empire and the associated Dark Age. An emphases on the “Classics” from Greek and some emphasis on the Trojan War, connection and in part deleting the 577 years between 1330-753 b.c.e. the time between the conquest of Troy and the founding of Rome.

More than a few stories regarding the founders of Rome were the evacuated Princes of Troy. Since the stories were not capable of being erased, the only solution was to erase the time line to make the two events happen in sequence versus happen more than half a millennia apart. 

Roman Nationalism is an entirely different thing to the Romantic movement.

The underbelly of the Roman Empire which is half of what this movement was about was not about the glory of thought, exploring the Socratic Method, or the exploration of the ideals of the renaissance. The Roman Nationalistic ideal was about the core of what Romulus was attempting to achieve, and in a dozen ways achieved with flying colors.

Romulus hated the Jews with an untamable passion which went well beyond sanity.

In essence the Roman Culture from the second the Samhain and Alba Longa Army’s fell at Alba Longa has been spent into at least two major cultures. The people of Samhain (mostly Jews <Pre-Exodus Jews> and Egyptians) and the Romans from Romulus’s line who are based on behavior patterns descendants of the army of Agamemnon.

Roman Nationalism was in very large part based on the ideals of the Hyksos which Agamemnon was not only a part of, after the city of Troy Fell and was renamed Agamemnon became a major commander of the remaining Hyksos. Although by then name changed to something else.

A bit of background as to the rise of Roman Nationalism’s birth. The Roman culture did not start out when the Gates of Rome were opened to allowed the new conqueror into the city 753 b.c.e. Nationalism was used for the previous several hundred years but was known by a slightly different name “The Greek City/State” governance model where each city/state was its own Nation. Loyalty to that Nation, and its philosophy was more important in most cases than the individual’s life.

When Romulus walked into the opened for him Gates of Samhain, he instantly changed the name of the city to Honor himself. But he also brought with him the “Greek City/State Model” which is a model of Governance he wanted to fix by repeating that same structure but with only one city; Rome.

From 753 b.c.e to 350 ce his basic idea was granted, the City/State of Rome was the one and only allowable philosophy to exist within the framework of the areas the Roman Empire controlled.


After the Roman Empire collapsed the Romans attempted to reestablish a new Empire in both England and Germany. Their efforts in Germany were for the most part unsuccessful, although the core of the philosophy is still alive and well with almost zero interruptions. Minus the change of religions from nature base, to Catholicism, to Islam, to Protestantism, to a mixture of those plus other very old religions.


Roman Nationalism (WHICH IS WHAT THE CONFEDERACY WAS BASED ON which then cascaded into the Thule society Political party THE THIRD REICH) does not start at Rome, or with the descendants of Agamemnon’s army in Italy. Nor with Agamemnon attacking Troy, Or with Agamemnon being part of the Army which attacked the City of Athens to get it back.





Roman Nationalism was a combination of the Jacob descendants from the 18th dynasty, Troy, and other places working as representatives of the “Upper Class” biochemical interactions and infrastructure. And the Hyksos and their culturally desperate need to command and control the cultures under them in a military and political infrastructure of power and dominance.

Starting in Europe circa 1805, and in a way expanding to America, but in America there was no need for an organized structure. If academics wanted to meet, they just did. In a coffee shop, a café, in someone’s house, etc. Little was formal about it. But of course this leaves out the basics of the rules of libraries in America, the libraries in America minus Carnegie more than a half century later started in 1883. From 1805 through 1883 there were either no public libraries or they only existed in huge cities on the east coast. Or where the Ogle family had created a large city. Interesting enough the Ogle family had a huge library in Tiffin Ohio. That library was partially public, but that only angered the American and English culture more. They wanted that library and would stop at nothing to possess it. Hence Fort Ball directly next to one of the libraries. The house for the library was a huge warehouse which became Tiffin University, which is about 8000 feet away from the Maples location on Ogle Lands. That library was conquered from the Ogles and split into two, Heidelberg and Tiffin u.

In Europe it was an entirely different matter. To gain access to the Holy Roman Empire library required literally to form a cohesive group with a clear directive then petition the local government for “Think Tank” Status.

