Shermans March to the Sea



Sherman’s March to the Sea was to thrust a blade into the heart of the Confederacy and cut the culture in half. But it served a clandestine operation as well.

Sherman was to find every single Muslim family, mosque, and cultural center and destroy all traces of it.

Graves which were adorn with Muslim/Islamic inscriptions were obliterated. Burned to the point of the grave itself exploded. Erasing all traces of a Al Quida/Boka Harram foothold in America.

One of Sherman’s tasks was to find the heart of the Islamic enemies strongholds in America in the Confederacy and erase them from existence.

This sub-war is in part what cascaded into the post war events. The Battles in Colorado, the West Side of the Great Lakes, and the Pacific North West. Specifically, the areas of Whatcom County south to Seattle.








TR Welling