Original Printed Bible


Noah's ark or a replica in the Middle. The city of Luz very likely was a replica or Noah's ark built in the middle of the Nile. Renamed centuries later to Memphis. 2400 years later said Ark was moved to Rome. Reassembled into Rome Proper. Just in time for Simon Peter to arrive in Rome to start his ministry.

I am starting to think that the first physical printing of the bible still in existence was into the infrastructure of the Pyramids. Each pyramid taught a different portion of Genesis. Makes Genesis profoundly larger story covering a much larger portion of information than currently assumed. Moses was more interested in talking about himself than talking about what others did. From Adam circa 5000 b.c.e to the Exodus circa 1330 b.c.e covered in just one short 51 chapter book, what did Moses did took four books. 4000 one measly book, 60 years four full books. But those 60 years were entirely focused on the life of Moses.


Jehovah Witness state that the Earth was created circa 2600 b.c.e. This has no basis in reality, the facts and documentation they are going by is not when the earth was created but when the first Permanent Bible was written.

That first Printed Bible is still very much intact, or at least most of the original portions are still intact. Some portions have been obliterated but artwork and blueprints do still exist regarding the original printed Bible.


From the time of Adam circa 5000 b.c.e to Noah, the language used was Indo-European.

Within a few hundred years of Noah circa 4000 Sumerian and Hieroglyphic were invented.


Within 1000 years circa 2600 b.c.e. after the original books and materials of monotheism had been destroyed on more than a few occasions, Abraham chose to not print another set of books and martials only to have the enemy seek out those books simply to destroy them again.

This time he started to devise a plan to literally built structures which would tell the story of the Bible At least Genesis, a much more complex version of the story of Adam, Noah, and Abrahamís life story. As well as detailed information regarding the time from Adam to t 2400 b.c.e was described in detail regarding the history of Monotheism and the resulting philosophies.

But so well hidden only a care examination of the evidence would produce sufficient decryption technics to find the evidence of the first permanent printing of Genesis.


Of course the Hyksos descended Moses hated the entire concept. So much so that he personally spent this entire life working to erase all things Israel and replace Israel with Hebrew. The Hebrew religions is simply a repackaging of Esauís religion and philosophy renamed to hide the truth.