After centuries of not being allowed to do anything formal regarding academics, file some paperwork and access could be granted. Of course the access might have limitations and restrictions, to what would be subject to each library. Each library might need 10 separate think tanks, to gain access to the different areas of the library needed to form a whole picture. The Hyksos Nationalistic hatred of anyone being able to see the “Big Picture” trickled down from 2100 b.c.e to the 1800s ce. Although in many ways the separations are not only still present but are strictly enforced. The renaissance had a name for people who were multi-talented it was called either a polymath and or a renaissance man. But the Hyksos and their academics structure hate almost as much as they hate women people who are multi-talented in different academies structures/disciplines. So to get a nice large picture, several different areas of the library. Several smaller groups were required to gain access to very specific sections of the library and study. Taking their information back to their “think tank collective” and compiling the information.

The academics and scholars were finally able to actually meet in an organized fashion without fear the Vatican would send the inquisition and kill them all. The organization itself became just as important as the ideas being discussed. One group of think tanks took on the Military Aspects and formed various “Para-Military” organizations to force the local government to remove the Jews from their culture.

The other group of think tanks were based on the pre-exodus version of Judaism and the “Children of Israel” forms of the religion and its associated tools. But the War between the two started almost instantly. When there was an issue between the philosophies of the definition of Steward, the Nationalistic philosophy is that all needs to be associated with the lord of the manor or in that case the castle. The lord (man) was in charge and all around were in effect his slaves, including the animals. The Children of Israel philosophy of Steward is everyone works together in order to achieve a collective goal. Growth and prosperity to one and all. Although those working in the fields might not feel like the paper pushers and or the administration folks do their fair share of work. Usually the paper work people do as much if not more hours of work keeping all the paperwork straight than the people in the field doing back breaking labor. But to fill out forms correctly and worse keep track of all the inventory on a farm/plantation/estate and keep all the little moving parts moving properly is a huge mental task. The people in the administration have their own issues which are equally as difficult. Making decisions about what portions of the moving things on the farm need to be moved in what way is just as difficult. Strategies is a tough task to say the absolute least. To think about crops, weather conditions, crop rotations, fertilizer, equipment, what has to be repaired in exactly what order, when are new hires required and when are the old hands needing to retire. The number of details which must be tracked is significant. Which is why the Vatican allowed the guild system to start with agricultural education, then expand to architecture to built both cathedrals and better farming structures. Many times during the dark ages communities would go through famine and starvation because the locations were not allowed to learn how to properly farm to feed the populations. The smaller the population the easier it is to control those people. Too large and the sub-communities form and might be ideas about those in charge are wrong. So if the farmers knew they could produce approximately x amount of food per year. Than any population larger than that size had to be eliminated. A lottery system was designed so that a fair distribution of the population could be determined, over x size would be “removed” and not just political an emotional grudges. Although often the lottery was rigged and the political enemies of the powerful killed their enemies off. Either men who were a threat to the rich/powerful or women who gave the powerful some reason to dislike them.

Slowly the academics system expanded with the barbaric actions of starvation, the lottery system, and of course to bring proper glory to the church. Education expanded, but only if that expansion was something the church would approve of. Or brought the church more power.

From 600 ce to the 1500s the church kept the most strict control over academics.

For the very few who were allowed to go to university, once they chose their “major” they were not allowed to study anything else. Once you chose your major you were locked in for life. There was very little if any “switching Majors’” allowed. Until you chose your major you were not allowed into any department other than the general ed building which was usually inside the “Main Administration building”. The centuries rolled by and the Vatican could control this situation less and less. Up to the point in Scandinavia, Britain, and Germany they lost control almost completely. Which is one reason why the (nationalist) inquisition was sent to  Germany so many times. They had lost of “population control” to perform. Killing anyone who questioned the Vatican’s authority, which by the end was mostly the entire population.




From 1808-1870 several of the German, Dutch, Austrian, and of course closely connected Ottoman Empire Para-Military groups were outlawed and kicked out of Central and Eastern Europe. They made their way to America and caused all manner of really bad actions. Not to the least of which was forming the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party began in Central and Eastern Europe as a violently pro Para-Military think tank collective of groups which were kicked out of Europe and had to find new areas to live in the West. Upon arriving in America up and down the Mississippi River areas and tributaries, they merged their think tanks with the Plantation Systems existing organizations. Switching from a Think Tank structure to a Political Structure. The European think tanks and the American “think tanks” worked very closely together for the next more than a century.

