In general Paganism means; none city dwellers.




Each Kaaba in the Tabernacle of Adam System would have its own “Function”, each of those “functions” would have a specific name and goal direction.


To cultures who are just out of the stone age, educationally speaking having a circuit board of different “buildings generating specific frequencies/vibrations” would be done to achieve a specific goal. Those goals would be of course revolving around generating electricity.


Kaaba A is of course where the Ark of the Covenant would be placed.


However shortly after it became clear the Ark was in King Solomon’s Temple the Ark was moved from Levant Lands south out of Levant, to Egypt. Then south again to the Route the Slaves would take in a couple millennia to the headwaters of the Nile.

But unlike the Ethiopia legend, the Ark would have been moved West to Niger then North to the city of Samhain later to be conquered and renamed Rome. But shortly before, it was moved out and transported to NewCastle Northumberland to safekeeping.

The Ethiopians did their best to study as much of it as they could and rebuilt a sufficient copy of it.

A is where the Ark of the Covenant is placed. In the third floor of course.








Fountain of Youth


Since all buildings are configured to the geography they are in, then the Futhark Calendar by default has a name and Nordic deity configuration association for each building.


Each of the labeled buildings will have an associated letter, Nordic deity, and time sequence association.



The corresponding letters are part of the Hall of Records









TR Welling