3rd century BC





The situation of the founding of Paris is as long and complex as any city which had direct ties to the Trojan War, the Roman Empire, and of course extremely advanced technology. There was extremely advanced technology in the center of Paris, likely located inside the Bastille.

The first thing to make extreme note of about the time Leonardo Da Vinci


1792 reign of terror. 100,000s killed. No blood, or rampant disease all over the place Paris would have been so rampant with disease the population would have been decimated. No disease outbreak, so the wounds cauterized.

The French Royal family held onto power for centuries. From 1550-1795

The electrical devices used in the castles; no one who understands how advanced Leonardo was would doubt for a second he would have an interest in the study of Electricity.

He learned about and fixed the Sistine Chapel electrical machines, despite being ancient. He made improvements to both a mechanical clock and a shallow clock, not all that different from Stonehenge. The Shadows on the wall tell just as complex a story on the frescos as the sun placement in the Stone and Wood Rings at the Salaberry plane


Michelangelo did not have anywhere near the mind to engineer electrical devices, let along paint a clock into his ceiling.

So, if Leonardo did create both an electrical machine and an extremely accurate clock using the frescos as time sequences.

than he could have taken that info to Paris and refurbished the electrical machines in those palaces.


Leonardo’s Tank and the NAZI Bell are too similar not to be at least semi-related technology. If you remove the tank parts and concentrate only on the mechanism and the fact the top rotates. That top rotation is exactly how an electrical generator works. The bottom is both a clock and rotates the top like his engineered “helicopter” which now that it can be through of. That was not a Helicopter, it was both a helicopter and place that device inside of his tank with coper sheeting on both sides, rotating either the helicopter and the tank in opposite directions. You have a rather large amount of electcity generating.

Directing it becomes the next question.

That Amount of Electricity would be for a purpose. Not just to be a WMD to enemy soldiers. But that could generate enough electricity to in effect create a tesla coil. Throwing electrical bolts of 100,000s of volts and amps dozens of feet if not 100s.

The NAZI’s wanted that technology and would stop at nothing to obtain it. The NAZI’s were absolutely in Rome for more than two decades. They had virtually camped out at Lake Nemi which is only a few miles to the south. They had also virtually occupied Rome the city. How much of Leonardo’s electrical machines made up the core of the NAZI reigns hold on power. Also did the French Royal family used like stay in power themselves.

Louis XVI was a simpleton who was virtually incapable of any type of complex thinking. He was on the other hand good at watch repair.

Watch Repair the being able to maintain the electrical machines inside Bastille and other locations to keep the family in power was what he was good at.



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