Nativity Pyramids Infinity Loop


One example of a Tabernacle of Adam System

Nativity Image result for nativity

Bent Pyramid

Memphis Egypt (moved from the Nile to Rome) Similar to Carthage in a previous Century circa 150 bce. It was dismantled and moved to Rome Proper as well.



Pepi I Pyramid††



E King Solomonís Temple   inside this building would be the four Kaaba supporting the Trees of Creation. Or at least copies or symbolic representations of said Trees.

F Infinity Loop of the Pyramids and Levant Lands††



These 4 places create the key points of an infinity loopImage result for infinity loop gif

This specific infinity loop also has its own specific letters and associated words within the framework of the Hall of Records.

Each site all by itself has its own letters/numbers. But this loop itself is its own unique and specific to just its own letters and numbers Records.








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