Old Main WWU



The original buildings on the WWU campus predate the founding of “The Normal School” founded or refounded by Phoebe Judson of Lynden WA by decades.


Phoebe agreed to continue to dismantle the French city and Palace that Marie Antoinette and or her immediate descendants occupied till they were driven out of. The city she made in its destruction is Lynden WA, but before it was a British area (Lynden; a grove of Lemon Trees, a nickname to  British Sailors “Lime’s” by the English Navy so their sailors would stave off scurvy.) which the French under violent exile conditions needed to be rescued from.

Part of the British and French Royal family libraries became the base of the library Phoebe used to found WWU.


The core of that Palace became “the Hovander Estate” with its Steam Engine.


















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