First the communication was extremely slow but over time with the addition of electro-magnetics research first the “Telegraph” was invented circa 1820. Although the first dozen cables did not last long and were extremely expensive they were also entirely private. Private companies and collectives of companies formed to be able to transmit information from Europe to America and back again in order to have the think tanks in Europe relay their research to the groups in America. The networks open to the public did not happen for a few decades. not because the companies did not see profits in it, they did not want the competition between their private lines and the public ones. So most of the companies did not want to invest since they had their money already involved with their private lines. Why give the competition an advantage.

For direct evidence of the Open Library of the Roman Empire which portions of that library dated back to the library at Heirakonopolis 4000 b.c.e. Heirakonopolis is west of Thebes in upper Egypt. The Telegraph being invented only about 15 years after the library was open but kept secret and away from the public is not exactly a situation governments have done countless times over the course of written communication.

The Civil War was coming, worse the end of Slavery was clearly on the horizon. Liberty was overtaking Nationalist(the bad form) in both Europe and America. Although more than a few pockets of good Nationalism were still thriving in isolated pockets here and there.

After the Civil War two things became completely clear. First was that more than a few of the ex-confederates were not willing to give up their weapons or renounce their loyalty to the confederacy. Those that could not perform said took what money they could raise and moved back to Europe. Where they operated sometimes in secret and other times openly and blatantly anti-Semitic.

The outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War began not long after the end of the Civil War. This War required every available experienced soldier the French and Prussian’s could throw at their enemies. More than a few Ex-Confederates joined that War. Most did not come back, since they had no country to come back to.

To funnel information from Europe to America in order to form a cohesive message and to take what has been learned from the library’s of Europe and applies that to the American Political systems. To force the American representative democracy into following more of the Plantation economic model than the business model. The business model is not as pro-agriculture, but it does produce profoundly larger amounts of profit. It also does not require slave labor to achieve.

That same switch occurred a century later in Germany. The academics structures in Germany worked to topple the existing government in Europe and place themselves in charge. The decades of manipulation from 1880 – 1914 achieved this goal. When the powers that be with layers and layers of mutual protection pacts went to war with each other. What was left was the German Government in shambles ripe of the Thule Society to found its first of two political parties to prevent itself from following the same pattern as the previous several dozen and being outlawed by the government. If they were the government than they would not be outlawed. This turned out to be a completely incorrect assumption both times. The rise of the Democratic Party/Confederacy and the NAZI party both followed an extremely similar behavior pattern.

The differences are only some of the superficial aspects and of course the Thule Society. Although a very strong argument can be made regarding the origins of the Thule Society as not being privately anti-Semitic but publically being as anti-Semitic as the laws would allow. UP to and including assault and murder. The really bad part of the Rise of the NAZI Nationalistic State is that the core people from the Thule society did not perform much of the violence, they ordered their “pawns” to perform. But if the perspective is alter just a little than the leaders of the Thule society were not ordering their members to commit barbarous actions, but rather redirecting their more violent members to perform actions which would cause the least amount of harm. If you have a thug, that thug will want to not only be violent but that thug if their violence tendencies are not “controlled” and “redirected” will turned their violence against their leaders. So when the thugs in the NAZI order needed to be thugs, they were allowed to be but with carefully selected targets and carefully selected levels of violence.

The Democratic Party formed to force America to adopt more of Judge Rutledge’s philosophy regarding the Slave Trade and the associated killing of the Jews. The Muslims and the radical religious in America have the same goal on this one subject, kill the Jews. Since each generation which went by the Jews continuously refused to provide the electro-magnetics research which was required, they were tortured to death as a community till they did. The problem is that with all that killing , running, and obliterating the libraries/cities most of the Jews had either forgotten and or had not been taught said information for so many generations the information was not part of the cultural member anymore. The one goal Esau’s line had they destroyed that goal by destroying those that held the secret. But profited off of selling the African natives to pay for the genocide of the Jews. Which is extremely close to what the Third Reich attempted, but they ran out of workers. The NAZI’s were killing their work force at the time they depended on them to be slave labor. Every 1000 slave labor personnel they killed was 1000 less workers to produce product. What the NAZI did not realize either at all or till it was too late was that the Killing of the Jews was a designed flaw inside the structure, the Thule society aimed to have the NAZI party implode. They imploded and the Thule Society was going to retake command of the culture. Unfortunately for them, this did not work.  The pre American Government Slave trade did essentially the same thing, killing their work force and forcing their work forced to escape into the native cultures of America. The repeat pattern in this is obvious that is fails each and every time.

