Noah’s Ark in Rome



According to the Kirkwall Scroll. The Great Temple to God during the time of Abraham was built East of El Beth El, was a copy of a copy of the original city of Heliopolis.


Of course Heliopolis itself was conquered and renamed Heliopolis from its Indo-European language base name of IWNW.

The city of IWNW, is by legend built by Adam. Or it could have been built as a reflection of the Temple System Adam Built.

After the supposed flood (makes little difference if it occurred or not) the word Flood is more likely to mean Laguz from the Elder Futhark which is the parent language of Hebrew.


The Structure and organization of Noah’s Ark is beyond an incredible thing to study, when said subject is examined from a Science Perspective instead of a theocracy.

When dealing with Theocracies; the one constant variable is trying to fit the evidence into the bible. Instead of examining the evidence for exactly what it is.

Just because Genesis states that Noah, first landed at Mount Ararat, does not mean for a single second that he stopped there.

The story was edited to hide the fact that Noah sailed south to Egypt after finding their bearings to sail to Egypt, and then disembarked. Sailing to Egypt in order to reestablish the community and location which Adam had built 1000 years previous. which armies from likely Mecca invaded and destroyed those earliest of civilization infrastructure.

Of course this would make Mecca the Land of Knod, since the Land of Knod would be where Kaine was sentence to go after he killed his brother. The descendants of Caine came to their ancestor Adam and wanted to work with him on the new Israel, but Adam flat refused in all ways. This enraged the Cain people and they returned with an army.

It is unknown if the Caine descendants found out that Able had been resurrected from the dead and was given a new name “Enoch” or not. But if they had, then they would have had every single reason in the world to come back with their army and obliterate Adam and Able/Enoch with all due haste. Since both men were living breathing examples of what was wrong with their culture.


But left the Ark fully intact as a Permanent floating temple in the Middle of the Nile.

A couple centuries later the invading army from Mecca sent their army to conquer and seize the Nile and all its cultures. That army was interested in two things, one destroying all records of what Noah did and two killing every single what would be called in a bit over a millennia Jews.

That ship circa 3700 bce had to be floated, fixed and sailed north to ensure it would not be destroyed.

If this hypothesis holds, that buried deep in the ground around the Vatican should be marine life and other fragments from the Nile and the western Anatolia peninsula in the soil. but the remnance would be deeply buried, which is difficult since Rome is rattled with Catacombs.

Not a lot of Room between the top of the catacombs and where the evidence might be finable regarding Noah’s Ark.


Recreating Israel 1000 years after the Hyksos had successfully obliterated it from circa 5000 b.c.e through 4001 according to the measurements in the Khufu Pyramid time line.



Caligula’s circus maximums, is the rebuild Heliopolis circa 30 c.e. at approximately the same  exact time that Jesus Enters Jerusalem, Caligula’s Heliopolis arrives in Rome.



Which itself was rebuilt into the Vatican circa 400 c.e.

Which those same buildings were remodeled into the current Vatican configuration circa 1400 c.e.


Since it looks very similar to the configuration of Noah’s Ark. Could Heliopolis be what the base of Noah’s ark was fashioned around. Image result for vatican city

St peters both Basilica and Square, the Bow and Stern of a Ship. Stern being the Basilica and the Bow being the Square. From the West to the East.









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