Ogle empire 20font-size:20 10 7 1751


         Controlled most of Northumberland till the romans invaded


         Roman invasion

         The royal family escaped to Normandy till the romans left; but feed troops and supplies into that area the entire 400 years.

         Roman collapses; the Ogle Royal family returns


         Picts, scotts, mercia allie against the ogles. Ogle royal family escape back to Normandy

         Only a few Ogles remain in Northumberland

         1066; the alliance weakens and the ogle royal family can return with a vengeance

         From 1066-1500 the ogles are in charge again in Northumberland

         Another revolt and the ogles seek to build another empire in America

         1500-1680 the ogles build an empire in the NE portion of American with Boston as their capital city.

         The English government comes and takes over. Battle of New York.

         New York was supposed to be a secondary major city. Since an Ogle Descendant had permission from his families highest ranking royal and the king to rename NewAmsterdam to New York. York being a major city in the Northumberland kingdom.


         Beet them or join them. The Ogles attempt one more time to merge into the new English empire.

         Most of ogle royal family history is erased from the history books.