Ritual Human Sacrifice and the Hajj


Real humans have been used as things to kill by stoning several times since 630 bce, tied to the stones/megalith before the participants can go to the Kaaba. The Kaaba used to be 4 tents, not one, the 4 tents represent the 4 trees of creation. The “tree” is 4 trees, and in the middle is a fountain which feeds 4 rivers. The fountain, rivers, and the 4 Kaaba were edited down from Esau’s time to Mohammed’s time.

Real humans were used tied to the stones/megaliths during Esau’s time and for several millennia after.


the throwing stones part used to include real humans, tied to the stones. every hajj the participants have to throw stones at metaphoric people tied to the stones, mass killing them, those ritually sacrificed were still part of it several centuries ago, but that part was carefully removed from records, just like what really happened to Fatimah. before going to the Kaaba it is required to mass murder a group of people "enemies of Islam" while screaming about Satan.

Originally this ceremony was created by Esau shortly after his brother Jacob left to return to Egypt, the people tied up were the former residence of the city who were captured pow's. They were killed by stoning, so that Esau could use them to summon a fallen to go kill his brother. the battle between Jacob and the fallen, Jacob won and earned the title Israel. Pharaoh Israel Jacob ruled over Egypt as one of the Kings of the Old Kingdom. Why were these things stricken from record, violent sometimes genocide level anti-Semitism.

Which brings up two very important points, the first is the sun and lucifer (Morning Star)

And the second the descendants of the cultures of Esau have a soul level need and associated behavior pattern for sometimes lone individual’s and sometimes groups to perform mass murder. Almost every time the mass murder is a direct result of a religious state of mind, and the larger group reacts with a religious state of mind. Religion causes the mass murder, and the group reacts with a “thoughts and prayers” for the victims. Resulting in the murders are on both sides a human sacrifice to honor the glory of god, the community accepts the sacrifices. Condemning the perpetrator but use the victims as sacrifices to god.

The descendant cultures of Esau

Direct line descendants




The culture Agamemnon created; genocided the Trojans, under fiction of Helen and Menelaus marriage. Which is like the brother of UBL marrying the daughter of the Prime Minister of Israel. In context not only pure fiction, but psychosis level delusion.

Philistines; killed countless Jews and anyone else how questioned their authority.

Romans; gladiator games need more evidnece of human sacrifice?

Anglo Saxons (direct descendants of the Romans, became the English), continued gladiator games for a while, but then turned to killing Scots, Welsh, the Irish, and anyone else who questioned the authority of the Anglo Saxon culture.

English; scots, welsh, irish, native americans, aboriginals of Australia, peoples of india, etc.

Teutonic Knights


Libertine French

The Slave Trade

The American Plantation System (created in part by the Prussian Empire)


Tammany Hall; the FreiKorp munich branch name changed to Tammany Hall. Tammany Hall has controlled New York Real estate from 1750-present, they name changed again after 1980. Its NAZI current president is also president of something else. A feet George Clinton was unable to achieve, after he ordered the assassination of Alexander Hamilton

Munich Branch of the FreiKorp, name changed to NAZI, inside the good organization the DAP which was created to protect the Thule Society. A think tank designed to research the Tabernacle of Adam System.

The Third Reich; 10s of millions killed

American Conservative Party (formed by the Plantation System, eg Andrew Jackson and his supporters); Lynching’s, killing unarmed people, allowing mass murder, demanding pharmaceuticals place profits over the lives of 100,000s if not millions of people, etc.








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