Immediately after the civil War those that demanded to be violence and nasty against the Jews, Africans, etc. were forced to face a very difficult choice. They took on the name “Conservative”; they could either sty in the Democratic Party when they would be increasingly not listened to and ignored. Or they could switch to a different party which would listen to their thug beastly behavior. From 1870-1920 the majority of the states conservatives migrated over to the GOP while the majority of the liberals migrated over to the Democratic Party. With the Rise of Fascism and the NAZI Party the Conservatives were full throated support of the rise of Hitler and his philosophy, the liberals were about as anti-as an organization can get. Minus the south, which the Democrats in the south were still holding tight to the name but voting with the gop. The last “blue dog” Dems were not voted out till the late 1990s. Almost exclusively part of the politicians from the south. The last hold outs of the original pro-plantation pro-slavery southern democrats.


In the 70 years from Salem Witch Trials to the American Revolution people like John Adams, Jefferson, Franklyn, etc did have a radical change of heart and knew the killing of the Jews was not only wrong but it was a crime against humanity. But their constituents still had their odd little needs to kill Jews to feel ok with the lord.

The Conservative argument during the colonial convention was the Jews were in party behind trying to force the philosophy of John Adams, Jefferson, Franklyn, etc. into the documentations, but it was so much junk to them. The ultra radical Plantation conservatives are entirely convinced that the Jews they have been hunting to kill over the last several millennia convinced the authors of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to push a Jewish agenda. To push for rights of the Jews dispute the fact that the behind the scenes movers and shakers in conservative politics have always been the militant ultra conservative “sharia law” Muslims cultures. They are unabashed puppet masters, accusing the Jews of being evil puppet masters to the liberals. The conflicts between the two sides liberal and conservative have been in existence in American since the 1600s and continue to the present. Always with a side note about those evil Jews. Never a side note about the not good Muslims. Although the evidence of the Islamic puppet masters is more than abundantly clear, it is just not covered. One if illusion to throw off the truth the other is hard fact but ignored.

Which is really interesting since the structure Rutledge was screaming about was the Theocratic Religious Rules which the Puritan/Great Awakening cultures had been operating under since the 1400s. Those cultures which the Puritan and Great Awakening Movements sprang from were in part the American leg of the “Slave trade” which is what Rutledge and Adams argued about year after year. Although John Adams was arguing for Freedom, in his exact area only 70 odd years previous the Salem Witch Trials not only occurred.  But shaped a considerable portion of the Roman Nationalistic movement in America. People like himself witness the events a couple generations after they had occurred and started to understand the crimes against humanity. Although Adams and other liberals in the colonial convention, their constitution still wanted to kill Jews and take the System. Adams and friends did not. They had witnessed the evil of their ways and worked as hard as they could to prevent both the slave trade and of course the further execution of the Jews. Rutledge did not care about the suffering of the Jews, he only cared about the Africans working for him. He violently argued that the religion of which Adams and his friends had pushed for was indistinguishable from the finding and killing Jews. Rutledge argued that Adams and friends might have high minded principles, but if the puritans/great awakening followers in the north were going to keep killing Jews than he should have the right to keep slaves. Adams was not going to outlaw the killing of the Jews. Since most of his supporters thought more of slaves than they did of Jews. Jewish literally did not exist. Slaves did but only to a certain amount. The political spin which the puritans attempted but failed to put on the majority of the events. Their justification for their actions, which were beyond justifiable. Although Adams and his community were still strongly supporting the Slave trade personally Adams was entirely against it. But his community was still in full voice supporting. Rutledge was trying to get the other colonies to understand the depth and structure of the slave trade. That everyone benefited minus the slaves themselves. Although more than a few of the plantation owners and likely Rutledge himself might have argued that their life in Africa was pure squallier and was nothing in comparison with their wonderful life in slavery (yes for a few centuries up till about 1980 this was a conservative argument for the benefits of slavery. Much like the arguments regarding child rape. Fortunately both are now a serious crime, and by some cultures considered a crimes against humanity.). Three meals a day, a solid roof over their heads, medical care, a family, free from animals eating them, free from being hunted and killed by other tribes. Life as a slave was comparably a paradise to that of what they had just come out of. Little of said was true, but the plantation owners had convinced themselves that life on their Plantations was paradise to what they had come out of . Ending the slave trade was simply not in anyone’s best interest including the slaves themselves. They get the work and their life is pampered and provided for. No matter how entirely incorrect said description was. This was also the propaganda the Third Reich used to justify their Concentration Camps to the world. They just left out the starvation, rapes, genocide, and profiting off of slave labor.

