Original Genesis


When Egypt was invaded circa 3800 b.c.e from forces from Mecca, that army went straight for Hierakonpolis. Fortunately for the Children of Israel, they knew the invasion was coming long out and had already evacuated out the area. Traveling north to first the city of Luz renamed 1300 years later to Memphis to Honor “The All Father”. Which in Hebrew the “All Father” translates to Abraham.


That city along with Heliopolis was moved by Julius Caesar and Caligula respectively 40 b.c.e and 30 c.e. respectively.


It took the invading army from Mecca circa 3800 b.c.e, 300 years to rebuild sufficient troops to continued conquer north. But head out of Hierakonpolis they did and in force. Capturing the Nile one mile at a time till they reached Heliopolis.

At Heliopolis, the Tabernacle of Adam was moved out of Egypt till it was safe to come back.

Very reminiscent of “Noah’s Ark” a large enough ship to carry Eight huge 100 foot tall towers; 4 and 4 and sail them to safety. That Ship is also very similar to the concept of the Nemi Ships which Caligula commissioned built and of course the NAZI dismantled and shipped the most important parts to Germany. The Nazi wanted to find out if they could turn those towers into Weapons of Mass Destruction.

As the army moved and conquered north they eventually conquered a useless and set pieces Heliopolis circa 3500 b.c.e. This army in part ruled pockets of Egypt off and on the boarders shifted massively till Pharaoh Narmer and the dawn of the Pharaonic Age.

Pharaoh Narmer aka the Scorpion King ruled a united Egypt circa 3200 b.c.e.

He ordered that the left/west/unclean/dirty side of the Nile between Abu Sire and Giza be used as a Concentration/Reservation lands for the Children of Israel to use as they saw fit.


This is where the story becomes interesting,


The city of Heliopolis was brought back, possibly by sail to its Location. And in part used as the Capital city for a few Pharaoh’s over the centuries. Some Pharaohs used Memphis which is entirely odd since the city was in on the middle of the Nile and two it was the Jews Capital City.

Well in truth the Jews had two capital cities, Heliopolis (Jerusalem) and Luz.

But it would not be called Memphis till Jacob circa 2500 b.c.e.


The Narmer Passport throws historical and archaeologists off since they keep assuming Narmer was at times when his scroll was used. But is scroll was used from 3200-2100, not used at all from 2100-1550. Then only partially used since the Jews were the 18th dynasty, so no need for a special Jewish passport to travel the Nile out of Egypt and into Israel. Israel is a country in Egypt like the Vatican in Rome. Israel is between Abu Sir and Giza on the West side of the Nile, exactly as shown in the Narmer Passport. Traveling up the Nile from the Mediterranean to Memphis the Passport was needed, till safety inside Luz/Memphis. Then mostly untouchable since invading armies would only attack Memphis during the height of the Flood and or during the dry seasons when the Nile is at is lowest. But then you have 100 plus foot tall walls you have to climb up to breach the city itself. Gleaming freshly painted White Walls reflect the sun so hard climbing the walls of Memphis could blind the soldiers. Mirrors on the top used to further blind the climbers. Only the most skilled of sailors could navigate up to the docks of Memphis during the floods. All in all an extremely protected city. Which is one reason the city never fell to invaders. It fell when the political winds shifted and the inhabitance were forced to accept new leadership. Several Pharaohs chose to have Memphis their capital, same reason the Jews built the city. Impossible to breach.

Memphis is the Aten to the Pyramids. The Pyramids are the buildings the Jews built.


After the Hyksos were in charge again in Egypt and they were again slaves circa 1330 when Pharaoh Tut was killed in combat. Although for the story of Genesis is critically important because his wife evacuated Egypt and headed straight to Carthage, the Carthage army was well beyond too strong of the Egyptian Army to tackle so she was allowed to live.

She married another and her story becomes very very complex. Her story becomes extremely complex because the city of New Castle founded and named by the British culture circa about 1350 b.c.e were descendants of both the Trojans and the 18th Pharaonic Dynasty. Tut was killed but his older siblings evacuated years before. Her husband by legend was Aeneas from Troy, sent by his cousin King of Troy Priam to take the treasures out of Troy and build a city for the refugees fleeing to have a place far outside the easy reach of the Hyksos/Dorain army o follow and kill. The dorians spent their time tyr8ing to kill the Jews and rewrite the entire history of Egypt when Greek Academics formed in the Aegean 600 years later.

If he lives great, if he dies in battle that is the most a crippled Pharaoh can hope for.

The humiliation and defeat of not being able to follow all the descendants of the 18th Egyptian Dynasty was more than the 19th could take. They were so angry at not being able to kill Meritaten, Mekeaten, and their other siblings they went about changing the entire history of Egypt to erase them and their monotheistic god from all records.

60 feet of a Statue was carved off, of a Temple which was 2500 years old at 1320 b.c.e. (3800) the Temple of Ramses II was renamed all references to what or who it was dedicated to were erased.

That temple is in Abu Simbel temples, seriously south Egypt. Almost to Ethiopia. Heirakonoplis is many dozens of miles North. This temple was desecrated by the invaders from Mecca before they arrived at Heiakonopolis. IT appears that it was impornat enough for Ramses II to go back and erase whatever Amenhotep IV aka Akhenaten had replaced/rebuilt. His replacements had to go and special erase them again.

Since in 3900 b.c.e the Children of Israel ruled Egypt, later to be renamed Jews. Their god was the ATEN, it is a reasonable conclusion the name of god ATEN in very early proto-Hieroglyphic still mostly Indo European Language is ATEN.

Which takes on the shape and form of “The Breath of Life” or Genesis 2; 7. Which is the Second chapter (Uruz; Strength. and the Seventh Sentence Partnership).


Knowing the Children of Israel were going to be hated and conquered repeatedly. Their liberal burned/destroyed/edited to match what their enemy wanted it to say. They came up with a plan from 3200-2600 b.c.e. The plan was to make their Holy Book into architecture, make their stories into buildings. So when the enemy arrived it would be a very large and difficult imposition to dismantle the buildings.











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