Straight out of one of the many translations of Genesis chapter 6;1-4 are the facts regarding the Nephilim, they appear by name in several versions including the Torah. In the Torah they are literally named נְפִילִים. The problem is, this name is straight into Hebrew from Indo-European language.

Which is an extreme problem because the translation does not have dozens of junk definitions between it and its Indo-European original.

The definition is in basic “sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives, whomsoever they chose.”

Breaking down the definition into an English format is beyond extremely difficult, not because of its accuracy but because of its extremes in violence directly resulting in genocide for the last almost entire stretch of human history.

At first for a very long time, the research it appeared stopped at the Palace at Knossos where the Trojan War began.

Working through that entire situation, from the Palace at Knossos circa 1340 bce to 1889 ce when the Trojan War finally ended. Yes that is well over 3300 years, but then other research and other lines of continuity tracing backwards the whole Palace at Knossos government and its “Tribute System” which was copied into the LDS author books “The Hunger Games”. Those books provided the backdrop for a much more complex and detailed account of what actually happened at the Palace at Knossos.

A similar occurrence happened in Old Colorado City circa 1840-1855 to round up the Jews and “Undesirables” in the area and kill them all.

The 21st smelter was not used first to smelt goal it was used first to dispose of the massive amounts of bodies piling up from the wars and genocide.

The Nephilim appear by name in the second sentence to a solid description,

That description is

a.   Sons of God" and the "daughters of men" before the Deluge according to Genesis 6:4

b.  The best and easiest way to translate this word from Indo-European into English would be North Umber Land.

                                             i.     Let us break it down by word

1.  North’ Half divine/Sacred/Umber/Amber, from the Veridical. Vertical in English previous to the invention of the compass was not magnetic north since what is magnetism to a pre-magnetic culture. North was Polaris. North would be  GOD straight up, God/Vertical/Sacred/Divine/

2.  Umber; Sacred, Amber, Umber, Divine, the ATEN. Since the sacred part is clearly plural, in several aspects of plural.

3.  Land; a human takes up a very specific location and of course has a specific and boundaries defined life. All the necessary definitions to produce the name Castle. The Ogle family are the Rules of the Sacred Castle of God on earth. The offspring of god and the offspring of female humans.

4.  = North Umber Land = Yr Hen Ogle dd.

                                          ii.     Digging into the structure of Indo-European languages, a word which has not really been translated into any other language accurately has all the key words our name has in both Gaelic and English. That word is a key work in the book of Genesis. So in an extremely difficult situation, the family name linguistically is to a very literally way and with zero middle ground mentioned at last once using this actual work, in the IE version of the name Yr Hen Ogle dd. Our family in the IE version is directly named in Genesis 6;2.


c.   The Nephilim are an extremely difficult subject to bring up but they do have a realistic aspect to their existence.

d.  Despite the fact that they are “documented fiction”, does not mean a single thing when it comes right down to the facts of the situation.

e.   Example the code built into their definition is same exact code built into the definition of North Umber Land.

f.    Any reasonably to extremely advanced civilization is indistinguishable from magic to insufficiently advanced cultures/people. The hard physical evidence is the following.

g.   The Technology for the Pyramids had to come from somewhere. Based on the Tower of Babel aka the Eridu Ziggurat the functioning structure of the situation makes that technology available and in most part developed previous to 2600 bce. Which means that technology had to be developed in the decades and centuries previous to 2700 bce. Just three centuries back and that is 3000 bce. Which places part of the influence of this technology within the sphere of the time of Narmer although that was two centuries previous. Things become confusing when the documentation of the time, which is actually plentiful is very difficult since only a fraction of it has been translated.

h.  The Ancient Gods of Sumer and Egypt were noted to be Tall and or Giants.

i.     Was this a mistranslated version of extremes in the concepts of advanced technology?

j.     Which would point to huge does not mean tall, it means touched by god. Since illiterate people cannot tell the difference between technology which is so advanced as to be equal to the


The Nephilim with a clear and defined connection to the Ogle family are present immediately before Noah’s Ark.














TR Welling