Many of the Witch Burnings were not about the witches but were about forcing the “Undesirables” to either leave the area or face harsh repercussions. Such as torture and or death.

Although it is entirely clear the Salem Witch Trials occurred more than 115 years before the start of the European Movement of Roman Nationalism, the Witch Trials still occurring in both Europe and America previous to 1692 had a significant motivation. Just because the words change Jew, Islam, foreigners, etc. does not mean the variables of finding the “undesirables” and removing them from your culture is not still the basic motus opernendi of that same bad organization. That motivation to “Remove the Undesirables” is one of the key motivating phrases for most of the organizations which extend from Esau’s culture the Great Awakening Movement, conservatism, democracy (pre1880), the Confederacy and the Third Reich. Of course the Confederacy existed just not named from no later than 1820, part of the Trail of Tears is the Confederacy.

A huge amount of the Third Reich is based on almost a carbon copy of the Confederacy.

The Confederacy is direct a offspring of the Roman Nationalist Movement.


The Hyksos like to change names almost constantly in order to throw off the current generation from accusations from their parent culture. The crimes and illegal behavior of the parent become the first thing the “New” screams they are not being given a fair examination through, “do not judge us till we have proven we are as bad as our parents” but by the time they prove they are as bad, they have done the actions. Then name change again and repeat, holding off on the punishment for the crimes as long as possible then name change again. Repeated over the course of the last 4500 years without a stop. 


The Other think tanks not being military were not forced to leave. But since Jews are used to being persecuted, on the occasions they were outlawed, they simply reformed under a new name.


The base name of Nation is the key to understanding the root of where Nationalism came from. Nation; of the specifically designated area (city/state<LAND>) its areas and philosophy. Ism is loyal and hearty to that land and that philosophy.

The structure of Nationalism had a sacred/divine<AMBER/UMBER> beginning, but became corrupt over the centuries and with a strong hatred for the Jews. Lastly a strong almost dominant application of the rules of the Hierarchal structure (VERTICAL/NORTH STAR> of how to live life in a culture. All together is North (vertical) Umber(Amber) Land(specifically designed area. Sacred and Land has a name in Latin Castle.

New as in the New day is the meaning of the Futhark language Symbol the 12th symbol in the sequence of characters Jera. New Day of the Sacred Devine area; in Futhark and Hebrew that is Jeru Salem, in English that is New Castle. Yes the Northumberland or in Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd which means the same thing the good portion of that culture has a Jerusalem as their Capital City second only to Edinburg, but the bad or evil applications of that culture are Nationalism. Good spreads the sacred concepts and helps all life. The bad is only interested in destroying and controlling life. Being in effect god on earth.


What in the world would Joseph smith when he was a teenager Book of Mormon have even the slightest item to do with the applications of the Third Reich and its forerunner the Confederacy. Smith was being raised in the community were one of the anchors for the Confederacy was born. Upstate New York has always been a strong ultra-conservative area. Since a century before the colonies became the states, which is a marked contrast Manhattan which has been a stronghold for liberal ideas and of course the spirit of the renaissance lived in Manhattan, but upstate is where some remnance of the confederacy and several neo-Nazi groups still exist.

The answer is very simple; Smith had connections which have never been revealed before. His connections were to the British and French Royal family, in exile in various portions of America.

Since both British and French Royal family’s had been unceremoniously kicked out of Europe, they only operated in Europe through surrogates. The “Think Tank” Systems, the British in America paid for those originations to achieve their goals in Europe.

Not long after Smith did his spiritual achievements in Up State New York with what would become the Book of Mormon, Smith had connections with the Ogle family of Tiffin Ohio and was granted free passage between New York and Eventually Missouri through Northern Ohio. Despite a kill on site order which the military at Fort Ball was more than happy to follow those orders, the Ogle family kept both Smith and Oliver alive during their time in Kirtland and Tiffin. Although what Tiffin was called before 1835 is anyone’s guess. Though the city of Tiffin was specific to the south side of the River, while the original city was on the north side of the river just to the west of the now obliterated Fort Ball. Ever since Ohio became a state it has been a pivotal state in almost every presidential election dating back to the first Presidential Election after being admitted into the Union as a state in 1803. Ohio admitted into the Union, Smith born just 2 years later, the end of the Holy Roman Empire in the same year as Smith, and the start of Nationalism


Smith’s Church was founded on the basic principles of good upper hierarchy with a strong emphases on the proper structure of the biochemistry of the culture itself.

But when B.Y. entered the picture he had one goal and one goal only. To take the church away from Smith and redirect the church away from good biochemistry of a culture in both the religion and the community. The community the LDS would service and direct the church to a more Nationalistic and militant organizational structure. Which was in a very real effect a mini-Confederacy. Very Roman Empire esk in its makeup. With Young as its “Ultimate Leader” although the same “do not question his authority” ins present in both the LDS church and the reformed confederacy in Germany. Neither Adolf nor Young could tolerate any questioning of their divine leadership.

It would be fascinating to find out how much cooperation between the Young Church and the Confederacy existed. Then how much of the Confederacy transformed into the Third Reich brought working portions and personnel of the LDS with it. Did the Thule Society work with the Smith descendants and the NAZI work with the Young missionaries. It would be a fascinating item to explore.


Smith and the LDS in Germany

After the Holy Roman Empire’s library opened and became very clear “Think Tanks” could gain access.

If the mythology of some type of “Time Machine” had any basis in reality, the one aspect of physical which his undeniable and beyond core to the center of any calculation regarding said theory would be the 0000 of time.

The Futhark Calendar itself is both a language and a calendar.

Bu tit is more than that. It is not just a Calendar it maps out the language written in the structure of time itself.

For the Manx Gaelic definition of the family name of Yr Hen Ogle dd; this means The people in charge of the most high and holy sacred land which has clearly boundaries between inside sacred and outside.

In other words the center, the cardinal east, west, north, south directions, then you have down as in opposite of vertical which would be the 90’s from the cardinal directions. 90’ vertical and 90’ down.

Nationalism would be when examined on a “good” basis and not evil (NAZI) based on the two entirely centuries plus  decade from the start of the movement to present everything all the associated groups have in common is a radical concentration as to exact location. Finding the 0000 almost every single day for every single one of the involved cultures in coding the United States of American and dating back to the Salem Witch Trials the emphases has been on finding the exact location. The location of what has changed per cultural and per power broker, but the core is not what the core is location. Of what is the second question.

If you want to travel from point A to point B, infinitely more important when you are discussing the applications of moving in time. Knowing exact location every cubic micrometer of the journey becomes of the utmost of importance.

A strong portion of mythology is the legend of the Vampire, which required “an invitation” in order to cross between the outer and the inner sanctum. Vampires survived on blood, which is the color of Amber.



Now a very difficult question, did the LDS send by Smith in 1823 which set up think tanks and worked from the Holy Roman Empire Library. How much of these plausible interactions between smiths missionaries in their think thanks and other groups hell For what purpose is at this point an unknown. But with the Library open and available to scholars and those rich, Smith in his teenage years circa 1818-1824 had plenty of opportunity to semi-work with the Roman Library in order to work with the more “Dangerous” Aspects of what he found.

Those more dangerous aspects would be literally part and parcel with the mythical NAZI Bell. First hard fact every both Hebrew Character and English Character have equivalents in their Parent language the Elder Futhark.

The pictures from the NAZI bell have Futhark Symbols on it. Those symbols have specific time sequence applications to them.

If god built into Hebrew and the other Western Languages the Futhark as a parent, then the Language/Calendar of the Futhark was intended to be present as well.

Every single letter in the Hebrew Language for example ALEF is an entire word in the Futhark Language.

Which also means that there is 12 entire and a 13th entire time sequence associated with each and every letter. A = Ansuz, L = Laguz, E = Ewaz, F = Fehu. Each of them is a month, each Solstice/Equinox has its own Fixed Start point. Makes every Solstice/Equinox of which there are eight, fixed points throughout the year its own calendar. Eight calendars in just one 365 day calendar sequence.

The Nazi Bell has specific time “Map” symbols on it.



The Smith group in Europe and the Young group in Europe fought from 1845-1946. The young group siding with the third Reich and the Smith group working with the Thule. after the Thule realized they had created evil and had sided with it circa 1923, from 23-30 the Thule got back to their roots and worked against the Nazi’s despite having created it in the first place







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